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(Arts & Culture)
Trovadores, Aurelio & Nadaprem

Last Friday, there was a peaceful multicultural art sharing with Anandi at Unity Pavilion. Poems were told through sounds and movements with music, and mime artists and lovers told stories in various ways. Nadaprem and Aurelio led a beautiful musical meditation, using a mix of soft Western-Indian harmonies. Joska took us on a trip back to medieval times, generously sharing, with his guitalele, his love of the era. Drupad joined to tell a poem through mime and poetry lovers read poetry in Tamil, Spanish, and English. We hope to see you all, as we meet again on Saturday March 1st! Read more

Tuesday, 04 February 2014
(Arts & Culture)
Alba Music

Last Wednesday, on December 11th, Alla Dulh`s exhibition in the Square Circle Gallery, Kala Kendra (Bharat Nivas), closed with a concert. Russian Albert Sultanov played Alba music, which is a trance meditation music based on Indian instruments and mantras. The word Alba means sunrise of the inner sun. Read more

Tuesday, 17 December 2013
(Arts & Culture)
Awakening of Christmass Light

On the Sunday morning of December 15th, a very special performance by and for the children of Auroville was given at Cripa, Kalabhumi: Awakening of Christmas Light. The very wrong spirit and his consort Evilina played a terrible trick on all the kids, freezing the Great North and locking away all the presents that were meant for the children. To melt the ice there was but one way: perform to the best. And this is exactly what the children did. The audience was charmed by all the talent. Pianists, singers, poets, dancers, acrobats... Read more

Tuesday, 17 December 2013
(Arts & Culture)

Malu, Joem and Sebastian, making up the heart of Amayama band, performed  last night, with guests, at the Sri Aurobindo Auditorium, Bharat Nivas, Pavilion of Indian Culture in International Zone. They mesmerized the audience with their music, dance and visuals. Using the power of world music rhythms they managed to connect those present in human unity, as has been done down the ages; leaving almost nobody sitting. Visuals and music appear as result of seeking for truths through spiritual practices, prophets, teachers from dawn to todays ones, such as Ama or Don Miguel Ruiz. Good Show!Read more

Sunday, 24 November 2013
(Arts & Culture)
A Lo Latino

Last Friday at the Unity Pavilion (International Zone), a  Columbian Band shared music from their continent with the community. It was an amazing evening with the 13 musicians displaying some rhythms likely not before known in Auroville, such as vallenato, merengue and cuban song, along with Colombian salsa and Latin rock. That we all  understand the universal language of music, and that we all enjoy letting our bodies vibrate and swing to it, was proved the numerous people in attendance. The salsa dancers especially had a good time, and we all hope to have more of this kind of music in the future. Read more

Tuesday, 29 October 2013
(Arts & Culture)
Day 2 at the Singing Festival

The second day of the Singing Festival, again well attended, started earlier than the previous evening. Jimbo, as the night before, was behind the microphone, entertaining the audience and filling gaps in-between the numbers of the 15 crews of the evening. Singers, although representing nations, were unified when it came to certain songs, and to singing itself. The Singing Festival clearly showed that there are many talents in the community, and that a wish to socialize beyond normal formal frames exists. Read more

Friday, 11 October 2013
(Arts & Culture)
Singing Festival Day 1

Minsun, Joy, and Gumsoon organized the first Auroville Singing Festival. At the amphitheater of Kalabhumi singers from 25 different nations performed their repertoire. Aged from 3 years old to over 70, the singers selected some of the most beloved folk and traditional songs from their nations. The Latin American team really rocked the show... and Margarita, well know in Auroville for her scientific researches on Effective Microorganisms, will from now on be also very much appreciated for her incredible energy on stage! Read more

Wednesday, 09 October 2013
(Arts & Culture)

The completion of Trust, the first song of an album in progress by Taranti and Ruben, inspired us to interview Taranti. She explains that the song was written for a friend who was depressed, to shine a light on the trust that Taranti knows is present in each one of us, even during our darkest hours. She also speaks of the overall aim of bringing meaningful lyrics to the dance floor, through the addition of beats by Ruben. After an intense time singing mainly lullabies, Taranti and Ruben are both excited to be experimenting with music again. Listen to the whole song at the end of the interview. Read more

