Green Mobile Communications
by Marlenka   
Monday, 07 November 2011
Mobile (Photographer: to JV talking about a pollution solution: green mobile phones, inspired by the pollution spread through their use and their towers. Telos: a research project to make integral yoga easily accessible and practical in one's everyday life. A workshop - 'Explore seven states of Consciousness Experientially' next week. Georges Van Vrekhem's next talk: An intermediary range of transitory beings the Mother called 'surhommes,overmen.' To realize the transitory beings in their huge variety was our task. And, training for Marathon 2012 has begun.

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'But actually, to tell you the truth, I think your lives are so easy that you don't exert yourselves very much! How many among you have truly an INTENSE need to find their psychic beings? To find out truly who they are? To find out what their roles are, why they are here? ... You just let yourselves drift. You even complain when things aren't easy enough! You just take things as they come. And sometimes, should an aspiration arise in you and you encounter some difficulty in yourself, you say, 'Oh, Mother is there! She'll take care of it for me!' And you think about something else.' - Mother's Agenda, 25 August 1954