Auroville Institute Integral Health
by Marlenka   
Monday, 21 February 2011
Puja under the trees (Photographer: Marlenka)Monday 21 February 2011, a day dear to the hearts of the children of the Mother; it's in recognition of Her birthday, celebrated by many early this morning at the Matrimandir Amphitheater. On Her birthday, a beginning:the laying of the foundation stones for the long awaited Auroville Institute of Integral Health complex. Featured in this news are a series of comments from several people who were present on-site, close to Arka, on the Crown Road. Also in the news: on official visit to Auroville. Sri Mati Vibha Puri Das, Secretary of the Dept. of Higher Education has expressed interest in developing new opportunities for collaboration between Auroville and various government sponsored projects, particularly in the field of education.

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Mother's words: Aspire intensely, but without impatience... the difference between intensity and impatience is very subtle; it is all a difference in vibration... it is subtle but it makes all the difference. Puja in process (Photographer: Marlenka) Placing relics box (Photographer: Marlenka) Foundation stones under water (Photographer: Marlenka)