Let`s Go Sailing
by Marlenka   
Monday, 05 September 2011
sailboat (Photographer: google image )Evolution, Religion, and the Unknown God" by Georges Van Vrekhem now published; from Upasana an exhibition ‘Cotton-A Way Forward’ to be showcased in Nov. 2011; the second edition of the Auroville Triathlon will take place on Sunday 11th at New Creation Sports; ‘White Sails’ from Arseny: the idea of starting sailing action in Auroville, inspired by past experience, and time spent with a sailing and fencing club ‘The Carabela' in Russia and, l’Avenir d'Auroville announces 9 housing projects: 245 units followed by at least 270 more to follow.

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That thou shouldst have pity on creatures, is well, but not well, if thou art a slave to thy pity. Be a slave to nothing except to God, not even to His most luminous angels. Beatitude is God's aim for humanity; get this supreme good for thyself first that thou mayst distribute it entirely to thy fellow-beings. Sri Aurobindo - Thoughts and Aphorisms