A visit to Joy Guesthouse
by Hans Beuken   
Sunday, 08 January 2012
Joy guesthouse (1) (Photographer: Hans Beuken)At Joy Guest house, previously known as College Guesthouse, the main damage was caused by uprooted trees. Also, they have no water or electricity. Except from the working men and the people living there, the place is pretty deserted, since it is impossible of receiving guests in this condition. After the interview, on my way back to the radio, i was forced to stop since a tree was taken down to secure future safety to electricity lines.

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Joy guesthouse (2) (Photographer: Hans Beuken) Joy guesthouse (3) (Photographer: Hans Beuken) tree to be taken down (Photographer: Hans Beuken) Tree taken down (Photographer: Hans Beuken) Clearing passway (Photographer: Hans Beuken)