Cycle Path Accessibility
by Marlenka   
Tuesday, 10 April 2012
Susmita (Photographer: Marlenka)Hear an interview with Susmita for accessibility on Auroville’s cycle paths. Eco-Film Fest begins 16 April - 22nd offering ecological and environmental films. Auroville: a multi-cultural knowledge society full of human capital and opportunities. Farm Group International Advisory Counicil creates a 5-year plan to potential funders abroad. The IAC will network and support links with UNESCO and International Foundations to support Arts in Auroville. Overheard in Auroville: Engage your heart and your brain before engaging your mouth

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Excerpt from Mother’s Agenda: There is a period when you are in suspense: no longer this, not yet that, just in between. It's a difficult period when you have to be very quiet, very patient, and above all – above all – never afraid or irritated or impatient, because that's catastrophic. And the difficulty is that from all quarters and without let up come all the idiotic suggestions of ordinary thinking: age, deterioration, the possibility of death, the constant threat of illness, of the slightest thing... it comes all the time, all the time, all the time; one has to remain very quiet and not to listen, but remain preoccupied only with maintaining a harmonious state. v