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(City Life)
General Meeting Entry process

Yesterday a General Meeting was held at SAWCHU, Bharat Nivas. A new entry process proposal, as asked for by the community during the Open Platform meetings. Santo introduced the "3 steps Entry process", based on faith and trust. The project was clearly introduced during the meeting. You may also read the Working draft Entry process , the booklet on joining Auroville, as well as the form 1. Participants stated that the housing topic is related and should be  carefully monitored... Read more

Saturday, 26 October 2013
(City Life)
Auroannam & Land Exchange
Here is the recording of the Auroannam and land exchange general meeting held at Unity Pavillon, Wednesday July 24. Read more

Monday, 05 August 2013
(City Life)
Community Involvement
Yesterday's workshop to design methodologies to involve the community in the progress of Auroville held at the Unity Pavilion in IZ with the Town Development Council/ L'Avenir d'Auroville Advisory Group has brought some hope and clarity to the participants. At the same time the plan of the members of Advisory Group was to really actively involve Aurovilians to participate. Observations of TAG were summarized that we do need people, land, structure and a new economy (new form of organization) as a frame to achieve material realization. Read more

Monday, 29 July 2013
(City Life)
Updated FAMC Mandate Q&A session

Here's the official call for the meeting recorded yesterday at the Unity Pavilion.

"The Auroville Council and the RAS invite you to bring your updated FAMC mandate-related questions to a question and answer Q&A session with members of the FAMC on proposed changes to the FAMC mandate. The draft mandate was published by the AVC in the N&N [491] 23 March 2013, with a request for feedback, and is attached at the end of this week's issue of News&Notes for your consideration again in the lead-up to Wednesday's meeting."

Not many residents attended. Read more

Thursday, 16 May 2013
(City Life)
Bridging a Widening Gap

Maybe it was coincidence but many Aurovilians came together on the Labour Day to discuss about the increasing gap between the working groups and the residents of Auroville. This gap is steadily increasing, and since few months one of the most important of Auroville's working groups (the Working Committee) is not able to function properly. Despite the heat the meeting was well attended and many residents expressed their concerns. Another meeting will follow to begin the 'healing process', and the sense of optimism was present. Read more

Thursday, 02 May 2013
(City Life)
Louis Cohen nous raconte...
Louis Cohen nous raconte son histoire, sa rencontre avec Mere, l'evolution d'Auroville et sa facon d imaginer le developpement de la ville. Aujourd hui Louis laisse parler son coeur et nous presente son projet d'urbanisation pour creer des logements tout equipes pour les Aurovilliens. Je l ai rencontre a Auroville, et c'est avec chaleur et douceur, qu'il prend le temps de repondre a mes questions dans la cafeteria de Citadines. Louis souhaite integrer l'ecologie dans le developpement de la ville et des futurs logements des aurovilliens. Read more

Monday, 18 March 2013
(City Life)
Auroville, World Heritage Site?
Luigi and B back again “dissolving polarities” over issues. This time without any facilitation from amazing women (Marlenka, Andi Paige, or Elvira), these two guys lay out the whole fourteen year history of Auroville’s exploration of in this direction. What about visitor impact, interference in Auroville’s management, financial implications, land protection and other questions? You can hear the possibilities. Read more

Wednesday, 27 February 2013
(City Life)
Discussion # 56258
Maybe the discussion's number it's wrong, but the point it's that Auroville is piling up much more meetings and presentation than facts and actions. It seems that the further we go in the development harder it gets to take decisions and act consequently. This may sound slightly negative but was the feeling expressed of some of the participants at the meeting. The frustration reflects the little progress Auroville has achieved recently. Maybe it's time to act? Please download the pdf of the presentations 1 & 2. Happy birthday Mother. Read more

Thursday, 21 February 2013
(City Life)
Where`s the Right Place?
Elvira, Luigi and B are back with their series on dissolving polarities in the planning and manifestation of the "city the earth needs." Special guest is veteran forest steward Rita. She has for more than thirty years planted and nurtured a ten acre forest in the Residential Zone just south of the Solar Kitchen and bordering Edyanchavadi Village. As she says: "The trees have grown, but have we?" Where is the right place in this forest for the radial road that is planned to go through it? Read more

Tuesday, 18 December 2012
(City Life)
Existence Matters
Back at it again with the usual suspects, Elvira, Luigi, and B. This time it is with Matriprasad, the caretaker / steward of Existence. Existence has become a forest of about fifteen acres next to Matrimandir which town planners are considering for developments. How will the “city the earth needs” deal with it?

