Akatha Kahani: untellable story
by Giuseppe & Maria   
Tuesday, 17 April 2012
The three sisters Jaya Madhavan, Bindhu Malini and Archana perform for Kabir Festival (Photographer: Maria)Akatha Kahani or untellable story is a presentation on Kabir, where three sisters attempt to showcase this special alchemy between Kabir and his listeners by sharing their individual encounters with Kabir. One wrote a book for young adults, another sings her songs passionately and yet another expresses Kabir's impact on her through Bharatnatyam. Akatha Kahani, features Jaya Madhavan author of Kabir the weaver poet book, Bindhumalini a singer trained in both Carnatic and Hindustani music and Archana, a Bharatnatyam dancer and French translator.

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The brilliant novel by Jaya Madhavan, Kabir the weaver poet, traces one day in Kabir’s life, from Daybreak through Midday to Nightfall. Threading fact, legend and poetry into a superbly structured narrative, it etches Kabir’s compelling persona against the backdrop of fifteenth century Banaras — a period that mirrors quite remarkably our own troubled times. - indiacurrentaffairs.org/india-three-sisters-and-kabir-'the-weaver-poet'-kamayani-bali-mahabal/ - swb.co.in/store/book/kabir-weaver-poet - www.kabirproject.org/ - www.aurovilleperformingarts.com/ Akatha Kahani or untellable story is presented in Udavi School (Photographer: Maria) Jaya Madhavan is speaking about her book Kabir the weaver poet  (Photographer: Maria) Bindhumalini is singing her songs about Kabir (Photographer: Maria) Archana the Bharatnatyam dancer of the group (Photographer: Maria) Udavi School's students watch interested the performance (Photographer: Maria) Archana dances with the students at the end of her performance (Photographer: Maria)