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Participate to the development of the AurovilleRadio/TV project is exploring and testing innovative technology and new trends in the actual media's evolution.
The AurovilleRadio/TV project in an open platform where research and experimentation are the core.
Along with the technical part of running a web station, a lot of attention is also dedicated to the meaning of media in the beginning of the 3rd millennium with the digital convergence and Internet shift. The way to communicate is changing at the same speed of the technology and is evolving in a global new (not yet fund) balance.
The fact that the project is based in Auroville, India give a unique chance to redesign the way to communicate and sharing information.

Volunteer task list

- Acclimate in a multilingual, multinational and multicultural team. Meet people from all over the world
- Audio recording and editing of presentations, interviews, concerts, plays, meetings and other events
- Live broadcasting from the studio and outdoor
- Use of mixing board, digital recorders, mikes and various audio equipments and software
- Plan, project and realize of ad hoc interviews radio programs, news, audio dramas and audio product in different languages
- Produce audio contents for different digital supports
- Take pictures and editing of images to publish into the AurovilleRadio/TV website
- Editing of text to publish into the AurovilleRadio website
- Upload and publish audio files, pictures and text into the AurovilleRadio/TV website
- Use of administration rights in the websites (Content Management System)
- Working in a PC, Linux and Mac computer's environment with servers and open source software

The AurovilleRadio needs also fresh energies and help in various fields pertaining to the project:

- Architect

- Flash programmer
- Journalist
- Sound editor
- Sociologist
- Musicologist
- Fundraiser
- Sound technician
- Computer technician & networker
- Web designer / administrator skilled in CMS (Joomla!)
- Communication, mass media & new media expert
- Radio and TV web-casting and pod-casting expert
- Linux server administrator

It is a great opportunity for people to work and stay as volunteers in Auroville and to get to know a very different way of sharing life with others.
For many it's a life experience.
A few stay on.

See our faces.

More informations about the the AurovilleRadio's project.

Contact us, apply, by clicking here.








Support Fund for Skilled Youth and Professionals
by Radio Team   
Sunday, 28 May 2006

Every year young people from around the world express their wish to live and work in Auroville but many are not able to do so due to lack of personal funds. While some of the youth come with the intention of joining Auroville, others simply come to take part in the Auroville experiment and contribute their energy and work for a period of time. Most of them come from India, the USA and Europe, from countries of the former Soviet Union, from the South Asian countries and even from South America and Korea. From the African continent appeals are made as well. Many of these young people, also some of those from developed countries, find it difficult to finance their stay in Auroville if it is longer than a few months.
Link to AVIS

Mitra Trainees Youth Hostel
by Radio Team   
Saturday, 27 May 2006

The Mitra Trainees Youth Hostel will be open from the 1st of June, 2006, for those who are studying, working and contributing to the Auroville experiment.
The hostel is located directly behind the Town Hall, at the centre of the Auroville Township. It is meant to provide an economical accommodation and a friendly environment for long-term guests, volunteers, students and visiting study-groups who actively participate in Auroville.
There are 2 single rooms with attached bathroom and toilets, 11 double rooms and 4 dormitories for 24 persons with common bathroom and toilets on each floor. So the total accommodation capacity is for 48 persons. A simple breakfast and a home cooked dinner will be provided along with kitchen and washing machine facilities. Furthermore there is a Conference Hall which can be rented out.
The hostel keepers would like to set up a friendly, green, shady garden space surrounding the place and are looking for creative minds to guide them with this landscaping and gardening project.
For more information mitra (at) auroville dot org dot in 



Professional Volunteer Support
by RadioTeam   
Thursday, 15 December 2005
t is a great opportunity for young people to work and stay in Auroville and to get to know a very different way of sharing life with others. For many it is a life experience. A few stay on.
Unfortunately it is only possible for people with means to come and participate. Auroville needs young energy and the help, especially of professionals, in various fields. The slowly emerging new society and township require development in many fields and areas. A group of Aurovilians are focusing on this very issue. One initiative is to establish a support fund in order to provide food and shelter. This project has received a lot of appreciation by AVI centres and many individuals from Auroville and abroad. The aim is to be able to offer work opportunities in Auroville to at least 3 young people at the beginning of 2006.
Feedback and suggestions are welcome, donations towards the fund as well. Donations may be made with Auroville Fund, to 'Professional / Volunteer Support Fund' or via Financial Service account No 0136 Professionals / Volunteer Support Fund. For more information This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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