Tuesday, 04 December 2012
(City Life)
Personal & Collective Realization

Luigi and B continue their series on "Bridging / Dissolving Polarities" with Elvira (RAS) and Toby (development for L'Avenir). Hear the realities of planning and implementing Auroville at this moment when a new energy is moving in the community for change. Elvira brings her extensive experience as a facilitator of the RAS and advocate for participatory development and transparency of the process. Toby, a veteran of a former L'Avenir, brings his executive awareness of the bigger picture of all that goes into development in the Auroville context. Read more

Thursday, 15 November 2012
(City Life)
Dreamcatcher`s Revisited: Forum

With the threat of a cyclone looming, some dedicated Aurovilians met in a forum to dissolve polarities and revisit the spirit of the Dreamcatcher's work. David (Luminosity) was there to speak to the process of the Dreamcatchers and the essence of its success. Nevi, Agnes and Gopal came from Darkali. B, Luigi the hosts, extending this exercise to a bigger group. Some initial resistance captured the focus of the discussion to reflect on our reactions and general process in Auroville, moving toward utter honesty and transparency. Read more

Tuesday, 30 October 2012
(City Life)
GB, IAC & residents Interaction
On Saturday evening, September 8, 2012, there was an interaction between the members of the Governing Board, the International Advisory Council and the residents of Auroville at the Solar Kitchen. During this gathering, Dr. Karan Singh addressed the Aurovilians and gave a touching speech. Each member of the GB and IAC expressed their experience during their tenure and their deep appreciation of Auroville. Later, the Chairman presented the first twelve identity cards (issued by the Auroville Foundation) to Aurovilians. Read more

Wednesday, 26 September 2012
(City Life)
`Not In My Backyard` B+L Round 7
B and Luigi are at it again, as the seventh edition of their talks hits the air. Andi steps in for Marlenka, and the talk attempts to sift out the obstacles that hold us back from human unity. An opening letter from M. Joshi sets the tone of "universal fraternity". But how do we get there? Auroville, overflowing with beautiful idealism and goals, struggles with the practical implementation of such ideals. Featuring: discussion of territory, different aspects of mobility and the courage needed to isolate the city center through road planning. Read more

Tuesday, 18 September 2012
(City Life)
How to Choose on GM
Genreal Meeting called by Resident Assembly Service on 26th of April at Unity Pavilion in International Zone brought to the community results and proposal of Selection Process Study Group, consisted of nine members. In first part Jaya presented their results of examination of better ways of choosing working groups for the community based on values and four qualities which apply especially to our relations to each other. Second part presented by Pashi talks on detailed proposal how this could be applied to choosing the next L'AVenir / TDC.

Saturday, 05 May 2012
(City Life)
Since studying media choice for Auroville Radio was a logical option for Stella who wanted to spend and volunteer some more time in Auroville. She finds AV radio different mostly because is not searching exclusively for bad news, which would be the practice everywhere else, but still wishes that it would be more focused of Auroville values, reflect a state of the town with it's truth. Whole team admire Stella for her honesty, sense for a team work, and for her excellent photographic portraits she have taken over her volunteership.

Monday, 02 April 2012
(City Life)
Meet the Secretaries

The community had a chance yesterday at La Terrace to bid farewell to Mr S. Loganathan, who has been the Acting-Secretary for past 4 months. At this occasion he told us that it was a unique experience for him, and since he works at Pondicherry University he will always be in touch with Auroville. Aster Patel and members of the Working Committee warmly welcomed Mr. N. Balabaskar as they would welcome any member of the family. His long term commitment , openness, a will to actively interact, and his human warmth made him popular in the community years before.

Friday, 23 March 2012
(City Life)
Organization of the Matrimandir
Srimoyi, who is in charge of the organization of the Park of Unity (the amphitheater, the Banyan Tree, the Matrimandir and the twelve gardens including the Garden of Unity), explains the three different booking procedures to enter the Matrimandir. She also talks about the Mother's guidelines and the current difficulties her team has to face. 'It must be solitary and silent. It must have an isolating zone, one must have access to it only with permission.' Read more

Wednesday, 21 March 2012
(City Life)
Koodam Coming
Auroville Bakery Erumalai, member of Auroville Council shares what’s on the Council table. Auroville welcomes the return of Mr N. Balabaskar, as Auroville Secretary once again, and at the same time bids farewell to Mr S. Loganathan, who has been Acting-Secretary. ALL IS ONE - breakdance and rap music for peace - Indo-German fusion; ‘EachOneTeachOne’ with Mohanam Youth Project offers workshops. FIRST AID Workshop: Learn Basic Life Support: how to react to everyday accidents, what NOT TO DO! Call Pitanga for further information. Read more

Tuesday, 20 March 2012
(City Life)
Meet and Greet
Yesterday we had a chance to meet new members of the Working Committee and Auroville Council, where they shared information with the community on their current work. In a few weeks we can expect a General Meeting on the topic of conflict resolution platform. In order to overcome the burden of numerous conflicts, the idea is to have a platform, instead of a body or a team, where parties in conflict could find their own solutions. New WC and AC members try to be more transparent with weekly reports published on AVRadio. Read more

Wednesday, 15 February 2012
(City Life)
Newcomers and Reality
With announcement about temporarily "closed" doors of Entry Service caused for the first time in their mandate since 2009 to get some feedback from a cross section of the community. We need the human asset in order for community to grow, we need energy, expertise, finances - everything that committed new comer can bring. Entry Service is in charge of screening candidates, but if the community doesn't fully open the doors by providing the infrastructure necessary to welcome new comers, the Entry Service is more like bouncers.

