Mahalakshmi Park
by Miriam   
Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Windarra Farm (Photographer: Tanja)L'AVenir d"Auroville / Town Development Council invites us At Town Hall Conference Room tomorrow, Thursday 18th at 4pm where will be a presentation of Mahalakshmi Park. The concept was created by three interns from the National School of Landscaping of Versailles, France. Adrien, Elsa and Sophie have been working with TDC/ Avenir and Road Service and Marie since June on a design for the Mahalakshmi Park which will stretch from SK to Arka area. At Svedame Hibiscus Art Village Project invites us on Saturday to the music concert of Yemadas.

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The soul is that which comes out of the Divine without ever leaving Him and goes back to Him without ever ceasing from manifestation. The Words of The Mother , Vol. 14 Windarra Farm (Photographer: Tanja) Sunset at Windarra - TerraSoul Community (Photographer: Tanja)