The Language of Music
by Marlenka   
Monday, 26 December 2011
Ludovica and Paolo (Photographer: Andrea)Featured is Ludovica who presents a one-day workshop with partner Paola to share the language of music, of composing and playing; another workshop on the deeper level of the community and remembering those who left us this year: Aurovilians Lucia, Tenzin, Bhavana, Alumelu, Tatiana and Anna Maria. Living abroad Mark Aspi, Erica and Myriam, ShyamSundar in Pondy and Mia Berden in Holland. a moment of Matrimandir no bonfire at the Amphitheatre on 1st January... 6 pm to 9 a Meditative Space in Candle Light under the Banyan Tree.

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An aphorism from Sri Aurobindo: Chance is not in this universe; the idea of illusion is itself an illusion. There was never illusion yet in the human mind that was not the concealing and disfigurement of a truth...Moher comments that what Sri Aurobindo tells us, is that the world is real, it is only our perception of it that is false.