Hunger strike against bullying
by Andi   
Wednesday, 17 October 2012
Jan at Svaram (Photographer: Andi)Jan, long time Aurovillian decided last week to embark on a hunger strike to speak out against intra-community bullying. Jan says that the recent events at Svaram have instigated him to do some action of protest, and his action of choice is abstaining against food. Please listen to what he has to say, detailing the events of last week's Svaram rampage and Jan's perspective and reaction. He says this is a bigger issue in Auroville, which could be solved if a monitoring committee were to be formed.

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The instruments on display, now moved farther away from the badmitton court (Photographer: Andi) Jan and the concrete badmitton court (Photographer: Andi) The remaining 'hope' flowers (Photographer: Andi) The place where the 'hope' flowers and the bamboo structure were chopped down (Photographer: Andi) Jan surveying the situation (Photographer: Andi)