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Last Saturday, on December 14th, Doctor Christoph Woiwode was invited by the Centre for International Research on Human Unity (CIRHU) and the German Pavilion, both in Auroville, to give a presentation. The talk was given in the SAIIER Conference room, Town Hall, and was preceded by the gifting of the Trialog Journal (June 2012) on Urban Development and Spirituality to Auroville architects. Dr. Woiwode is a German research scholar from the visiting Faculty at the Indo-German Centre for Sustainability, Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai. Read more

Wednesday, 18 December 2013
(City Life)
Presentation for Newcomers

Board members of Stichting De Zaaier - Martine Busek, Jan-Willen Pieterson and Freek Schiphorst - are currently visiting Auroville. They have already talked to many people and units about their projects and services. A presentation to newcomers on Stichting de Zaaier had been scheduled and took place yesterday morning in the Town Hall Conference Room. Due, perhaps, to the slight delay and to the work commitment of the 120 newcomers, only Fif participated in the session, along with Umberto from Entry Service. Read more

Saturday, 19 October 2013
(City Life)
Open Platform on MM, Entry
Open Platform was held yesterday at the Unity pavilion in International Zone. It started by a report of the Entry Task force and their proposals to base this process on faith and trust , with one or several mentors for each newcomer at the centre part of it. Their project is yet to be fully concluded. The participants spoke also of the housing task force and asked for more volunteers to enroll. Then came the time of the participating debate about the Matrimandir, and the way to find a new team of executives. Read more

Tuesday, 17 September 2013
(City Life)
A documentary about accessibility
Alex is an Italian fellow in a wheel chair. By following his daily routine, people will may understand better the problem of accessibility in Auroville. It's the aim of the documentary 'Sometimes, I can fly', produced by Susmita, an activist who is working on pulling down the architectonic barriers in Auroville.This documentary is part of 'We care film festival' of Delhi. You are all invited to watch the movie on the 3rd of April, 5 pm, Cinema Paradiso. Susmita and Alex will also interact with teenagers in Future School the 29th of March, 1 pm. Read more

Thursday, 21 March 2013
(City Life)
Yourte en bambou pour Auroville ?
Un habitat simple, bon marche, facile a construire soi-meme, la yourte venue de Mongolie se propage en Europe. La semaine derniere, Gerard Delesque a anime un atelier de construction de yourte au Bamboo center, stage s'adressant a un groupe d'etudiants en architecture de Bombay leur permettant de rentrer dans le concret, la matiere et la realisation en leur presentant une forme d'habitat originale. Il nous fait part des raisons de son engouement pour les yourtes en tant qu'habitat alternatif, et ... sont elles envisageables a Auroville? Read more

Monday, 25 February 2013
(City Life)
Lalit on Queens University & CEPT

Auroville Integral Sustainability Institute shares the experience of hosting 2 different groups of visiting planning students from Queens University, Canada & CEPT, Ahmedabad - ‘It was very enriching for all’, says Lalit, Programme coordinator. Auroville being an inspiring & interdisciplinary learning field provided very conducive environment to experience a different way of life which gave them a very real life glimpse of integral life & sense of purpose. Read more

Wednesday, 16 January 2013
(City Life)
Low Cost Housing Meeting
Auroville Radio is glad to invite you to listen the Low Cost Housing meeting happening at Arka past monday 12/11/2012. Different architects and engineers from Auroville have met, and talked how to solve the increasing prices of housing, looking at the past and projecting to the future. At the meeting were more than 10 experts involved in different housing fields, from architecture to provision, with different backgrounds and experiences coming from different Communities in Auroville. Read more

Wednesday, 14 November 2012
(City Life)
Signs of Human Unity?
Which are the signs of human unity in Auroville? "In my third visit to Auroville, I came to prepare the plan for my Master, about public policies under an evolutionary perspective. As Auroville aims at realizing human unity according to Sri Aurobindo’s vision, to me it seemed obvious to consider Auroville the right place to develop my research. Inspired by the question Arjuna asks to Krishna, and here I have to quote freely: when the Divine manifests on the earth, how He walks, how He sits, how He talks?" Read more

Friday, 07 September 2012
(City Life)
Auroville Festival - part 2
Between 14th to 21st of September in Dehli at the India International Centre, Auroville will held its festival for the first time with the official title and leading theme - City for Transformation. In continuation of interview with the core team - Aster Patel, Anu, Bridget and Sebastian(who is missing at this one) we have dwelled a bit deeper on the significance of the sharing the diversity of aspects, projects, ideas that embody Auroville life as a living experience.Presence of eminent guest will also have impact of its own at the occasion. Read more

Thursday, 06 September 2012
(City Life)
Mahalakshmi Park Proposal
This year Mahalakshmi Park proposal, again done by students of ENSP from France - Alexnadre, Camille, Hortense and Lucie with the assistance of Alain from Road Service and Marie from Matrimandir was warmly welcomed by the residents. This presentation - proposal differ from the one from last year by slight shift of the cycle and walking path away from private land. The new proposal also reflects the ground reality of Auroville after last december passing cyclone Thane. Read more

Thursday, 02 August 2012
(City Life)
On Auroville, life, problems ...
In April/May of this year, a Danish radio reporter, Cornelius, - a self-made journalist, writer, musician and community activist based in Copenhagen’s Freetown of Christiania - visited Auroville and covered many of our activities in collaboration with OutreachMedia. Here is his interview with Mr BalaBaskar, Secretary of the Auroville Foundation, which he graciously consented to be shared with Auroville Radio.

