Manu`s newest addition
by Rebecca   
Monday, 27 February 2012
Manu, the chief architect of the International House's latest project (Photographer: Rebecca)The latest housing project at the International House was just recently completed, a 4 level structure solely devoted to dormitory style living. Made mostly out of recycled materials and readily available resources, the new guest house features 3 levels of single or double rooms, 2 bathrooms equipped with composting toilets, and a communal meeting space on the top level. Manu, the chief architect of the project, spoke of the necessity for a new structure, the planning process, and how the new guest house is holding up today.

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one of the single rooms in the new building (Photographer: Rebecca) the communal space on the 4th level (Photographer: Rebecca) gasoline hoses create the banister (Photographer: Rebecca) a view down from the top level (Photographer: Rebecca) one of two bathrooms on the bottom level (Photographer: Rebecca) a frontal view of the new guest house (Photographer: Rebecca)