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A Heart Opened to the Divine
Tyler Carson, a volunteer at Village Action Group, has came to Auroville in the group of twelve as their part of intership of the study on integrative energy healing. Their study in Seattle is a three years program design to incorporate teachings from India(Vedic system), China(meridian system) and North American Native tradition in order for students to know how to use the universal energy in order to promote healing in the body. Tyler is working on sound healing by allowing his heart to be open to the Divine while making the music. Read more

Wednesday, 06 March 2013
Launching Auroville Marathon `13
Welcome to the Sixth Edition of the Auroville Marathon! Auroville proudly presents you the Sixth edition of the Auroville Marathon on Sunday, February 10, 2013. Started in 2008, it has soon become one of the popular running events in India. In today's program, we speak to four people who help us in making the event special. Chandresh Patel, founder and Race Director of Auroville Marathon; Ram Viswanathan, who ran all full marathon in all 5 editions of the event; Rajesh Vetcha, founder, Hyderabad Runners and Santhosh, Coach, Runners High. Read more

Thursday, 22 November 2012
Auroville Marathon - 5
Feel the heat, the enthusiasm and the buzz of the Auroville Marathon - 5, in which almost 2000 people participated. As Jesse announces the winners, Andrea interviews runners and supporters from all across the country and the world who share their experiences. It's not just about running, as we found out, it's much about experiencing a new terrain, a different climate, new people, and also making a promise to oneself to aim higher next time. Read more

Sunday, 12 February 2012
Cheering Up

" Running a marathon is a dream: It is intense, it is arduous, it is challenging both physically and mentally and it demands all of you - commitment, endurance, persistence, focus.” This is what you can read in the website of the Auroville Marathon ( What is missing in this sentence is the pleasure the runners have. In the interview recorded at the arrival, we have heard a lot of appreciation for the beauty of the trail, the warm and familiar atmosphere and the good organization. Some athletes just make it short. Awesome. Read more

Monday, 14 February 2011
Le dentiste aux pieds nus

Jacques est un dentiste français. Jusque là rien d'extraordinaire. Jacques avant de s'installer à Auroville il y a 29 ans, avait pratiqué la dentisterie pendant 10 ans en France. Alors naturellement en arrivant c'est ce qu'il a voulu faire. Pendant plus de 20 ans Jacques a parcouru les campagnes indiennes avec sa fraise et son générateur pour soigner et éduquer les enfants à une meilleure hygiène de vie. Mais un beau jour tout s'arrêta. Jacques après 19 ans de pratique fut pris d'un mal de dos terrible. En se renseignant autour de lui, il compris qu'il n'était pas le seul dentiste à souffrir du dos. Et c'est à ce moment là que l'aventure commença pour Jacques... Read more


Tuesday, 27 April 2010

In this week's Tamil program Veeramani of the Auroville Health Service  shares his life stories  in Auroville. He is from Kottakari (a village within Auroville) and has worked as a teacher in Isai Ambalam, which was started by Ivar as a school for dropout village kids about 20 years ago. For the last 5 years Veeramani has worked with the Health Service of Auroville which teaches and maintains hygiene in the Auroville community kitchens, restaurants and the food processing Units.

To listen to the interview (in Tamil) click in the logo play. 


Wednesday, 28 November 2007
Running for Auroville

A marathon of 42 kilometers in celebration of Auroville's 40th anniversary! Frederick, one of the organizers, explained that the  basis, the heart of the marathon is not about beating the others. It's an inner goal they race toward. The running course will pass through  significant sites that marked the life of Auroville past, present and future; the history of the city unfolds on the road.


Friday, 09 November 2007