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Power and Change
Connecting Inner Power with Global Change. An approach to organizations/systems based on fractals and Sri Aurobindo. A talk with audio-visuals in Town Hall Conference Hall, was held on Monday, 16 August. Pravir Malik is a successful business consultant in the US, and he’s also taught in the Ashram School. He presented the work he’s doing with fractals and their assisting with solving organizational and system problems. Check out his website:, which covers much of what he’s described in his book Connecting Inner Power with Global Change.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010
Auroville is much more than a tourist place
Trough Auroville many people pass every year. Some stays few days, some about a month, but some decide to really “taste” it. Emanuela came from Brasil few months back, and she talked with us about her life, work and experiences here. She found lots of good things for herself around, she soon realized how much she grew, and also that month is not enough to taste what Auroville is about. For her the first month was the hardest but after she started to work, and meet Aurovillians, things changed. And as she said, right now Auroville is her second home.

Friday, 06 August 2010
(City Life)
Paroles d`ado
Maël, quand il était petit voulait devenir Ganesh. Maël est né à Auroville il y a bientôt 16 ans de cela. Aujourd'hui il affronte de plein fouet le fabuleux âge de l'adolescence, parlez-en à sa mère. Maël c'est le premier portrait de la série « paroles d'ado ». A quoi ressemble la jeunesse aurovilienne d'aujourd'hui ? Ca m'soule, c'est chiant, on devrait nous apprendre à être heureux avant d'apprendre les maths.

Monday, 26 July 2010
Psychic realization & transformation in Integral Yoga

A talk by Sraddhalu Ranade at Savitri Bhavan on Saturday February 20.The Psychic realisation is the first of three realisations aimed at in the Integral Yoga. The psychic being is the evolving representative of the Divine Truth deep within each of us. When it can open and come forward to lead the whole life, it may produce a first transformation of the whole nature, and prepares the way towards the spiritual and supramental realisations.Sraddhalu Ranade has grown up in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram under the guidance of his mentor the late M.P. Pandit, and is a much appreciated speaker on the Integral Yoga worldwide..


Wednesday, 03 March 2010
Navigation kit for a chaotic world

Bruno Marion shares with us a new worldview through specific examples relating to our personal, family, social, professional, and managerial environments. He provides us the tools to act in order to be agents of change in all these areas of our lives. A specialist for many years in the cross-cultural field, Bruno Marion gives regular seminars on conducting business in Asia. For him the fractals patterns of the universe can help us to combines the fundamentals of Asian and the Western culture into another form of consciousness.

mp3/2010_01_30_presentation_cirhu_bruno_marion_chaotic_world_english_01_ed.mp3 Part 2 in READ MORE.Read more

Saturday, 27 February 2010
Mutation ... a process

A sense of 'mutation' seizes us. Not as individuals ...  but as a collective of humanity. The changes taking place are not within the 'established order' of things and of  beings.  The 'established order' itself is ceasing to be. An 'otherness' of  'being'  has begun to take its place. Is it a shift of  'dimension' . . .  of 'hemisphere'  that is happening? “All the ages and millennia of human life that have elapsed so far have prepared the advent of this new state, and now the time has come for its concrete and tangible realisation. That is the very essence of  Sri Aurobindo’s teaching...”  The Mother The conference it's broadcast live from SAWCHU.Click here to tisten here in hi quality (aac+). Click here to tisten here in low quality (mp3).

Sunday, 14 February 2010
(Arts & Culture)
Brazilian Night at Sadhana Forest

Last Friday, the 5th of February 2010, the residents of Sadhana Forest invited numerous guests to their Brazilian Night. A very interesting film about the art of Capoeira and its development was shown, delicious vegan organic Feijoada was served and finally the audience could listen to and watch an amazing play by the Sadhana Forest Band. With a lot of wonderful Brazilian rhythms like Samba and Axé, the band offered a humorous understanding of Brazil´s past, including the story of the slaves, colonization, and the indigenous people from the Amazon.


