GM Entry and Exit policy
by Patrick   
Thursday, 17 October 2013

General Meeting audience (Photographer: Fabienne)A crucial meeting on Entry-Exit Policy was held yesterday at the Unity Pavilion. It was organized by the Working Committee and attended by Mr. Bala Baskar, the Secretary of Auroville Foundation. The Governing Board is scheduled to meet early next month and is eager to read the Residents Assembly Proposal on this vital and complex matter. Following Elvira’'s introduction and Eric's presentation on the draft "Regulations for Admission or Termination of Persons in the Register of Residents, regulations 2013”", 

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Jessie gave a perfect reading of every single line of the document. Then came the time for the audience to give feedback. Some modifications were adopted, of which everyone will be fully informed before the next Residents Assembly, on the 5th of November. Mr. Bala Baskar was quite clear that changes will be undertaken by the Governing Board on the matter, and that the only action to take is to submit a proposal that the majority of the community has accepted. Mr. Bala Baskar Secretary of Auroville Foundation  (Photographer: Fabienne) Helpfull On srceen viewing (Photographer: Fabienne) Eric and part of the audience (Photographer: Fabienne) Untiy  Pavillion room view (Photographer: Fabienne) Untiy  Pavillion room view (Photographer: Fabienne) Elvira (Photographer: Fabienne)