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This recording is the second part of program "Grace in Change", about third day of Mutation II A Clearing sharing thoughts with Aurovilians. To all of them was common that they are grateful for the experience to be here, in Auroville, to be present, and part of the changes, which are ongoing progress. And if the purpose of Auroville is human unity, it does slowly with its multiplicity moving into that direction with last few years clearly evident shift from individual driving force to a real community - to collective yoga.

Monday, 21 March 2011
Grace in Change
On the third morning of Mutation II A Clearing Aurovilians were invited to share what they have learn in past twenty, thirty, forty.... years of living and working in, and for Auroville. Uma, who moderate the sharing, sees it as a humbling experience, but changes are clear, mutation is powerful, keeping everything in flux, although not necessarily with how we feel with what it should be. Most of the speakers are very much grateful for the extraordinary experience of growth of Auroville, which multiplicity in last few years is clearer also on the physical level - to some of them is obvious in the completion of Matrimandir. And if the early years Auroville was mostly moved by number of important people, who were driving force behind the progress, lately emergence of much more collective is present. Change in community in communication is evident, as evolution is ongoing thing, and collective yoga is taking place.

Friday, 18 March 2011
Il giardiniere finanziere

Luigi arriva ad Auroville nel 1980 dove comincia con la sua compagna brasiliana una comunita' che chiamano Transfomation. E' tutto un programma: la terra e' arida e rossa, lo scheletro interno del Matrimandir si staglia davanti al mare e all'orizzonte. La zona e' la zona culturale allora abitata solo da insetti, serpenti e qualche uccellino. Oggi Luigi abita in una foresta sempre a Transformation. Il giardiniere di una volte e' passato ad un lavoro di pianificazione della citta' come addetto al ''fund raising''. Potete ascoltare l'intervista cliccando sul logo play o scaricare l'intervista.


Thursday, 25 September 2008
Polignano - Auroville

Pino, figlio del '68, studia e si laurea in architettura a Firenze. Da dieci anni vive ad Auroville. Colleziona musica dai tempi del vinile e ricorda la meraviglia provata da bimbo scoprendo la musica grazie una radiolina AM e ad un registratore Geloso. La motivazione che hanno convinto Pino a trasferirsi a 8000 km dall'Italia vanno cercate nel fatto che oltre a contribure nella progettazione e realizzazione della citta' e' anche alla ricerca di un cambiamento interiore.   Ascolta l'intervista cliccando sotto.


Saturday, 10 November 2007

André Hababou est né en Tunisie et après des études d'architecture en France part à l'aventure sur la route des hippies. Nous sommes en 1968 l'année de la fondation d 'Auroville le jeune André passe par des expériences de découverte de l'être psychique jusqu'aux rencontres qui marqueront sa vie: les yeux de Mère qui lui dira 'Va travailler avec Roger' (l'architecte choisie par elle afin de construire Auroville).

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André Hababou was born in Tunisia and after studying architecture in France, he embarked on the adventurous hippie trail. In 1968, the year Auroville was founded, the young Andre encountered a psychic meeting which would mark his life: the eyes of the Mother telling him  'You will work with Roger' (the architect chosen by Her to build Auroville.)

Wednesday, 14 February 2007