Friday, 20 July 2012
(City Life)
Portrait of Michaels
Michaels came to Auroville one year ago to be a volunteer and now he is working at SAVI at Unity Pavilion in International Zone. He is helping the other volunteers for long term commitments - like welcome and registration when arriving in Auroville, or introductory seminar to discover and understand Auroville. He is also very much enthusiastic, with some ideas how to extend the field of action of Auroville around the world and, why not, to create others communities like Auroville. Read more

Friday, 13 July 2012
(City Life)
Community said Yes
Yesterday Residents Assembly brought the results of our votes for the choice of the preferences on the Study Group's L'Avenir d'Auroville/TDC selection process proposal. Out of 274 votes, 27 were invalid, 197 votes Yes, and 50 No. For decision to be valid is needed 10% of adult population, which is 1790 people. Although it was a discussion in the beginning due to the small number of participants on the RA itself either we should follow 2004 decision making process, decison was to follow 2007 policy. Now the two processes will start: Read more

Saturday, 30 June 2012
(City Life)
Second afternoon of Mr. Doshi, Chairman of Town Development Council interaction with residents of the community was held in a good spirit and will to find some solutions. And if the community already agreed upon clear vision in order to build the city, this interaction also brought forward the necessity of need for technical group within Town Development Council. Participants agreed on a definite distinction between planning - representative team of the community, and technical part of the team with two clear separate roles. Read more

Wednesday, 20 June 2012
(City Life)
Need for a Clear Vision
No doubt about it: planning, developing, building a city is the hot topic of this summer. The visit of Mr. Doshi, Chairman of Town Development Council, brought many interactions. This one is a recoding of the interactions with the community. Mr. Doshi's main point and question to the community: if the Galaxy is really the plan we should follow, how to proceed, and build the city together... our vision should be clear, without contradictions. In order to see the best we can build; answers need to be mandated from the residents of the community Read more

Tuesday, 19 June 2012
(City Life)
Challenges, Obstacles Vs Vision
Following is the recording of General Meeting from yesterday at Unity Pavilion in International Zone, where we had a chance to hear directly and openly from members of L'Avenir d'Auroville - Town Development Council, who served the community on the hard task of the city and urban planing for past two years. What were the biggest challenges they've faced, which and who are the biggest obstacles for city to progress, ...questions were, and still remain many, and the feeling of participants that when the real talk starts we run out of time. Read more

Thursday, 14 June 2012
(City Life)
The Lives of Others
Kalki a transgender rights activist with the Sahodari Foundation, was in Auroville to present a talk about the transgender community in India. Kalki spoke about the various difficulties that they face with the government, the law and the society. Kalki who has lived in Auroville for two years questioned their acceptance by the Auroville community. Kalki presented a documentary Sowndarya about lives and acceptance of transgenders in India. Lot of concerns and questions were asked by Aurovillians which Kalki answered in depth. Read more

Sunday, 29 April 2012
(City Life)
Dog Love Care Fun
Lively and vibrant young Trishala shares with us her enthusiasm over volunteer work with Integral Animal Care just behind Edayanchavadi, and before Red Earth Riding School. Since she got a break at school she have decided to spend this time something different, wanted to be useful. And since the whole family was visiting Auroville at the time of the cyclone Thane, Trishala was very much inspired by The Dream, and by so many different possibilities to learn, to grow, and to actively participate, to see different perspectives. Read more

Friday, 27 April 2012
(City Life)
Auroville Retreat Weekends

'Auroville Retreat Weekends' is a new way for guests and visitors to discover Auroville within a weekend and explore it more intensively. Vikram is giving us an interview about the idea behind the retreats, the different themes that one can choose, the feedback and the difficulties. There is a huge variety of offers, ranging from body oriented activities to 'green' experiences in nature, or weekends for the whole family. The Auroville Retreats happen in groups and include all meals and workshops. Read more

Saturday, 24 March 2012
(City Life)
Infrastructure Distribution
From L'Avenir d'Auroville Rolf talks on future development of the city, which is currently in chaos, especially regarding utilities infrastructure set up of the past. After the cyclone came a strong call from the community to explore underground utilities supply. And in general energy has accumulated to the point where we can start seriously thinking of overall infrastructure distribution. Next month we will get another electrical high tension cable to interconnect different transformers in order to achieve more regular supply of electricity. Read more

Thursday, 08 March 2012
(City Life)
Pollution Free Area

Happy Parking, as Liugi named it , wish to be the first step toward pollution free area in the peace area in the center of the city. Architect's plan carries a dream of peaceful area connected to Matrimadir with its lake, where service parking area(the one which is now most in use) will serve as a repository for vehicles, and lead as trough the beauty walk with the view on the lake toward front entrance of municipality. New extension will be also in use of residents of the communities around Town Hall; structure follows the existing one. Read more

