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Realistic but Hopeful
Recently built zen house of Sabine and Philippe, residents of Repos community is now roofless, water tank broken, what used to be beautiful blooming fence by buganvilla, is now piece of uprooted shrubs...For Sabine and Philippe Repos is home for more than decade, and both actively participate in community life in Repos, as well in community in whole. Since they were well aware, and realistic of present treat of cyclone Thane on Thursday night, they evacuated themselves overnight, and also informed others and guests about situation. What now? Read more

Tuesday, 03 January 2012
Exploring Bamboo

Bamboo is an Eco-friendly raw material which has been used in Indian for centuries by craftsmen, it has been used a s a building material and in cooking likewise. Over a period of time this craft has been lost and forgotten. Auroville aims to develop itself sustainably and spiritually, what can Auroville do to help people regain the skill of such craftsmanship and how can Bamboo be re-introduced in our society today? We confronted Sundar, at the Auroville Bamboo Research Center, to give us some more insight into this topic of discussion.


Monday, 23 February 2009
Build Your Own House!

With a background in carpentry and now architecture, Regina built her own house using mostly sustainable products like mud, coconut fiber, red earth, stone, and bamboo. Are you worried about earthquakes or termites attacking your house?  From the first layer of red earth to the woven roof, Regina will tell you how she built her own house. Listen to the following program for Regina's step-by-step guide to build your own earth-sourced house. Regina also offers personal consultation to dedicated builders.


Tuesday, 10 February 2009
Pioneer Spirit

Sadhana Forest is about growing trees and growing people. Volunteers from all over the world, as well as Aurovillians, work together in this new reforestation project. They practice an eco-friendly way of life including veganism, alternative construction, solar energy, water resource management, and composting toilets. Last week, Aviram who has created this community with his wife Yorit, organized an experimental one week workshop on earthbag construction. Around 40 volunteers and Aurovilians full of positive energy and good will, trying to build an earthbag dome! AurovilleRadio spent an afternoon to capture the warm ambiance and some impressions of this workshop.

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Monday, 19 January 2009

The Village Coordination Team was formed as an extension of the Tsunami Relief Village Coordination Team when the activity area was enlarged to include local villages as well as those directly impacted by the tsunami, requiring the participation of a more diversified group of Aurovilians. One of the principal purposes of the Village Coordination Team is to review applications for micro projects which come in from the local villages. There are funds for supporting micro projects coming both from the project funded by Concern, an international NGO, as well as from the Tsunami RELIEF and rehabilitation Funds. Criteria have been created for micro project grants, and 36 proposals have been considered, out of which 22 have been approved.

Thursday, 15 December 2005