Breaking new grounds
by Sudhakar and Anitha   
Wednesday, 01 December 2010

Iyanar (Photographer: Sudhakar)Iyyanar is the caretaker of the Brihaspati farm, which is beyond the village of Edayanchiavadi to the west of Auroville. He moved to Brihaspati in 2002 soon after the departure of former residents who lacked farming experience. In an interview with the AurovilleRadio, he recounts the hardships he encountered before his arrival at the farm. Iyyanar uses farming techniques that he had learned earlier resourcefully and has increased the production. For the first time, Brihaspati farm has started selling vegetables and milk to the Auroville community. He expresses his willingness to work harder and to give more to the community but wants more support and help to run the farm. Naveen and Sudhakar interviewed Iyyanar.

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