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NESS Auroville annual  open day

The annual open day in New Era Secondary School (NESS) was a success. Everybody was welcomed to witness the accomplishments of the 9-12th grade students during 2013. The NESS is unique in its attempt to combine Integral Education with the CBSE curriculum program, and they would like to take this opportunity to invite everyone from the community to listen to their presentations and live performances which included a variety of short skirts, dance, poetry and much more! But let's first start with the interviews. Read more

Wednesday, 22 January 2014
Development Communications

In short interviews with Charles Talcott and Tanya Elder, as well as with Aurovilian Ana, we found out about some interesting presentations held this morning, at the Town Hall Multimedia Centre, by students of two universities; AUP (France) and Linneaus (Sweden). For the last six years they have come to Auroville for a "Sustainable Development Practium". Through interaction with units, services and NGOs in and around Auroville, they create practical solutions in the field of development communications. Within this intensive program students are enriched by some specific lectures and talks from Auroville. Read more

Saturday, 11 January 2014
Concrete Jungle Skate park

Uriel took a little time off to inform us about the skate park project that he and Florent are busy undertaking. They want to develop the place into a Concrete Jungle: fun, dance, and sports, also not forgetting the parents that will accompany their kids. Skaters can already access existing facilities. About 20 of them attend on a regular basis. So for the Christmas holidays, tell your kids to come skating!

Tuesday, 24 December 2013
Future Plans

Future plans from Future School.. We interviewed some students who are graduating now. Their feedback about Auroville is that they feel like they have much more freedom, and they can move towards their own interest. They have wide range of subjects and the students can choose based on their motivation. Auroville education is the best education to them. The graduated students planned to move out of Auroville for their further studies because Auroville does not have University Education with certificates, and might return some day. Read more

Wednesday, 30 May 2012
General Assembly of AVI
Auroville International meeting 2012 in Auroville concluded by general assembly in which they summarized all the presentations they've heard over the intensive three days. In those days numerous working groups, work units, different projects, presentations and films were offered to them to look up, and maybe help on different ways, from moral support to financial donation. Some of the interactions were merely updates from the previous years, what might changed, what still need to be done. Read more

Sunday, 12 February 2012
International Zone at AVI
Amongst many presentations on the agenda of Auroville International Meeting in Auroville 2012 was also International Zone. Core of coordinating group of International Zone are B, Linda Grace, Jyoti, Rakhal and Vani. Pavilion groups shortly presented activities and the course of action they're taking. With the inauguration of Multipurpose Hall at Unity Pavilion on 29th of February some new liasons of AVI will be created but most of the groups are still in the area of cultural and educational exchanges, events, performances... Read more

Thursday, 09 February 2012
To visiting Engineer Without Border Toine shortly explained what Auroville is, how it was originated and what it stands for, and drawing comparison said, that Auroville could be described also as a township without borders because of the connections and openness to the world. To Auroville are mostly drawn people with strong inner need for a change, dissatisfied with the world as it is today. Sri Aurobindo's idea of human as transitional being, in search for inner being , and the Mothers Charter are base of what experiment of Auroville might be

Wednesday, 18 January 2012
Galaxy vs reality
Successful interactions between Ethiopian students from Ethiopian Institute of Architecture, Building, Construction and City Development (EiABC) with Aurovillians during the AVI meeting lead also to an interesting interview with Brook Teklehaimanot, who holds the Chair of Architecture and Design, and is the author of the model of the Africa House - the Pavilion of African Culture. As he told us one doesn't really plan or draw a city, city belong to the community and plans in reality change. More important is what happen with the built spaces. Read more

Monday, 14 November 2011