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Vishwasangeetham World Music
Kees Van Boxtel is a world musician, composer and producer from Harlem, Amsterdam. He plays the saxaphone, silver flute and the Indian Bansuri. Kees also manages Birdtrack Studio in Harlem. In this he talks to Sharan about his lifelong musical adventures like riding the New wave and starting a band called Popoufka in the late 70s, experimenting with musical astrology and eventually evolving his own expression and style of unifying the different influences. Kees started a world music band called Shimayana in early 2008. Read more

Monday, 08 April 2013
L`univers a une histoire
Elisabeth Vangioni, astrophysicienne au CNRS , a remonte pour nous le fil de l`histoire astronomique. Dans un expose clair, precis et accessible a tous elle nous a fait partager sa passion, et l`etendue de ses connaissances. Elle a aussi accepte de repondre avec sincerite et gentillesse aux nombreuses questions de son auditoire, et a termine son expose par une constation simple: la plus grande partie de la composition de l`univers nous est toujours inconnue, mais nous pouvons voir de plus en plus loin.... Read more

Monday, 17 December 2012
Town Hall Shuts Due to Protest
Yesterday during the national India bandh, or strike, protestors rushed into Town Hall and other Auroville buildings to encourage the offices to close and people to participate in the strike. Today's news features an interview with Ramesh, Chief of security at Town Hall on his thoughts regarding the incident yesterday and how such miscommunication can be avoided on further national strike days. The news also covers the moon status and reports on two art exhibitions in Auroville this month. Happy International Day of Peace! Read more

Friday, 21 September 2012
All India Bandh, Eclipses

Matrimandir team informs us that due to the announced All India Bandh Matrimandir will be open for meditation for Aurovillians and newcomers only from 6am to 8.30am and 4.30pm to 8pm. We are requested to bring our friends and family members on any other day. A Transit of Venus, preceded by a Lunar eclipse, is one of the rarest sights in astronomy which occur 8 years apart, each pair separated from the next by over a century, and the next pair will occur in 2117 and 2125. Partial Lunar Eclipse on 4th, Venus eclipse on 5th and 6th of June. Read more

Thursday, 31 May 2012
Bala Baskar new Secretary

Bala Baskar, a new secretary of Auroville Fundation is back in the town, and in today's news we feature phone interview with Srinivasmurty (financial administrative officer). Full moon, International Women's Day and a Holi, and also a Holi Tango are the key themes of the day. Women will gather at Connecting Girls at Pavilion of Tibetan Pavilion in International Zone, and Stella interviewed Jorge about Holi Tango, and we feature short excerpt in today's news; the full interview on tango will be published on our site. Read more

Thursday, 08 March 2012
Burning Sky
Tomorrow it will be Sagittarius full moon, and on that night more than half the world will have the opportunity to watch one of the darkest Lunar eclipses. This will be the darkest lunar eclipse in almost 100 years as the centres of the Sun, the Earth and the Moon would nearly be on one straight line. For that and also other reasons many on the planet will use this time to meditate and work on specific regions. One might be purging the alter ego and the energies of control, manipulation and dominance; removing the fear of Fire, the fear of the Power of Light and the Fear of Union. The Moon is about change and she is often a trigger to set things in motion that have been "lounging in the wings" waiting for a call to action. Auroville Council and Working Committee want to clarify that the so called "selection process for the renewal of AVC and WC through ballot", which was recently announced by a self appointed group, is not according to the process approved by the Residents' Assembly in 2007 and therefore is not recognized as valid. The AVC and the WC regret that division and confusion is being created and whether or not the feelings of dissatisfaction are legitimate, processes that have been approved by the larger community cannot be ignored. As announced by AVC in the News & Notes of 11/06/2011, a new Residents' Assembly Service will be formed after the two weeks feed back period and this new RA Service will undertake the steps required to implement whatever process the community as a whole endorses. Read more

Tuesday, 14 June 2011
Full Moon Gathering
The Full Moon was celebrated on Monday April 18th at the feet of Sri Aurobindo's status. Around ten persons gathered in Savitri Bahvan at 8pm for this enlightening event. Celebration started with a slow motion music to give everyone some time to be physically and spiritually present to the moment. Recorded talks from the Mother then opened the evening both in English and in French. Each participants were then invited to read a paragraph of the Savitri book (page 116 to 128) while the moon started its appearance right in the back of Sri Aurobindo's Status. Two commemorative compositions by Sunil were finally played to accompany the complete raise of the Full Moon in a very quiet, deep and meaningful moment. Read more

Wednesday, 20 April 2011
Something New is Coming?
" An overview about actual events, regarding our planetary System and our Galaxy. New discovers in our Sun make us determine how we are depending of its strength; they are solar explosions due to the increase of interstellar energy coming from the galaxy, this produce in our planet effects like earthquakes, volcanism, hurricanes, etc… The Sun has a strong magnetic field that affects our planet, shifting the North Pole, decreasing our magnetic field, and augments the frequency from 7'8 Hz to 10 Hz in the Planet Earth. This frequency can influence our DNA with the possibility that something new is coming, the evolution of consciousness, the evolution of man...” - A talk in Spanish by Lola Pardo translated in English.

