Diwali treats
by Eloise and Miriam   
Tuesday, 09 November 2010
Madhumitha and Gangai Amaran (Photographer: Giorgio, Miriam, Sajju)After a common dinner at the Solar Kitchen we once again saw a spectacular firework display in front of Bharat Nivas, one which put smile on everyone's face, especially those of children. The Diwali celebration continued with a special treat for those who follow Tamil movies. Madhumitha, a known singer, and Mr. Gangai Amaran, a famous music director, screenplay writer, actor and film director, performed with their own set of musicians and technicians. After some official greetings and talks, Madhumitha expressed her gratitude to the Mother and Auroville through some spiritual songs, but the public was more enthusiastic about the second part of the performance: popular songs from the movies many know so well.

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Firework in front of Bharat Nivas (Photographer: Giorgio, Miriam, Sajju) title= Diwali can be fun (Photographer: Giorgio, Miriam, Sajju) title= Ganagai Amanran with his orchestra (Photographer: Giorgio, Miriam, Sajju) title= Long queue at Solar Kitchen (Photographer: Giorgio, Miriam, Sajju) title= Common dinner at Solar Kitchen (Photographer: Giorgio, Miriam, Sajju) title= Official greetings and thanks (Photographer: Giorgio, Miriam, Sajju) title=