Monday, 08 February 2010
Run for the Heart 2010

For the final day and last part of the Auro Olympics was the Run for the Heart on 13th of January. All the children were excited about that race for over a month, because it was postponed due to the monsoon rain from December, and that is the race nobody wants to miss it. Some children were preparing themselves for long time for it. And the final day came! Hot sunny day, but that didn't stop the ehtusiasm of maybe small by the size, but big on their will, runners. Parents and friends came to cheer them up, and the feeling of excitment was contagious. We recorded some soundscapes of the race itself and some short interviews with children and their parents..


Thursday, 04 February 2010
(City Life)
Population Developments

Tuesday 19th January at 3.00 pm in the Town Hall there was a presentation about trends and developments of population growth in Auroville. The presentation was conducted by Martin as a follow-up of the socio-economic survey conducted for L'avenir in collaboration with Harini and Vikram. Not a lot of Aurovilians attended to this presentation who make the point of the past growth and the trends for the next years and decades. Here is the recording of the event..For the second click READ MORERead more


Thursday, 21 January 2010
Recita alla Materna

Se un giorno foste invitati dagli insegnanti dell'asilo di vostro figlio a visitare la scuola, cosa vi aspettereste di udire? In quale ambiente sonoro vi trovereste immersi? Quali idiomi ascotereste? Come parlerebbero gli amichetti di vostro figlio? In questa breve registrazione presentiamo un cameo sonoro di circa dieci minuti in cui i bambini e le bambine della scuola materna "Center Field Kindergarten" cantano un programma di canzoni in lingue diverse. Questo breve paesaggio sonoro e' dedicato a quei genitori interessati all'educazione delle nuove generazioni di Auroville.


Friday, 15 January 2010
(City Life)
Visit of Director General of UNESCO

Madame Irina Bokova graced Auroville today with her visit. This gracious lady of Bulgaria has just been recently appointed as Genereal Director of UNESCO. The Conference Room at Town Hall overflowed with Auroville's residents as they listened to Dr. Aster Patel's welcoming words followed by Kripa: Aurovilian by birth and by choice as she elaborated the ideals of Auroville. Madam Bokova spoke in the same vein, stressing the need worldwide for tolerance and respect for one another, to work harmoniously with science, with technology and nature for the benefit of humanity. And for this, she promises to work tirelessly. Her recognition of Auroville's role toward this goal was appreciated by all. .Click Read More to see more images.Read more


Tuesday, 12 January 2010
Debashish Banerji

On December 28 Dr. Debashish Banerji gave a presentation on the theme "A New Emergence: The Need for Policy Change". Debashish Banerji is the former president of the East-West Cultural Center and Sri Aurobindo Center, Los Angeles. Teacher of Asian Art History and Indian Spiritual Culture. Educational Coordinator for the University of Philosophical Research, Los Angeles. Ph.D., Indian Art History, University of California, Los Angeles; MA Computer Science, University of Louisville, KY; BA English Literature, Elphinstone College, Bombay University. In REAM MORE the other parts.Read more


Wednesday, 30 December 2009
Walking Inside the History of Life

How did life start on Gaia? Take a walk inside the earth's time line, starting from the first single cells, from the first plants that started photosynthesis, making possible evolution: from the dinosaur to the mammals and finally arriving to the human being. Those who do not know this will find it well presented; those who do know will find the repetition valuable, to keep it in mind, to be conscious how one's short existence inevitably influences the entire planet.


Sunday, 27 December 2009
Declaration of Love

What is Auroville? This was the question proposed on the 19th of November 2009 at the Residence Assembly Gathering in the Visitors Centre, where Aurovilians, Newcomers and guests came together to talk. The idea was to share individual and personal answers to this question. The organizing team expected positive as well as critical answers, but what happened was a declaration of love to Auroville. People expressed their honest and deep feelings connected to Auroville.


Friday, 25 December 2009
The Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother

In this presentation Ashesh Joshi introduces us to The Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. Spirituality is to grow in spirit and in Sri Aurobindo's Yoga the main process is to put ourselves as an instrument of the Divine Consciousness. Ashesh use The Mother as the main subject of this presentation and the key role that Sri Aurobindo has given to her in the Integral Yoga.


Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Two weeks of athletic Auro Olympics just finished, and of course they are a bit different to how we see other Olympic games. Here they are more based on real sportsmanship. Each individual is trying his/her best to contribute to the scores of the team, and all of them are trying to exceed results from last year. The aim of Auro Olympics , which are going on now for over 15 years, is learning through competition, encouraging good will, evoking true sport spirit and respect to each other. All the children in Auroville attend the sport every afternoon, because the Mother envisaged physical development in children as essential to their spiritual growth.


