Challenges, Obstacles Vs Vision
by Nola   
Thursday, 14 June 2012
General Meeting (Photographer: Nola)Following is the recording of General Meeting from yesterday at Unity Pavilion in International Zone, where we had a chance to hear directly and openly from members of L'Avenir d'Auroville - Town Development Council, who served the community on the hard task of the city and urban planing for past two years. What were the biggest challenges they've faced, which and who are the biggest obstacles for city to progress, ...questions were, and still remain many, and the feeling of participants that when the real talk starts we run out of time.

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To a *General Meeting* This meeting follows last Wednesday's GM where many felt that the agenda was too different to the one advertised. Please come to this event where the agenda will unfailingly adhere to the text below, to: . _hear from and discuss with the outgoing l'Avenir the challenges of the work._ . participate in discussion on planning policies for Auroville's future. . Ask questions and interact on the theme of planning the city. Christo explains (Photographer: Nola) General Meeting (Photographer: Nola)