Saturday, 05 February 2011

This afternoon in the talk of Bruno Marion we will hear an interesting  - Navigation kit for chaotic world, in which he will share with us a new worldview based on chaos theory to see the world as it is and not as it Cinema Paradiso at 4.30 pm would be a projection of the film "L'Homme apres l'homme”, an interview with Satprem by David Montemurri in 1981. This one is an Introduction to Sri Aurobindo and Mother's evolutionary Action Read more

Tuesday, 18 January 2011
Freedom and conectendess

Solitude Farm is a place where one can really grow in the harmony with nature which leads to a freedom – a spiritual freedom, expresses Khaled who lives and works there for already six years. In his attitude and bright laughter one can see that he is indeed happy in what is he doing with all his passion. Recently the Solitude Farm started with tours and instructions on how one can prepare his or her own circular permaculture garden next to the house which should bring more awareness to Aurovillians about the food they consume, and maybe bring us back to the roots – connectedness with the Earth we live on. Read more

Tuesday, 12 October 2010
Yatra film and Baul songs
Thursday, 7th of October, and Yatra Arts Foundation will release their latest short film – NAALAIYA OLYMPIAN (The Future Olympian) on Saturday at Alliance Francaise in Pondicherry. The film was directed by Srini and produced by Manickam&Srini at Yatra Multimedia. On Saturday we can enjoy at the concert at SAWCHU of Parvathy Baul, a well known in her masterful solo rendering in the oldest style of Baul song and dance. Tonight we can see a movie El Prado de Las Estrellas at Cinema Paradiso, and tomorrow at 7pm at Eco Film at Saddhana Forest a documentary Galapagos – Islands that changed the world.

Thursday, 07 October 2010
Astrological Weaving
Today's news features an interview with Uma of Upasana as she shares an experience she's just had with an astrologer who maps charts via the use of colour and design, as a woven textile...she holds the first one up, it's based on the birth date of Auroville, its predominant colour is red...the second piece is based on the birthday of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, with blue running through as the main theme. Also in the news an announcement for tomorrow, Tuesday August 31st another Pranayama Workshop at SAWCHU.

Monday, 30 August 2010
Auroville Today is back
Yes, Auroville Today is back after few months gap, and it's even richer than before, covering many interesting topics and interviews. Today we can see talk with slide show by Michel Danino about his latest work “The Lost River” which has provided an unexpected bridge between the Vedic world and the Indus-Sarasvati civilization in Cinema Paradiso in Town Hall. At the same place you can see an Italian comedy made in 2008 by Giulio Manfredonia. At Bharat Nivas they start with seven sessions of Well Being(Pranayama) workshop from Wednesday 11th of August.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010
The other part & solar eclipse

It's obvious that holidays are over, and life in Auroville is getting more interesting and richer with events. Lovers of classical music had a chance to hear some works of Mozart, Brahms, ...last night at Pitanga with Ladislav Brozman and Pushkar. “White Peacock” studio open its doors for friends. Fitness and dance studio at New Creation is also inviting us all back to regular activities. Solitude organic restaurant has awoken from the summer pause too...On Sunday 11th of July we all will experience total solar eclipse which wont be visible here, but by coincidence it does collide with World Cup Final in South Africa.

Thursday, 08 July 2010
Coincidences dans l`air...

Les nouvelles en français d'aujourd'hui marquent un double événement qui secoue Auroville cette semaine. La première c'est bien évidement la visite inopinée de Mme Irina Bokova, la fraichement nominée Directrice Générale de L'UNESCO en visite éclaire à Auroville. Une interview de Gilles Guigan, membre du Working Commitee et un des organisateurs de l'évènement, nous raconte les détails sa visite. Incontournable cette semaine aussi, le début des festivités annuelles de Pongal, tant attendues par la population rurale du Tamil Nadu. Elles coïncident étonnement avec l'éclipse solaire prévue vendredi 15 janvier aux alentours de 13heures (heure d'Auroville).Pour télécharger les nouvelles en français cliquez ici.


Thursday, 14 January 2010
Astrology and Conscious Evolution

The zodiac describes the potential evolution of the state of consciousness of any individual being from the moment of birth throughout ones life. It can serve as a useful tool in reaching the higher level of consciousness available to all. Evolution is going on everywhere upon earth and we are all part of this overall process. We do what we can although the forces against us are quite strong. In this interview, Bhaga, a researcher on spirituality & conscious evolution and human unity, shares with us some of her knowledge on using the different elements in the astrological chart in order to help the awakening process. mp3/2009_04_29_interview_bhaga_astrology_english_lite.mp3&totalTime=44:13

Thursday, 21 May 2009
Auroville par les étoiles

Uranus, Neptune, Mars, Vénus, Jupiter, Saturne, Pluton... Les étoiles nous connaissent bien puisque nous en sommes les poussières. Et si on écoutait ce qu'elles ont à nous dire? Thot, astrologue français qui passe plusieurs mois par an à Auroville depuis 13 ans les connait bien. Il les consulte pour toutes sortes de raisons mais son thème de prédilection c'est Auroville. Nous lui avons demandé de nous faire partager ce thème qu'il suit depuis très longtemps. Quelle est la véritable mission d'Auroville selon les étoiles? Par quels moyens peut-on l'atteindre? Où en sommes-nous aujourd'hui? Quelles étapes avons-nous franchi? Et quelles sont celles à venir? Des questions dont vous pouvez écouter les réponses dans ce dialogue mystique avec les étoiles. Pour télécharger l'interview cliquez ici.


Wednesday, 07 January 2009
(Arts & Culture)
L`Egypte Mysterieuse

Samedi 14 avril, Paul Vincent présentait quelques résultats de ses recherches menées ces 20 dernières années. Il y expose certains éléments peu connus de la civilisation égyptienne qui s'est développée sur plus de 3000 ans. La présentation fut enregistrée en français et sera diffusée du 11 au 18 mai.

Vous pouvez télécharger le support visuel de la présentation sous forme de fichier pdf.

Thursday, 10 May 2007