Book is ”Launched”
by Zarin   
Saturday, 07 April 2012

Poppo Monography on Poppo Pingle work in architecture was literally "launched" by Poppo himself with the device he has constructed for that occasion, and with it brought smiles on the gathered faces. The book, authorized by Mona Doctor Pingel was released by Ms.Malika Sarabhai, one of the publishers and Dr.Karan Singh, and is first of the series of monographies on Auroville architects. Mona herself briefly explained reasons that inspired her and on what she has focused in it. The architects are following the Mother's words - Less talk, more work.

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Poppo and Jyoti (Photographer: Giorgio) Book Release by Dr.Karan Singh (Photographer: Giorgio) Dr.KaranSingh, loyal worker, Mona  (Photographer: Giorgio) Glaxy signed book in calighraphy (Photographer: Giorgio)