Thursday, 01 March 2012
(City Life)
”Barefoot” Ted`s speech
February 11th 2012: Ted MacDonald, the athlete experimenting with running on bare feet gave an inspiring speech for the marathon runners. There was that much interest in his talk that the speech had to be given in the open air, on the Visitors Centre's square. Ted spoke of his view on running with or without shoes and his journey to find the ultimate running experience, and encouraged people to keep running and keep searching for their own perfect way of doing so. Undoubtedly, Barefoot Ted gave every runner the power they need for the marathon! Read more

Sunday, 12 February 2012
(City Life)
Pumped Storage Systems
A presentation on Pumped Storage Systems has been given in the Town Hall Conference Room on Friday 06-01-2012. The presentation team includes Harald Kraft (Water Engineering Consultant, see:, Michael Bonke (who has studied the pumped storage systems of Ruselkraftwerke, Germany) and Toine Van Megen (who presented the relevance of pumped storage systems in the context of renewable energy). The presentation and discussion had also look at the possibilities of utilizing the Matrimandir Lake as the lower elevation Read more

Monday, 09 January 2012
(City Life)
The Tempest
That Shakespeare is far from being boring proved group of actors, mainly consisted from Aikiyam School Students, and lots of good will of volunteers all leaded by Hazel from Manchester. Short span of time they had to put play on the stage didn't stop them to do it the best they could. Dialogs were well learnt and spoken, costumes colorful and set simple but adequate to bring out the magic of the play and theater experience itself. On the premiere on Firday 2nd of December first audience were Aikiyam students enjoyed and laughed in it. Read more

Sunday, 04 December 2011
(City Life)
Holly Mount Zion
For sister Sandrine and bredren Alex moving to Ethiopia was a matter of faith. For one to repatriate have to emancipate oneself from the mental slavery, from lust and vanity, ... Holly Mount Zion is the reality - Ethiopia, and Shashamene the spot given from his majesty Haile Selasie to expatriots as a token of appreciation. Although it might look at the first glance that community is divided - still no matter what is their mansion, they're singing the same song, they're all rastafari and they all believe in the Dvinity of negus Haile Selasie. Read more

Monday, 21 November 2011
(City Life)
Cluster Development
Open doors once a month is a new addition of L'Avenir d'Auroville services to community members. In the interview with Dorle and Sauro we found out why more interactive approach needs to be taken if whole community wants to work on development of the city. Shortage of houses is a sore spot for years, and reasons for that are various. The new proposal of numerous projects from L'Avenir team was recently published, and it did stir up the community and bring positive and negative feedback along with the hope that things are moving.

Thursday, 15 September 2011
(City Life)
Newcomers and Reality
With announcement about temporarily "closed" doors of Entry Service caused for the first time in their mandate since 2009 to get some feedback from a cross section of the community. We need the human asset in order for community to grow, we need energy, expertise, finances - everything that committed new comer can bring. Entry Service is in charge of screening candidates, but if the community doesn't fully open the doors by providing the infrastructure necessary to welcome new comers, the Entry Service is more like bouncers.

Friday, 02 September 2011
(City Life)
Manu on Transit Lounge
Manu discusses the site plan and progress of Transit Lounge with Eric. The Transit Longue has been specifically designed for Aurovillians and Newcomers as a housing solution in order to ease the pressure of shifting houses every one or two years and to help integrate themeselves in Auroville. The intention is to provide freedom and choice to a community of smaller groups that can co-exist creatively and peacefully. The prototypes of individual designs of housing units proposed by various builders was also discussed. Read more

Friday, 12 August 2011
(City Life)
Infrastructure Development
L'Avenir d'Auroville in cooperation with the technology company Dura-Line hosted an informational meeting on "Existing Synergy Opportunity for Infrastructure Development". The meeting presented Polyethylene Piping Systems solutions which would serve gray water/black water treatment and infrastructure development works in the Auroville Community. We have recorded the presentation and discussions of subjects related to distribution schemes, connection between houses and communities, environmental impact, construction and costs, more efficient drip irrigation systems, gray and black water treatment and much more. The presentation was held at the Town Hall, in conference hall on June 4th . Read more

Saturday, 04 June 2011
(City Life)
Evolving in the Living House

For this weeks update on the Transit Lounge, we accompanied potential users to a site visit of the Living House by architect Ajay. We have interviewed the architect, followed by feedback and comments from potential users on the construction and its features. The Living House, which is one of the new prototypes for the Transit Lounge/ Temporary Housing Project, is made from natural materials obtained from local villages/environment. Thus it comes with a low carbon footprint, while preserving local tradition and crafts. Ajay and his family have been living for more than 4 years in the house made from stone, mud, bamboo and a grass/ reed thatched roof, which should last 10-20 years. So far little to not maintenance was needed, as the long overhang protects most of the building from the strong monsoon rains. ... Read more

Friday, 27 May 2011
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