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The waste management in Auroville

In Auroville there are many places but for cleaning around Auroville and to make our peaceful city without any pollution is the Eco Service ,near Naturallement . Their aim is to reduce the pollution because pollution is destroying the environment, the earth and people who lives here. So at Eco Service are trying to stop it and to keep the city clean, and as close to zero waste as much is possible . The ladies who works there separate each of the wastes into 24 categories. Eco Service also wants to set an example surrounding villages. Read more

Friday, 19 July 2013
Special Education Centre
At Ilaignarkal Education Centre near Verite we had a chance to interview Aandh sir a teacher and an educator at the centre. The main thing is that people who comes there are non educated but now the students are well educated and they are in a good and comfortable work . They are teaching the students without any contribution. They don't have any structured subjects such as other schools but they try to provide to a student what he needs. Students are mostly coming from nearby villages. Read more

Thursday, 18 July 2013
Eco Earth Day  TEDx Talks
This morning at Conference Room in Town Hall we had a chance to listen to some interesting short talks with its common thread on ecology awareness. The opening session was with Cesare who shared with us some points of Open Source Hardware in relation to the local community or DIY ( Do It Yourself). Followe by Snehal talking on Kitchen Gardens or why we should grow food everywhere. Deoyani Sarkhot emphasized versatile usage of charcoal and which benefits it can bring to the soil. First part was concluded with Kathy on health and environment. Read more

Saturday, 20 April 2013
Liveyl Up Your Earth 2013

Eco - music festival Lively Up Your Earth is due next year in the beginning of February. In comparison to last two years, Krishna and Andrea have decided to start with the organizational work way before than last years. In conversation with them we can hear how they see it, what and who is needed in order to provide such a pleasant, yet educational, and more than anything else fun event for all of us with emphasis on music and organic - permaculture farming. What can we expect this year?... maybe YOU can be and active part of it 


Thursday, 29 November 2012
Keep the Faith
For almost a decade, but surely with acceleration in last year or two, Auroville beach community Repos has been "eaten" away by the severe beach erosion. Bhaga shares with us some thoughts on it... Until recently no speciific action was taken from the official Auroville regarding the problem. Cyclone Relief Team instructed by Working Committee has started to help the community with clean up. This morning along with Satprem and volunteers they have continued with reinforcing the foundations of the house. Read more

Tuesday, 06 November 2012
WasteLess - Garbology 101
Inspired after very positive responses form the community, and especially children, after Liter Free Auroville in 2010, which had engage practically the whole community to all day long event aiming toward raising awareness on waste treatment in Auroville, new activity WasteLess launched on Saturday Garbology 101. New curriculum as a result of several months long interactive work of WasteLess team - Chandrah, Mari, Ribhu and Vimal with students and teachers of three schools comes as an educational box with guide book and many interactive tools Read more

Sunday, 19 August 2012
Mohanam Birthday
Last Sunday Mohanam Cultural Centre at Sanjeevi Nagar, on the outskirt of Auroville celebrated 11th anniversary of its existence. Happy children, parents, guests gathered to celebrate the occasion with joy. Children prepared cultural program in a dance way, but we could see pieces of their work and activities exhibited throughout the Centre. No doubt that Mohanam grown over the past years, and keeps striving for better. As such it is a bridge between local villages and Auroville trough cultural exchanges, fosters development and understanding. Read more

Monday, 23 July 2012
Panchayat at Town Hall

Wednesday meeting of the leaders(panchayat) of villages in the Auroville neighborhood tried to raise awareness of local population on what Auroville stands for - from the beginning to today. Recording is in Tamil, and you can find Tamil text here. Read more

Friday, 15 June 2012
Rio +20

Rio +20 from 20th to 26th of June in Rio de Janerio in Brasil it will be follow up of starting summit of twenty years ago. Filip, who spent most of his life in Auroville, is passionate about forest, and sustainable projects, actively involved in Tree House Community... no doubt that summit is very attractive to him, because over 190 countries will participate on Rio +20 with their head leaders, ready to sign some serious commitment in behalf of their governments. Filip wants to document the event, and will try to build a special tree house.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012
Daily Sounds of Chainsaws
Since Cyclone Thane raged over our city almost all of us are busy with cleaning, mostly fallen and broken trees. Many are not waiting for volunteer's help or Tamil paid labor but they started to clean the communities and the surrounding on themselves. For that reason the sound of chainsaw is our everyday soundscape . Juan, the professional chainsaw user, offered this morning at Town Hall a useful practical demonstration of its use, shared some safety tips and answered on practical questions of quite many chainsaw users. Read more

Wednesday, 11 January 2012
New Birth and Lively Up
When the cyclone is on its way there's nothing a farmer can do. He can't evacuate crops. Krishna from Solitude says amongst others that now is the time to understand destruction, it is time for new birth, where we can make a step forward and what have been destroyed can be rebuild better, with more vision, more intelligence...a new birth...Krishna knows that it will take them three months before they will get some crops rotating again, and a year to get back to the level that things normally going on. But "you smile and go the best you can.." Read more

Thursday, 05 January 2012
Fence or No Fence
Walk trough Quiet Healing Centre was in a way relief after disastrous areas in communities in Auroville because beside few fallen trees Quiet looks almost as it was. Luckily they got mostly palm trees, which are known for their flexibility and endurance in strong tropical winds. In interview with Guy we found out that the major problem after tropical cyclone Thane is if they would be allowed to fix and erect their fence or not. Quiet hopes that they will find optimal solution for both parties trough ongoing negotiations with local fishermen. Read more

