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What is Vocal Yoga?
Building and maintaining a healthy voice, creating consciousness for the spoken word, strengthen the body and voice, enhancing communication skills - this is what Vocal Yoga is all about. In Acceptance, one of the Auroville Communities, international Vocal Yoga experts exchange their knowledge, do vocal research and share their knowledge by giving classes. Listen to the experts Clare (US), Caroline (F), Simone (IT) and Helene (RU) and to the different exercises recorded in French, Russian, Italian and English. Read more

Monday, 05 March 2012
Divine Feminine
Dr Elizabeth Ursic has been visiting Auroville during the month of January as a visiting scholar in residence and hosted an interactive session on Friday 13th January at the Sri Aurobindo Centre for Studies, Bharat Nivas on the Divine Feminine. During this session, Elizabeth shared her latest research describing 3 Christian communities in the USA that have adopted a contemporary approach to prayer and worship by bringing the feminine to the forefront, sometimes generating controversy among the more conservative members of their faith. Read more

Saturday, 14 January 2012
The Rainbow Bridge

The Rainbow Bridge - Sri Aurobindo's Savitri as a mantra for transformation.

Under this title the second Dr. M.V. Nadkarni Memorial Lecture was given by Sonia Dyne at Savitri Bhavan on February 20, 2011. Sonia was associated with Dr. Nadkarni at the Sri Aurobindo Centre in Singpore during the time when he was teaching at the Univeristy there. In her clear voice and perfect English, she shared illuminating insights about Sri Aurobindo's poem and its significance for us, as a Rainbow Bridge that can carry us from our present state towards our higher goal. Read more

Monday, 21 February 2011
Talks on Transformation
On January 20, 2011, started a series of five talks on some of the Mother's major experiences in Her work of transformation. Loretta wants to simplify things for people who are on the journey of Sri Aurobindo's Yoga. Along with her explanations, she brings Mother's Presence by translating and playing recordings of Mother telling of these experiences, and telling stories about Ashram life when Mother was here. Loretta was asked if she thought Mother finished Her work before She left the body. As part of her answer, Loretta relates her own experience standing alone in the Ashram Meditation Room with Mother's body in the early morning. Read more

Tuesday, 25 January 2011
Talk on Mother and Peace

The Transition School teachers chose “Peace” as the special value this year. Loretta was invited to speak to four different classes of 9-10 year old children on Mother and Peace. She brought photographs of Mother with the Ashram school children and read a text of Mother teaching on how to find peace. This talk brings stories of Mother and the Ashram children and Auroville in the early days. Mother's teaching on Peace is useful for people of every age. Read more

Sunday, 12 December 2010
The Supramental Ship

On 3 February, 1958, the Mother's consciousness went to the place where the link between our physical world and the supramental world was being prepared. When She returned, Her experience was written down, and Mother read Her report to the Ashram. In July 2010, Loretta visited the Sri Aurobindo study group in New York and gave a talk on Mother's experience. Mother's reading to the Ashram was recorded. As part of her talk, Loretta read out the English translation and played Mother's reading in French, and answered questions put by the group. Questions And Answers, 1958 (English Translation) Entretiens, 1958 (Original French Transcription).

Tuesday, 26 October 2010
Darwin, un autre regard
Quand on lui disait Qu'est ce que tu veux faire quand tu seras grande ? Elle répondait Paléontologue. Anne Dambricourt-Malassé, est une jeune femme enthousiaste et révoltée. Chercheur en paléontologie humaine au CNRS, elle bouscule le monde des scientifiques avec une thèse hardie sur l’évolution du vivant à partir de son travail sur les crânes des hominidés. Par un geste très simple elle fit une découverte étonnante remettant en cause la théorie darwinienne sur le redressement de l'homme. Même si son travail est reconnu et approuvé scientifiquement par les institutions elle ne manque pas de controverse. C'est à l'Institut de Recherche en Paléontologie Humaine à Paris que nous l'avons rencontré.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010
Independence Day
On Sunday 15 th of August at Bharat Nivas in the morning was the celebration for the birthday of Sri Aurobindo and for the Independence day of India. In the opening talk of Anu we could remember that Sri Aurobidno saw that for the evolution of mankind was important for all nations to be free, and India had to take the role to start that process. In the ideal human unity this evolution would regard mankind as one single nation, that a free world union must it in its very nature be a complex unity, based on diversity, and that diversity must be based on a free self determination. Final dream was not limited in time. It carry the seeds of evolution into the future of humanity, and there we see the birth of Auroville already placed as a seed to experiment of the future of Humanity. Read more