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Tuesday, 15 December 2009
(City Life)
Roads and Mobility

A General Information Meeting on Roads and Mobility was hold on December 2nd in the Town Hall Conference Hall at 5 pm. About 50 people participate to the meeting on that day. Today we publish the recording of the event in order share as much us possible this important but also not totally agreed topic. The AuvilleRadio is planning to cover as much as possible of this Friday Meetings to share with whoever it is interested. mp3/2009_12_02_presentation_meeting_gim_road_mobility_english_lite.mp3

Saturday, 12 December 2009
(City Life)
Five years of special radio

On 5ht of December 2004 AurovilleRadio was “born”. In interesting interview with Andrea we overview last five years from its early beginnings to today, and what actually AurovilleRadio is to the  community, and what it is to the other world. Nevertheless the progress of community in whole is  very much related to the level of flux of information, and in Auroville especially that is of the vital point, because the people who live here are form all over the world, are indeed so different, and to live in unity in diversity information need to be shared. Happy birthday!


Saturday, 05 December 2009
Da Sud-Ovest a Nord-Est

Le falciatrici scorciano l'erba mentre Andrea, ancora con voce tremolante, si muove dall'area della Pace verso i laboratori nei quali si continua a preparare pezzi per il Matrimandir. Tra sibili di macchine al lavoro e cinguettii di uccellini, la passeggiata porta il microfono verso nord, al cumulo di terra di risulta dalla fondazioni della struttura principale, trasportata a mano da centinaia di uomoni 40 anni or sono ed ora sventrata da scavatrici meccaniche: la collinetta scomparira' a breve. Un robusto basamento su cui si poggiava la macchina che ha tritato tutte le roccie servite per il cemento armato per la costruzione, e' ormai abbandonata a lato dei giardini ed ora va incontro all'oblio.


Thursday, 03 December 2009

Bright, sunny, not a typical monsoon Saturday at all...And Youth Center was full of laughter, jumping, screaming, and full of children who were trying to express themselves in various workshops, from painting, sawing, theater, baking. The results of hard working morning were on display in the afternoon, when visitors could enjoy in a small presentation – two theater plays, one done exclusively by children, the other with a little help, dancing of girls, and lively rhythms of capoeria ... In conversation with children we found out that this events are very much welcomed from the side of them, further, they're saying that those are the beautiful part of life in Auroville..MORE IMAGES by clicking READ MORE...Read more


Tuesday, 01 December 2009
More problems, more progress

An eminent educator, linguist, sociologist, psychologist and philosopher, Professor Chittaranjan Das spoke of his past experiences in education. He reflected on his first visit to Auroville, meeting the Mother, and other inspirational persons. To Professor Das, integral education is about attitude, it is a twofold relationship. Initially it is about special involvement in something that is yet to be presented, and secondly how one relates to children. With many problems comes progress, and in integral education  progress is the peak,  the goal to be reached, but it's never reached. He noted that there's always a progress where there are problems...


Sunday, 18 October 2009
(Arts & Culture)
Unique glimpses

A very special exhibition was inaugurated in Tibetan Pavilion on sunday by three young Aurovillians. Claude, who is the driving force behind it, realized after the talk with his Holiness the Dalai Lama, that this is something he got to do, and he had to do it in a unique way. On 25 panels starting with ancient history of Tibet, which is to most of us unknown, are glimpses of Tibetan history through several millenniums. All the panels are enveloped somehow with two thangka paintings which his Holiness the Dalai Lama presented signed by him for this exhibition. Going trough all the panels and watching the two beautiful thangka paintings one remains speechless... as though all questions where answered. Read more


Monday, 05 October 2009
(Arts & Culture)
Film Festival Inauguration

The first Auroville Film Festival opened in the presence of all whose contribution made it happen. Present were two of the judges: actor-director Revathy Menon and reporter/documentary filmmaker Gerard Perrier. Aurovilian Marco of Cinema Paradiso, initiator of the festival, presented an overview and warm thanks to all the participants. A few comments from organizers, filmmakers and spectators present in the crowd expressed their enthusiasm and delight, to see months of preparation bear fruit.Click here to view the inauguration at Town Hall, on AurovilleTV.