Wednesday, 02 October 2013
(Arts & Culture)
Anna and Rolf at AVFF13

For the last night of the Auroville Film Festival 13, as part of the closing and awards giving ceremony, the social part, with live music, was still going strong. A high-spirited audience had a chance to listen to Anna Taj and Rolf. They had been announced a couple times before but canceled due to rain and other circumstances. Finally, they brought to the space some soft jazz, classical music and songs from Anna's first Album Golden Heart. Francoise joined them for the last piece.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013
(Arts & Culture)
Mongbra and  Other Awards

After five days screening of many good movies, sharing music , socializing... Auroville Film Festival 13 concluded yesterday with closing ceremony. Amazing work of students, with lots of enthusiasm, humor, creativity consist a big part of festival, and clearly shows that youth got a lot of potentials, capacities and freedom to develop it further. Marco, Sasi, Tom, Christoph, Krishna....and many many more made the festival happened, providing the platform to share city creativity along with the category on theme of human unity from outside. Read more

Monday, 23 September 2013
(Arts & Culture)
AVFF13 5th Night in Full Swing
As is the Auroville Film Festival 13 approaching toward its conclusion it seems that everything goes more smoothly. At musical part next to shamiana last night Niki started with peaceful reggae for the Peace Day, followed by some poetry reading with Nikita and Anand. Christa and Christopher from Ashram shared with audience Andersen story accompanied by flute. Daniela on guitar softened sunset, while Francoise and Joska, who was later replaced by Rolf brought some lively beats to the place. Suryan with few new songs concluded the night. Read more

Sunday, 22 September 2013
(Arts & Culture)
AVFF13 4th Night with Storm
Despite the rain, and the storm to start the evening with, perseverance, optimism of the team lead by Anungla keep adapting to the weather circumstances, made the evening successful. We have heard some poetry read by Krishna and Sasikant, Sri Aurobindo poem recited by Sharan, some songs sung by Archana. Puskhar on keyboard, Pinco Pallino (Gino) on set of home made alternative percussion excited the audience with their exploration of melodies and beats. The evening concluded with Rolf on guitar, and Francois on clarinet, violin and guitar. Read more

Saturday, 21 September 2013
(Arts & Culture)
Festival Spirits - Day 3
With so many art installations (which are keep appearing), every day live music and entertainment, with food and drinks this year Auroville Film Festival 13 again could be put at the side of those real international festivals around the world. Yesterday in the evening we had a chance to hear Flute Duet by Dorothy and Yun Sung, followed by father and son due of Yam and Aran. Daniele, despite her gentle voice and touch on guitar excited gathered, but Aloe and Tara, accompanied with Jana and Martin thrilled the crowd with their excellent voices. Read more

Friday, 20 September 2013
(Arts & Culture)
Appel - Invocations
Joy and Holger celebrated the release of their CD "Appel: Invocations in Sanskrit and French" with a gathering and live performance at Unity Pavilion. Joy's voice and Holger's violin were layered on top of musical arrangements from the finished tracks. Holger shared of their creative process: "Normally the music is done first and then one sings something on it, but this recording is done in the reverse way. I recorded Joy totally solo, as she was used to singing at home. And then I created around those vocals the music afterwards". Read more

Wednesday, 04 September 2013
(Arts & Culture)
Hand Made Radio Experience
This week end nine people from Auroville participated to an original workshop in CRIPA. They call it handmade radio art. This workshop has been proposed by three sound artists from France (Elisabeth Gilly, Hélène Coeur and Chloé Sanchez) who monthly produce this kind of radio program on Radio Campus Paris (France) and call it : “La radio cousue main”. They proposed to go back to the early radio days when there were no Read more

Monday, 19 August 2013
(Arts & Culture)
AVFF13 Spectacular Opening

Auroville Film Festival is a little bit more than a month away, and Tom Mo shared with us some details on it. As he confines, we can expect a spectacular opening with Bollywood dance performance, followed by some announcements, and introductions by Marco, Sasi and Tom. Live music will continue opening ceremony, until is dark enough that it would be possible to set up open door screen in front of the Town Hall to screen the first movie.. Many films are in but the team still expect the last entries to fly in by Thursday. AVFF13 still needs funds Read more