Sunday, 15 August 2010
Aufwachsen in Auroville

Eine Gruppe Kinder rennt über die Terrasse eines Cafés. Sie kichern und zwischen dem Kinderlachen hört man einen Fetzen Englisch, etwas Französisch und ab und zu ein wenig Deutsch – ein Sprachkauderwelsch umringt die Kinder in Auroville. Scheinbar spielend wachsen die Jungen und Mädchen verschiedenster Nationalitäten miteinander auf, ohne sich große Gedanken über ihre Herkunft oder Unterschiede zu machen. Was Auroville für Kinder so besonders macht, erzählt Surya. Sie wuchs dort auf, bevor sie als Jugendliche nach Deutschland umzog


Monday, 09 November 2009
Nove poti

Ustvarjalnost, navdih, spremembe, nove poti, miselni premiki, “svetlobne puscice” kreativne energije...vse to, in se kaj je verjetno razlog, da sta se Albinca in Marjan kar nekajkrat znasla v Aurovillu to leto. Pretocnost komunikacije je bila tista, ki je Albinco tako navdusila pri prvem obisku, in kaj hitro so se zacele oblikovati misli in ideje za nove projekte, ki pa so, glede na to, kar Albinca je, nedvomno vezani na solski sistem in izobrazevanje bodocih uciteljev. Marjan pa je v tem prostoru nasel razen toplega odnosa lokalnih Tamilcev in mescanov Aurovilla se posebno duhovno vzdusje in “svetloben puscice” kreativne energije so ga vzpodbudile k bogatemu ustvarjanju. Samostojni avtorski vecer v februarju je dozivel kot enega lepsih, saj, kot sam pravi, so ljudje reagiralni na njegovo glasbo spontano in brez predsodkov in odzivi so bili topli. Za kopiranje tega programa prosim kliknite tukaj.


Wednesday, 19 August 2009
Tamil poetess

Meenakshi, the poet from the nursery. Her life is dedicated to poetry, Tamil culture and children. For young Auroville workers and school drop-outs, she runs an unusual program since she came here some 33 years ago. She published countless poems. In this interview, Meenakshi presents her educational and literary work; she shares especially her enthusiasm for the richness and beauty of tamil language.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009
Astrology and Conscious Evolution

The zodiac describes the potential evolution of the state of consciousness of any individual being from the moment of birth throughout ones life. It can serve as a useful tool in reaching the higher level of consciousness available to all. Evolution is going on everywhere upon earth and we are all part of this overall process. We do what we can although the forces against us are quite strong. In this interview, Bhaga, a researcher on spirituality & conscious evolution and human unity, shares with us some of her knowledge on using the different elements in the astrological chart in order to help the awakening process. mp3/2009_04_29_interview_bhaga_astrology_english_lite.mp3&totalTime=44:13

Thursday, 21 May 2009
Deep-Tea Talks

Are you a friend or family member of an Aurovilian or just someone curious about this international project on human unity? Are you a newcomer looking for words of direction to gain personal relationship with the 41 year-old project?  Relax into the sounds of birds chirping and chimes blowing in the wind. Remove from a busy life by allowing yourself to be taken away by Deepti's captivating voice. Through stories of her life in Auroville and experiences working and living here, you will gain perspective into the possibilities of Auroville, where Auroville has been and where 'The city the earth needs' may go.


Wednesday, 06 May 2009
Mother`s Guidance

Kailash Jhaveri, from the Ashram has held a talk in the Town Hall Conference Room on last Wednesday. The topics where: a general overview of the work which was done under Mothers guidance for Auroville, especially for the World University for Human Unity and for the Cultural Pavilions in the International Zone. Everyone was welcome, and it was even live broadcasted on this website. This is only an excerpt of the whole talk, if you would like , or come by the radio, and pick up a CD.


