Story Telling as a Spiritual Path
by Radio Team   
Tuesday, 14 February 2006

This event has been broadcasted live and recorded.
Story Telling as a Spiritual Path
An Interactive Workshop by Martine Quentric-Seguy on Thursday 23rd February, 8 pm at the Conference Room, Town Hall.
From the origin of humanity until now in some countries, the story tellers have been  shamans, healers. Nowadays a few of them only remain sacred persons. In what we call "developed countries", most of them belong to the entertainment field of life.
Yet, some story tellers still consider their art as a spiritual path and service. Their impact on the public is then such that some dictators harass them, throw them in jails or kill them, in order to silence them.

  In story telling we are three: the story, the listener, the teller.
The teller must first of all be a listener before stepping on the path. Listener of others, listener of stories, listener of his own emotions, listener of his own self. Entering into story telling as a spiritual path requires to surrender to the needs of the stories. It is a path of reconciliation with the angels and the demons living in us, a path of understanding and love for the fairies and ogres living out there, in the world. It is a meditation, an undertaking in humility : our instruments to feed the words are our bodies, our sensitivity, our intelligence, our dreams, our fears, our experience, but to respect the story and the listener, we have to disinvest the ego and his representation's concern.
Only when the story teller disappears the story arises fully.
Martine Quentric-Séguy is a French story teller on stage since 1997. Her public is mostly composed of adults. She published four books of Indian spiritual tales in France and Canada. One was for children and another, "Au bord du Gange" (on Ganga's shore), is translated in many languages. She also give talks, write articles on the history and art of story telling and leads workshops in France, Belgium, Canada and India.
Ethno-psychotherapist, she has a strong bond with the Indian continent and culture since 1969. she writes essays on Vedanta (two books published) and translate articles and books of known Masters on Vedanta and Dzogchen.
She is also a painter.
How can someone be simultaneously a story teller, a painter, a writer, a psychotherapist, a wife, a mother, a grand-mother, a gardener, a cook, a clown or… nothing really ? By trying to share by all the means at hand the peace received from the teaching of her vedantin guru. Ultimately she lives for and by whatever means the word "spirituality".