Lalit on Queens University & CEPT
by Andrea   
Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Canadian Students' interaction with Lalit at Town Hall  (Photographer: Photo by Students)Auroville Integral Sustainability Institute shares the experience of hosting 2 different groups of visiting planning students from Queens University, Canada & CEPT, Ahmedabad - ‘It was very enriching for all’, says Lalit, Programme coordinator. Auroville being an inspiring & interdisciplinary learning field provided very conducive environment to experience a different way of life which gave them a very real life glimpse of integral life & sense of purpose.

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Apart from having a wide range of presentations, interactions & site visits, documentation activity, 2 workshops (on ‘Beach Erosion’ & ‘Planning for Dream City’) were also conducted.

Download the Final Report - Queens University Canada Auroville Planning Studio December 2012


Web album & photos containing information about 'Holistic Sustainability Programme' for CEPT Planning (UG) Students, December 2012, Auroville. Learning objectives & photos of various activities & visits.



Canadian Student's interaction with L'avenir Members at Town Hall (Photographer: Lalit) Canadian Students' interaction with Marie on 'Landscaping works' at Matrimandir Office (Photographer: Photo by Students) CEPT Planning Students' Workshop on 'Planning for Dream City' at Town Hall Cafe (Photographer: Photo by Students) CEPT Planning Students having lunch made from local organic farm produce at Solitude (Photographer: Photo by Students) Caption: CEPT Planning Students interacting with Manu at International House  (Photographer: Photo by Students) CEPT Planning students' work output of '1 day Dream City Workshop' - Green City Group (Photographer: Photo by Students)