Tuesday, 13 August 2013
(Arts & Culture)
Piano Impressions

Hartmut, a jazz and classical pianist, influenced by Indian, Spanish and classical European music has offered an evening of piano impressions at Pitanga on Satur night. The audience had a chance to listen to his own compositions which had grown and developed throughout years of his musical journeys. Quite fast, and very much vibrant, energetic tunes trying to capture an idea, a thought, and rushing off it almost instantaneously, like a stream or river following its path toward the ocean, with winds of Mediterranean(maybe) mountains blowing over it Read more

Monday, 05 August 2013
(Arts & Culture)
Amazing Sound Ride
Iman Das displayed his vocal repertoire of genres such as Hindustani classical music, Ghazals and bhajans and he simply enchanted the audience by playing the harmonium and the other string instrument (rudra veena?) with effortless ease. He is a brilliant young talent who also knows how to keep the audience entertained. The undeniably excellent tabla man strikes an awesome rhythmic synchronicity with Iman. On the whole Iman accompanied by the table player and lady on fine harmonium takes you on a magic carpet ride to the source of sound and ... Read more

Monday, 29 July 2013
(Arts & Culture)
Jivatman at Pitanga
Longtime Aurovilian Jivatman performed a concert of his songs on voice and guitar, accompanied by Devi and Joy on hand percussion. Jivatman sings about the simple joys of living in a beautiful place in English, Portuguese and French. Hear his intimate concert held in Pitanga last week. From one of Jivatman's songs: "With the wind blowing, you keep always flowing. When the sun arrives, your joy is bright. And when night falls, darkening the skies, follow your guiding star that never dies." Read more

Friday, 03 May 2013
(Arts & Culture)
Voyage interieur part 6

Nous avons cherché ce qui nous relie au Tout, à soi et vers soi, dans la joie et l’allégresse. Nous nous sommes laissés vibré par ce son universel, ce langage d’amour qui accorde tout.. We looked at what connects us all, to oneself and to oneself, in joy and gladness. We allowed ourselves vibrating by the universal language of love that gives everything .. Avis aux chercheurs d’étoiles. Pour ma prochaine visite à Auroville, nous continuerons à progresser vers l’'Unité, cette conscience qui nous fait grandir. Merci Read more

Thursday, 25 April 2013
(Arts & Culture)
Music is Still Alive
Despite the rising heat in the town, amphitheater in Kalabhumi on Saturday was packed with all who like to enjoy good music, and company of friends. Beside those who were announced to perform many others have joined them on the spot, and music was entertaining all long in night. Music from jazz to funky, rock and blues, all alive and very vibrant. Anna Taj was on vocals, Rolf, Edo, Pierre and Arthur on guitars, Saga, Piter and Robert on drums, Frederic on harmonica and Inga on bass. Read more

Tuesday, 23 April 2013
(Arts & Culture)
Satsang by Shabnam Virmani
Kabir lovers were excited to hear that Shabnam Virmani was in Pondicherry past weekend and wanted to meet all her Auroville friends in Kabir. She was here with her friend Vipul and also Bela, who are part of the Bangalore Kabir mandali/toli. For that reason they've organized impromptu satsang on Sunday at the New Creation Music Room. Shabnam was singing and explaining the deeper spiritual meaning of the songs, in her inimitable style. The event was kindly hosted in Devasmita & Satyakam's beautiful house. Read more

Tuesday, 16 April 2013
(Arts & Culture)
Voyage interieur part 3
...J’ai entendu un son, une musique, une vibration, que sais-je? Tous mes sens en alerte, joyeux je suis alors parti à la recherche de musiciens dans Auroville et je leur demandais, plein de curiosite: «qu’entendez-vous dans les pétales du Matrimandir quand vous y méditez?». ... I heard a sound, music, vibration, what do I know? All my senses alert, happy then I'm off in search of musicians in Auroville and I asked them, full of curiosity: "what do you mean in the petals of Matrimandir when you meditate?"

