Weekly Update-Transit
by Monica   
Monday, 16 May 2011
Beyond Johnny (Photographer: Monica)The Transit Lounge project has taken solid roots. Every Wednesday, prospective users gather to discuss issues, share ideas and visit builders to get first hand experience of the 8 housing designs. At the start of this week, we share an interview with Architect Manu, who summarizes last Wednesday's meeting in which "users" were brought together with builder Peter A. Luminosity and his design "Beyond Johnny". This weeks meeting will take place on Wednesday 18th at 5pm, location Reeve. Prospective "users" will have the opportunity to meet with builder Eric and receive explicit information on his Auzolan Construction. We are looking to follow the development of The Transit Lounge/ Dis-Mountable Housing Project, but if ...

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listeners have any questions or queries please visit for more information wiki.auroville.org.in, Projects, Transit Lounge Temporary Housingor/andhttp://opendesignauroville.ning.com- the latter has not beenlaunched yet, so userfeedback is highly appreciated Auzolan (Photographer: Monica)