Jazz Standards
by Eloise and Miriam   
Monday, 01 November 2010
Nuria and Keith (Photographer: Sajju)Fresh Saturday night in the beginning of monsoon, but we were lucky because rain had stopped before the concert started. Gathered audience could listen to some classic jazz songs, sung by Nuria, who’s voice is highly trained but more inclined to opera singing, and was accompanied by Matthew on keyboards, Keith on bass and Suresh on drums. The mellow and somehow nostalgic mood of Duke Ellington songs was brightly interrupted by short Suresh solo on drums, which earned him laud applause from the audience.

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Matthew (Photographer: Sajju) title= Suresh (Photographer: Sajju) title= Nuria (Photographer: Sajju) title= Nuria (Photographer: Sajju) title= Jazz Standards at SAWCHU (Photographer: Sajju) title=