Sunday, 14 April 2013
(Arts & Culture)
Marc Vella at Visitor`s Centre
Dernier concert à Auroville de Marc Vella ce mercredi 3 avril 2013 à 19h30 au Centre des Visiteurs. La caravane amoureuse, avec Marc Vella et les caravaniers, sont de retour sur Auroville après un périple de 40 jours dans le sud de l’Inde. Marc Vella donne ce concert en présence des caravaniers et avec la collaboration de musiciens. Marc donnera 2 ou 3 concerts à Pondichéry avant son retour en France. Pour suivre leur périple, vous consultez le site : puis aller sur: Journal de bord et cliquez sur les dates indiquées. Read more

Saturday, 06 April 2013
(Arts & Culture)
KAMBA Literary Festival
All was invited to participate in the Literary Festival of Kamba Ramayana on 31st March 2013 Sunday at Bharat Nivas, Auroville. A whole day full of lectures, discussions, music, dance and theater lead by great scholars and reputed personalities to address our students, staff and public from Auroville region. This event was organized by the Tamil Heritage Centre to celebrate the Kamba Literary Festival. Kamba lived almost 1000 years ago during the Chola dynasty from the centre part of Tamil Nadu and wrote Ramayana in Tamil. Read more

Tuesday, 02 April 2013
(Arts & Culture)
EachOneTeachOne and  5 Elefants
The German peace program EachOneTeachOne in collaboration with AIAT and Mohanam Youth Project presented last night another night of exciting breakdance and rap for peace. The whole performance was explosive mixture of children from nearby villages who shared with us some dances, drumming, silambam, and graffiti on the back of the stage, created with Julio Rolle and Kajal Sing during the workshop at AIAT., and of course Bboys - Sun-Ha alias DJSolar/Sola Plexus, Danny and Reza alias K.O.TIXX, Nico alias NicoRoc Masterplancrew Read more

Sunday, 31 March 2013
(Arts & Culture)
Festival of colors at Upasana
Like every year, Upasana Design Studio celebrated Holi, the Colors Festival, on Wednesday 27th of March. In the North of India, it's New Year, but everywhere else it's also the beginning of summer. As soon as the guests arrived in Upasana, organizers and other participants threw on them colored powder. They even stopped motor bike on the road to make them join this joyful moment, full of harmless colors and laughter. People shared snack together, listened to music and danced in the garden. At the end of the afternoon, they even threw water ! Read more

Friday, 29 March 2013
(Arts & Culture)
Sizzling Harmonies

Another exceptional musical offering by Suryan in one of his now constantly changing guises. This time around he joined with Danish sensation Emilie Lorentzen and Australian born drummer - percussionist Hutch. The richness of texture was all the more engaging by the fact that most of the numbers were originals and many written only in the 2 weeks before. Enjoy these sizzling harmonies and sweet vibration ;) Read more

Monday, 25 March 2013
(Arts & Culture)
Sorcery at Sea

One of the most wonderful events I have seen in Auroville. Come and enjoy the audio of the musical play “Sorcery at Sea”. There was actors of all ages that came together to preform this captivating story. Bharat Nivas was so packed there was not space for a mouse. People sitting on the floor and steps. Even on your way back home you could here the people sing the songs of the play. “Can you you see it” was heard all over Auroville afterwards. Great thanks to all the actors and people behind stage. For the Synopsis ..... Read more

Saturday, 23 March 2013
(Arts & Culture)
Ta voix, guerrit..! avec Caroline
Caroline nous propose tous les jeudis de 9 heures a 11 heures a Verite un workshop sur la prise de conscience de sa voix. Elle sait merveilleusement ajuster toutes les voix a l'unison, meme pour ceux ou celles qui ont peur de chanter. Elle sait vous mettre a l aise en harmonisant votre voix. Lachez, osez chanter, lachez, osez...! Elle sait vous entendre...! Elle sait vous faire entendre...! Lachez, osez chanter, lachez, osez...! Venez essayer, car votre voix, vous montre la voie. ecoutez voir....! Lachez...! osez... Read more

Friday, 22 March 2013
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