Friday, 27 March 2009
Vers le chemin de l`éveil

Au départ, docteur en médecine, psychothérapeute jungienne et praticienne en psychologie positive, Catherine HENRY-PLESSIER exerce depuis 30 ans ans avec une seule quête: comprendre l'être humain dans sa globalité, permettre à chacun de révéler ses talents et de devenir des créateurs de valeur globale. Aujourd'hui elle  fait les ponts entre la médecine traditionnelle et les approches subtiles. Elle relie la neurophysiologie, la psychanalyse, l'expansion de conscience, le yoga, Monroe et textes sacrés, philosophie, mathématique, physique quantique... Avec cette longue expérience, elle s'est mise au service de la Vie et dispose d'outils de développement personnel intéressant, d'exploration de la conscience et de toutes les strates de l'inconscient qui permettent d'avancer de plus en plus sur le chemin de l'Eveil. Nous vous proposons d'écouter l'intégralité de la conférence qu'elle a donnée à Auroville le 25 février dernier.


Pour plus d'information voici son blog:

Wednesday, 11 March 2009
Le laboratoire du Vivant

What is Auroville? What do we aspire for Auroville? These questions were the frame for the discussion organized by the Resident's Assembly Service in order to gather Aurovilians and New Comers. A long meeting with plenty of questions, explanations and discussions. During the evening the new Entry Service team has also introduced its new members. The evening was organized with a series of mini events also to make the whole meeting alive and to encourage the  present people to interact together. This event was held at Visitor's Centre.


Thursday, 29 January 2009
Arlet, c`est un T et deux sucres

Entre deux coups de crayon, Arlet nous raconte son parcours à Auroville. Celui d'une artiste, platicienne renomée en France qui décide, avec son mari, de tout quitter pour suivre un rêve ou Mère lui est apparu en lui donnant comme mission de travailler pour Auroville. Nous l'avons interviewé dans le silence magique de la scène de l'auditorium, alors qu'elle préparait le décor pour le spectacle The King Stag. Pour télécharger l'interview, cliquez ici.


Monday, 01 December 2008
Spirituality and Body Changes

Bagha, one of the creators of the Laboratory of Evolution, a Resource and Research Centre entirely focused on researching and documenting all in the world that has to do with Evolution and Human Unity, talks about the possibilities of the new human consciousness. For her the real way to reach a sustainable life begins with a real changing in each human being. Bagha belives that Auroville is a special place to develop the inner being, but she really belives that one can try to reach its own develop everywhere in the world. For more information check mp3/2008_09_26_radio_program_toward_sustainability_02_bagha_lite.mp3

Tuesday, 04 November 2008
Il mondo di Julie

Come molti qui, Julie, prima di posarsi sul ramo chiamato Auroville, e' volata intorno al mondo... Editrice, disegnatrice ed anche all'occasione scrittrice di libri per bambini ha continuato ad Aurovillea pubblicare per la sua casa di edizioni Little by Little, che non vuol dire solo poco a poco, ma anche... Après l'interview en italien, Julie nous lit en français quelques poèmes que lui avait confié Aruna avant son fatal accident. Potete ascoltare l'intervista cliccando sul logo play o scaricare l'intervista cliccando qui.


Wednesday, 10 September 2008
The Key to Progress

Ameeta Mehra came last week to Auroville for the last meeting of the Governing Board. She took the time in her busy schedule to give at Savitri Bavhan a conference on the theme ''What Savitri is for me.'' In front of a large public, she spoke of her own deep experience with Sri Aurobindo and how, in a  tragic moment in her life, she found in Sri Aurobindo the key to progress. To listen you can pass by the radio and ask for a CD or send an email here. But you can listen to the beginning of it.


Friday, 01 August 2008
Learning about Mantras

A mantra is a divinely inspired and powerful verse, chanted all over India on special occasions. Joy,  an Aurovilian who has just recorded and released her second mantra cd, explains that these ancient mantras were strictly and precisely revealed in words and rhythms by gurus to initiates. She emphasizes the significance of singing them with the correct words and rhythms in a conscious way. To listen the interview click on the logo play.

Read more


Wednesday, 16 July 2008
Sui passi della nonna

Emanuele ha conosciuto Auroville nell'infanzia con i racconti della sua nonna Yudi ultima discepola, accettata dalla Madre nel 1973. E' cosi che scopre la via aperta a Pondicherry e solo a 24 anni viene per la prima volta a constatare sui luoghi con il suo primo viaggio ad Auroville. Come avete potuto ascoltare nell'intervista in francese ed in inglese Emanuele ha disegnato un cartone animato.... Potete ascoltare l'intervista cliccando sul logo play.


