Links to Ground Values
by Andrea   
Tuesday, 08 January 2013
From left: Mona, B, Peter A. and Elvira  (Photographer: Andrea)In the new energy of 2013, Elvira, Luigi and B are back on the air attempting to ground Auroville values together with Mona and Peter A, both architects and former Dreamcatchers. Picking up the threads from the series of former conversations, the focus is on the links and missing links, small steps and quantum leaps to manifest the city the earth needs. Mona, with her experience as a former L’Avenir d’Auroville member, shares the intricacies of planning in the Auroville parameters.

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Peter, just back from Berlin, comments of current management practices abroad and the “collective intelligence” phenomena now active in Auroville. Together, the group explores a “smiling suffering” liberated to manifest what we all came here for.