Happy memories
by sandrine   
Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Hannah and Mira (Photographer: Sandrine)Satyamayi, Chandana, Abinash, Leela, Sai, Aatman, Mira, Aarnav, Hannah, and Datchiany, are all 12 to 14 years old and students of Deepanam School intimately sharing their very happiest memories. When you are a teenager in a city composed of 45 nationalities, in which language do you remember your inner stories? Are you sure this memory belongs to you only? And how deep does human unity run? Find out in this "sound painting" of memories, a workshop offered by Lilaloka: lilalokaproject.blogspot.in (Thanks to Mahavir and Bhakti, Deepanam teachers)

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Chandana at Deepanam school (Photographer: Sandrine) Satyamayi and Aatman (Photographer: Sandrine) writting the text of best memories (Photographer: Sandrine) Datchiany and Abinash (Photographer: Sandrine)