Thursday, 19 June 2008
Living in Bliss

Aurosylle, daughter of a Swedish-German couple, was born in Auroville and grew up here. From her trips abroad, she always came back to live in Auroville. Seven months ago she gave birth to her first child, Ishana, in her ancestral home in Certitude. Like her parents, she identifies strongly with the spiritual aspects and ideals of Auroville. Although she also sees the problems within the community, for example the financial difficulties for young people who want to settle down here. Aurosylle says she enjoys the freedom in Auroville and feels blessed to live here. To listen to the interview click on the logo play.


Tuesday, 27 May 2008
Renu`s way

Renu: half Indian, half Swedish, raised by a German stepfather, has returned to Auroville... Renu  came home six years ago, after fourteen years spent abroad. What is the difference between today's Auroville and  the Auroville of her childhood in the late sixties, early seventies? Renu currently lives in a mango field in Forecomers; she is the mother of two children (a daughter and a son) who have American passports. To listen to the interview click on the logo play.


Tuesday, 20 May 2008
Findhorn - AV

Augusta came to Auroville at the beginning of the year directly from Findhorn, a community in Scotland that had always some links with Auroville. From the Park Garden to the Matrimandir gardens: different soils, different souls. The interview is in English and Italian. Augusta continua a sorridere dopo sei mesi di esperienze ad Auroville. Guidata dalla passione per la danza da Roma si trasferisce a Findhorn e poi dopo un primo breve soggiorno decide di passare un periodo più lungo a Auroville rinviando la sua partenza...


Thursday, 15 May 2008
Tutte le rivoluzioni falliscono

Trascorre la sua infanzia tra suore e comunisti: la sua vita sembrava indirizzata solo verso l'estrema sinistra. L'intenzione di realizzare una societa' ideale si infrange contro la realta'. Lo snobbismo che caratterizzava gli interventi in fabbrica fatti assieme agli amici intellettuali universitari, fanno riconsiderare il suo interesse verso il movimento operaio dell'epoce. Macchina, frigorifero e consumismo si insinuano ed il sogno si offusca e finisce male. La nobile Paulette riapproda alla spiritualita' ricercando nelle sue radici comuniste-cristiane della sua giovinezza le risposte alle domande di sempre. Per ascolare la sua intervista clicca o sulla foto.


Thursday, 21 February 2008

For Tibetan Kalsang, who is in charge of the Tibetan Pavilion, and and has lived and worked in Auroville for 14 years,  she feels it is a place where she can be who she is. And as such she contributes to the building of human unity. Recently theTibetan Pavilion has finished its fountain, and that adds greatly to the peaceful atmosphere.


Tuesday, 08 January 2008
Conociendo Auroville

Esta semana contestaremos a las preguntas que los oyente nos han hecho llegar por email. Son preguntas generales acerca de Auroville que ayudan a tener una idea global de como las cosas funcionan por aquí y tambien responden a algunas de las dudas mas frecuentes de aquellos que quieren conocer Auroville. Si tienes una pregunta, duda o sugerencia, tu tambien nos puedes enviar un email presionando aqui.

This week we will answer all the questions about Auroville that we have been reciving from our spanish's listeners.


Monday, 24 December 2007
Società di mutuo soccorso

In una piovosa giornata di metà dicembre Marika e Annamaria parlano delle loro vite ad Auroville. Amiche, sorelle o madre l'una dell'altra - o viceversa - da oltre due decenni condividono tempo ed esperienze. Nel suo dispensario al Pitanga, Marika si occupa di omeopatia curando con stessa attenzione uomini ed animali. Annamaria è poetessa e negli anni 70' vince il premio Goldoni a Venezia. Arriva ad Auroville nel 73' dove inizia a lavorare al Matrimandir. E' interessata al mondo dell'arte e pricipalmente alla pittura.

Per ascoltare l'intervista tra scrosci monsonici clicca logo play.


Thursday, 20 December 2007
Toute de blanc vêtue

Toute de blanc vêtue Gangalakshmi passe comme un ange sur son cyclomoteur assise sur un coussin blanc attaché à la selle. Elle va et vient de Savitri Bhavan là où elle travaille à la Maison de l'Agenda de Mère. Elle nous parle de son origine franco polonaise, de ses multiples prénoms, de sa vie et de son travail à Auroville depuis vingt ans, de ses rêves, de ses aspirations, de sa vie future et des ses vies passées. 

Si vous souhaitez écouter l'interview de Gangalakshmi, cliquez ici.


Friday, 14 December 2007