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(Arts & Culture)
High Heels
As it is tradition for the first term holidays, the children of Transition School and TLC spent two weeks rehearsing a play performed last Saturday at the Visitor's Centre: High Heels on the Old Town Tonight. People of the Old Town are producing bricks during the day, but their real life starts at night when the "High Heels" opens its doors. Passing visitors find a friction between owners of the club, imposing strict rules for admission, and carefree dancers, wishing to participate. Dr. Basketball requests from all to search for the solution. Read more

Tuesday, 09 October 2012
(Arts & Culture)
The Quiz Show 2

Visitor Centre last night was packed again with anticipating audience which participated all the way through ... even the drizzle of the rain in the beginning nor the fire on the electrical extension did not chase no one away. More, all added to the excitement of the show which was set similar way as the first one, but of course with new players on the competing teams. Both teams clearly expressed flexibility, sense of humor, lots of knowledge on many topics, and of course huge amount of creativity. Read more

Sunday, 09 September 2012
(Arts & Culture)
The Quiz Show

How important is it to laugh together, to sometimes to say the truth or point out things about ourselves we're not too proud of, through the use of humor? It is clear again and again at the shows of Genius Incorporated Production.  Always very well attended by audience bursting with anticipation where the team will lead us on that night. Last night, with the help of many - beside Genius Incorporated Production Team of Paul, Wazo, Jesse, Christoph, also Renu, AAG, IPAS - we were exploring how much we know much we dare, explore, stand together... Read more


Sunday, 26 August 2012
(Arts & Culture)
Hot summer Saturday afternoon didn't stop African students to hold a drumming gathering on the land appointed for Africa House - Pavilion of African Culture in International Zone. Mohanam Sound Crew hosted them with instruments and exchange rhythms with Africans. Interesting, and very lively combination soon attracted crowd which was passing by on their way to Matrimandir...and lifted up quite some feet. Read more

Wednesday, 01 June 2011