New Humanism for the 21st Century
by Miriam   
Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Bread and salt - traditional slavic welcoming for Mrs. BokovaBeautiful, sunny afternoon in January... Town Hall... people started to gather for the official visit of General-Director of UNESCO Mrs. Irina Bokova... "When is she coming, what she will tell us... "were the questions, and temperature seemed all of the sudden started to raise... "She's here!", and first greetings from Tatiana in Bulgarian brought tears on the edge of Mrs. Bokova eyes. Her visions about most important things are so close to what Auroville stands for, and the fact that she came for a visit, which was the first of the kind from the side of UNESCO, clearly express the recognition of Auroville in the world. And when she finally addressed us all... feelings were so intense, it was one of the moments when you can clearly feel conectendess between all of us, and the world...then you know, that even is hard sometimes, Auroville is the place where you have to and want to be....