Friday, 02 September 2011
(City Life)
L'Avenir d'Auroville held the meeting with all architects of Auroville on main topic - how to work on development of Auroville, which is so specific and so diverse in purposes and interests. Meeting was called by Governing Board member Mr B. V. Doshi and joined by advisory member Mr. Harijit Singh Anand. As Mr.B.V. Doshi stated at his opening in Auroville many things are unknown and unclear - starting with land, demography facts, activities, housing, institutions and their connections with population, and their purposes. Establishing Development Council, which would be introduced to the Governing Board might bring some clarity and efficiently connect dispersed plans. Read more

Wednesday, 27 April 2011
(City Life)
Working Groups Renewal
April 18th General Meeting regarding the Renewal of the Working Committee and the Auroville Council at Sawchu aimed at doing the appraisals of the previous two-years term of the work done by both groups. It was the occasion as well to present some of the issues that have been handled during the term and some proposed job description for the coming group. However, clarifications have been requested by most of the fifty persons attending regarding the selection process and the exact constitution and role of the Selection Committee. Read more

Tuesday, 19 April 2011
(City Life)
Housing Really Matter
Today at 5 pm the Entry Service, the Housing Service, L'avenir d'Auroville and the FAMC shared information about housing. The figure is that Auroville have a shortage of housing for various kind of people in Auroville: 100 Aurovilians, 114 Newcomers in Auroville, 180 Newcomers on their way, 219 Youth of Auroville, 25 Friends of Auroville. The room was packed a lot of interested people were present. The discussions ranged from the economical aspect to the spiritual one. A interesting General Meeting to listen to. Read more

Thursday, 10 February 2011
(City Life)
Looking forward

L'avenir d'Auroville called a General Meeting to update the community on various ongoing issues regarding Auroville's planning and development and to answer questions of the residents. Rolf gave a short overview of the main issues the team is dealing with in recent months and actual presently ongoing works. In the Questions and Answers discussion which followed, the main topics were: the official gazetting of the Auroville Masterplan and meetings with the L'avenir Advisory Board, .. and of course Housing!

Download the pdf of the presentation to the Governing Board made by l'Avenir Advisory Committee.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010
(City Life)
GB and IAC report of meetings
On Monday evening, November 29, at the CIS (old Foundation Office in Bharat Nivas) members of the Governing Board and International Advisory Council met. Aster Patel, a Governing Board member, was also present. After the meeting, there was an interaction with the residents of Auroville on the theme of "Increasing Relevance of Auroville in a World on the Brink". This round-table meeting marked the beginning of the event: “Mutation… II, A Clearing”, a conference spread over three months and organized by Sri Aurobindo Centre for Studies. Read more

Tuesday, 30 November 2010
(City Life)
Interactions with GB and IAC

The chairman of the Auroville Foundation, Dr. Karan Singh, and members of the Governing Board met with residents of the Auroville's community on Saturday 27th November at 6 pm. The International Advisory Council was also present. In the interaction. Dr. Karan Singh shared his feeling of happiness regarding the progress of Auroville; he stated that he sees new dynamism and momentum in the tasks of building the city. The education and the outreach programs also surprised him. He suggested that we prepare a pamphlet showing what Auroville is doing for the surrounding villages, Tamil Nadu State, the nation and ultimately the world. Read more

Monday, 29 November 2010
(City Life)
Chronic housing woes

The Newcomer Orientation Programme held on Wednesday, November 25, focused on the housing crisis Aurovilians face. Joseba from the Housing Service said the housing projects initiated over two years back were nearing completion but they cannot take in new people as most of the housing has been booked. He went into the details of the chronic housing crisis that Aurovilians and the new comers are facing and the solutions being worked out. Joseba agreed that the available options were limited. He had a long discussion with the members of the programme responding to their numerous queries.

Friday, 26 November 2010
(City Life)
Beach Erosion

What if the permanent changes which we all think is permanent, in just words? What if we can undo the changes and restore the initial structure. Here comes an interesting conversation with the pioneer, Guy Ryckert, from the Quiet Healing Center and Rajen Parekh, representing PondyCAN. They explain the root causes of the problem on Puducherry - Tamil Nadu coast line and present the soft solutions that can be implemented, only if everyone's full attention and approval lies within the both sides of the coin. Read more

Thursday, 11 November 2010
(City Life)
Benches and Pathways
Following on from the discussion series facilitated by the Auroville Council and Resident's Assemble Service earlier this year, the Council has invited all community members to a General Meeting to discuss the the benches and pathways beneath the Matrimandir banyan tree and how we make decisions as a community in Auroville. The meeting was held in SAWCHU on the 3rd of September. The discussion was vibrant and in some parts the emotional side came up. Anyway the interaction was conductive and some sort of results came up at the end. Jesse chaired the meeting. Here the 2 hours and 14 minutes recording of the full meeting.

Saturday, 04 September 2010
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