Wednesday, 04 January 2012
Realistic but Hopeful
Recently built zen house of Sabine and Philippe, residents of Repos community is now roofless, water tank broken, what used to be beautiful blooming fence by buganvilla, is now piece of uprooted shrubs...For Sabine and Philippe Repos is home for more than decade, and both actively participate in community life in Repos, as well in community in whole. Since they were well aware, and realistic of present treat of cyclone Thane on Thursday night, they evacuated themselves overnight, and also informed others and guests about situation. What now? Read more

Tuesday, 03 January 2012
Thane and Erosion
No doubt that last week cyclone Thane raging trough our town and neighboring villages caused lots of damages, and no doubt the worst it was for the beach communities - Repos, Waves, Samarpanam, Gokulam, Symplicity, Quiet, Sri Ma, Eternity. The hardest it was for them not only because they are situated on the beach, where huge waves were crushing the whole coastline in those 12 hours of cyclone, but because beach erosion already affected them seriously last few years. We spoke with Bagha and Vasu about cyclone, and about issues around erosion. Read more

Tuesday, 03 January 2012
Sadhana Presents
Last Friday Sadhana Forest celebrated its 8th birthday with many activities and workshops through the day. Amongst other activities, Aviram, the founder of Sadhana Forest presented to the community of Sadhana Forest, their vision and details on all their projects. Sadhana stands for : veganism as food choice, gift economy, inclusiveness to all and technical sustainable living. One of the proiects is Forest Ambassadors, which is a global network for individuals who are inspired to act on local environmental and social issues. Read more

Wednesday, 28 December 2011
Life in AV Forest
We've met Catherine the Green Group coordinator, and Martanda from the Forest Group to find out about life in the wild. These modern day foresters may live off the main grid but by producing their own energy they maintain an up-to-date lifestyle. In this podcast, they also talk about the beauty and the difficulties of maintaining and protecting the surrounding forest. Read more

Monday, 20 June 2011
Art Bridge
Each One Teach One is a frequent visitor in Auroville and its bio-region. Past Sunday they gave performance at Auroville Institute of Applied Technology along with its students, Mohanam Cultural Center children and Lively Project. That was also an opportunity to see what AIAT have done throughout the year, and on what are they focused. We recorded some live music with Mohanam Sound Crew and DJ Phax Mulder, and a story on ecological awareness with artists and dancer from Europe with Mohanam Kinder-garden children. Read more

Tuesday, 26 April 2011
Earth Day and live TV
Somehow all the events for the Earth week culminated on Friday night at Visitor Center. It started before the event itself with Earth Day vegan dinner, and soon we heard who are the best cooks in Auroville in preparation of vegan dishes with locally grown products. After the food award ceremony the temperature amongst the audience was rising in anticipation of Academic Genius Brother Show. If we weren't really sure why the name has changed(or maybe hasen't?), the show was clearly different- although still with always present critical humor - we saw trough the concept of news of the Auroville TV Live some good excerpts of daily life and people. Read more

Tuesday, 26 April 2011
Awakening the Dreamer Symposium is a tool developed by Pachamama Alliance to "awake" the participants, and to stimulate changes. Through participation in this program, people are encouraged to find their unique and powerful role as agents of change in creating a new future. Ethan, Bindu and Andrea shortly introduced Pachamam Alliance and its purpose, and what Awakening the Dreamer means to them - either to bring personal transformation, inspire people to the highest, lead to real changes in each one's life... Read more

Thursday, 21 April 2011
"The Divine plan is always there, all we have to do is open up, and take a next step...keep going..." told us B in an interview about his life, passion for waste management and other projects he's involved in. He came to Auroville in 1974, in its early beginning when town was is the survival mode; saw all the changes and transitions, and yet he feels extremely grateful that he was born at the right time to go trough this incredible adventure, as he named it. B is strongly convinced that Zero Waste Management is and achievable goal, because is something that people can understand. Up to today we managed to come to the point that we recycle 60 percents of the garbage, the rest 40 percents can be slowly chipped away by technology which is already available today.

Friday, 15 April 2011
Water and Transformation
Amongst other talks at Mutation II was also Joss presentation of enormous project in Chennai on the banks of Adyar Poonga. Huge work of Joss and many Aurovilians there for last four years was completed just a month ago. It is tremendous transformation of something that used to be a sewer back to river, by sunlit paths next to it. With their work they didn't only expressed lots of creativity but it was also a journey in relation to water which we insulted and degraded that we got sewers instead of rivers. And as Joss mentioned they couldn't have done it if Auroville with what is stands for, wouldn't be behind it... if there wouldn't be an experience of transformation in reality. To download the presentation as pdf click here.

Monday, 07 March 2011
Pioneer Spirit

Sadhana Forest is about growing trees and growing people. Volunteers from all over the world, as well as Aurovillians, work together in this new reforestation project. They practice an eco-friendly way of life including veganism, alternative construction, solar energy, water resource management, and composting toilets. Last week, Aviram who has created this community with his wife Yorit, organized an experimental one week workshop on earthbag construction. Around 40 volunteers and Aurovilians full of positive energy and good will, trying to build an earthbag dome! AurovilleRadio spent an afternoon to capture the warm ambiance and some impressions of this workshop.

Read more


Monday, 19 January 2009