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Thursday, 24 September 2009
Innovative Eduction

Integral Education is a revolutionary concept envisioned by Sri Aurobindo. Sri Aurobindo Ashram School was the first school in India to teach computer science. In tune with this heritage, Auroville has made significant progress in education. An interdisciplinary seminar sponsored by SAIIER allowed all participants to exchange information, ideas and experiences in areas such as Experimental and exploratory approaches to learning and education, Interactive learning, home learning, classroom aids, edutainment, distance learning and more. The following is excerpt from the full length seminar. To listen to the entire presentation pass by the radio for a CD copy or contact us here.


Thursday, 10 September 2009
Community life on a bus

Fritz, an inventor and a big adventurer, is going to bring his plant-fueled-multi-purpose-mini-bus from Germany trough former Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran and Pakistan, down to Auroville. He is open to all people - from the youngest to the eldest - who are ready to practice karma-yoga on the way to join him on the bus. The people would  have a quite adventurous trip and alternative community life happening right on the bus during the journey. What is Fritz going to do with the bus in Auroville? How you can participate in this project? Listen to the interview.

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Thursday, 03 September 2009
Oru varudathirku piraku

Mohanam Marutham panpattu maiyathin Mudalam Aandu Niraivu vizha 13. 8. 2009 Andru Alankuppam Villiattu thidalil enithey Nadaipettrathu. Kadantha Oru varudankalaka Mohanam Marutham Siruvarkal karttu vantha (Kollattam, thappatam, Silambattam, Nattupura Nadanam, Nadakam, bharathanatiyam, padal) Kalaikalai vizha Medaiyil velipadulthinargal Ivvizhavirkku pettrorkal Anaivarum Kalanthu kondu, thankal Siruvarkalin thiramaiyinai paratinarkal. Melum Avarkalin Kalachara pariMattrathai parthavudan Kirama Samuthayam Valara Ethu oru Mun udaranamaka Amainthathu. Kirama pura Siruvarkalukku Ivvizha Thankal thiramiyai velipadutha oru Nalla Vaippaka Irunthathu. Ithu mathiriyana Kalai Nikazhichikal kirama makkalai ondru Servatharkku Oru Nalla palamaka Irunthathu.


Thursday, 20 August 2009
(City Life)
 Newcomers tour Quiet Healing Centre

Michael and Guido of Quiet Healing Centre welcomed some 20 odd Newcomers for an introductory tour. They talked about how the Centre started almost 10 years ago and about various therapies and facilities. Quiet is well known for Watsu therapy and mainly attracts guests from Europe in the peak season. All therapies and massages are offered for free to Aurovilians and Newcomers with priority for those suffering from ailments.



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Wednesday, 29 July 2009
Subash`s guitar

At small gathering  on full moon in July at Repos we had a chance to listen to soft mellow chords of guitar played by Subash. He told us few things about himself, his life passion -  music, and how he experienced Auroville so far. As he mentiooned he heard about Auroville from his friends who were staying here for few months, and found for himslef that this is really something different to any other. Otherwise he compose music, mostly trance and background music for movies and spin from time to time.


Friday, 17 July 2009
Fun in progress

Himal comes back on what he calls 'Fun in progress' the expression of his wonders to change things and express new ideas in a ludic way. He tells us how, in his carving class, he tries to offer to children the opportunity to create and express themselves with different material and to encourage both freedom and creativity in an open-minded place. Himal also explains how the creation and expresion of one's self, with creative works and more physical ones can manifest new creative abilities and accompany spiritual realisation.


Wednesday, 17 June 2009
A spiritual gardener

Georges, the gardener of Verite, comes back on his experience in Auroville with a really personnal view. He exposes the 3 reasons that motivated his coming in Auroville and how these personnal goals can reveal a challenge with oneself that permited him to go beyond his own limits and become more open to the vastness of experiences. He finishes then on a focus on Verite and explains the particularity of this community.

Pour télécharger l'interview de Georges en français cliquez Read MoreRead more


Monday, 15 June 2009
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