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Twiglight Beats: Devotional Songs

Finally, last Saturday night the "Twilight Beats Concert" originally scheduled for November 16th but postponed due to weather conditions was held at Cripa (Kalabhumi). Four artists performed Raga Pushpanjali and Tamil devotional songs on Mother and Sri Aurobindo. The audience was been captivated by the warm voice of Sam Terris (Miresh) and the spiritual and joyful, deep and yet accessible music. Sam also offered two seasonal Christmas songs. At the end of the concert the public rewarded the musicians with a very long applause to show their appreciation. Read more

Monday, 23 December 2013
(Arts & Culture)

In the wake of the Centenary of The Mother's first arrival in Pondicherry, The Ashram Music Group presented Matrivandana, a musical adoration of the Mother Goddess. On October 19, 2013, the group performed songs in Indian languages including Bengali and Oriya. It was a graceful evening filled with sublime devotional music. The divinity in the air was clearly perceivable as the Ashram Group singers let flow their love and adoration for The Mother Divine through their soulful rendition of the songs. Read more

Thursday, 24 October 2013
(Arts & Culture)
Appel - Invocations
Joy and Holger celebrated the release of their CD "Appel: Invocations in Sanskrit and French" with a gathering and live performance at Unity Pavilion. Joy's voice and Holger's violin were layered on top of musical arrangements from the finished tracks. Holger shared of their creative process: "Normally the music is done first and then one sings something on it, but this recording is done in the reverse way. I recorded Joy totally solo, as she was used to singing at home. And then I created around those vocals the music afterwards". Read more

Wednesday, 04 September 2013
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Janaka nous raconte ses 3 vies
Janaka est un Aurovillien de longue date. Il est arriver a Auroville apres avoir experienter d autres realites en france. Comme il aime a le dire, Janaka a plusieurs vies, au moins 3. Aujourd`hui Janaka habite a Auroville dans les appartements a Citadines. C`est avec chaleur qu`il nous parle de son parcours, sa vie en prison, son envie d`ailleurs, et son arrivee a Auroville, ou il a passer la plus gande partie de sa vie. Janaka, a recemment publie un livre et en prepare un autre pour completer le recit de sa vie. Read more

Tuesday, 19 March 2013
(Arts & Culture)
AIR 1968 Auroville Inauguration
Listen to an inspiring piece of broadcasting history as Mother announces the inauguration of Auroville live across India on 28 February 1968. The recording was made with Mother sitting in Pondicherry while 5000 founding members of Auroville conducted the inauguration ceremony nearby at the Matrimandir Amphitheater. Thanks to All India Radio, her reading of the original Charter of Auroville in French was broadcast live to the amphitheater, as well as across India, while soil representing 124 nations and 23 Indian states was placed in the ground. Read more

Wednesday, 27 February 2013
(Arts & Culture)
Flute Meditation
Last night at Pitanga Jean-Christophe on flute and Teresa on tampura has offered to a numerous audience a meditation, where music supposed to be used as a medium to get into meditative state. Since this was not a concert, and its purpose was not to entertain, Jean-Christophe has chosen an Indian raga - Malcance, and invited the audience to travel on the sound of the flute with him. Read more

Tuesday, 19 February 2013
(Arts & Culture)
Good Morning Mother
Auroville Theater Group will put on the stage of Sri Aurobindo Auditorium in Bharat Nivas, Pavilion of Indian Culture in International Zone in December Shakespeare's comedy 12nights. Featuring is an interview with Jill and visiting director Heimanot Alemu from Ethiopia. Heimanot known as an actor but presently working as communication consultant in advertising in Ethiopia, also an active member of AVI Ethiopia, has decided for 12 nights because he finds it very universal and humorous, to which he wants to add some "flavours" of the country. Read more

Sunday, 28 October 2012
(Arts & Culture)
Ponti Nomadi
Andrea Camerini e Laura di Nitto sono stati ospiti ad AurovilleRadio. Entrambi sono membri del gruppo musicale italiano "Nuove Tribu Zulu". Conversando con Andrea emergono le motivazioni che hanno portato Andrea e Laura a stabilirsi a Pondicherry dopo varie esperienze musicali nel Nord dell'India. L'amore per la musica, per gli 'altri' e l'interesse per la ricerca interiore sono tra i principali motivi che li hanno fatto decidere di trasferisi a 7000 Km sud/est di Roma. 42 minuti di intervista intervallati dai brani estratti dall'album Banjara! Read more

Wednesday, 17 October 2012
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Singing Bronze

For over last four years we have heard and participated in the Russian Bells meditation at Unity Pavilion in International Zone. Vera shares with us her thoughts and aspirations on them. As she says "During these four years a few thousand people have enjoyed these deeply resonating sounds in Auroville, and several hundred people from all the continents experienced the wonder of playing the instrument together in – this magical way and communicating through harmonious sounds, without words, without knowing each other's’ languages, in a single aspiration." Read more

Thursday, 22 March 2012
(Arts & Culture)
Adoration of the Mother
On Saturday the 10th in Amphitheater of Matrimandir was played the performance Adoration for the Mother. It was the inauguration of the starting program of Tantidhatri International Women's Performing Art Festival. The performance with movement, dance, Russian bells, voice and projected images, has realized by Grace, Jyoti, Joy, Kanchana, Liudmila, Manjula, Srimoyi, Terra & Vera. Flowers were the subject of the projections which enfolded all the scene with a magic colored screen. Read more

Wednesday, 21 March 2012
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Flip - Flop in the gardens
This recording was created on February 21st, shortly after the morning concentration at the Amphiteater. My walk started at the Matrimandir's gate toward the Banyan and back through the peace area, where I recorded conversations, guests entering the Matrimandir, workers busy in their tasks, and the songs of many birds. All the while, the rhythm of my feet on the earth accompanies the diverse sounds of the recording. Soundscapes, to me, share the beauty of a space in a way that doesn't have to be communicated in words; nothing but pure sound.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012
(Arts & Culture)
Mantra is creation by Word
The word is a sound expressive of the idea. In the supra-physical plane when an idea has to be realised, one can by repeating the word-expression of it, produce vibrations which prepare the mind for the realisation of the idea. That is the principle of the Mantra and of japa. One repeats the name of the Divine and the vibrations created in the consciousness prepare the realisation of the Divine. It is the same idea that is expressed in the Bible, “God said, Let there be Light, and there was Light.” It is creation by the Word. - [Sri Aurobindo] Read more

Tuesday, 08 November 2011
(Arts & Culture)
Grand Opening at TownHall Plaza
Auroville's second Film Festival, the brainchild of Marco of Cinema Paradiso, had its grand opening yesterday to a a packed audience of Aurovilians adult and children plus guests from abroad. There was a contagious spirit in the very air, spreading through one and all; smiles and laughter midst music created the sense of a real festival. Hear Marco as he shares his feelings; Paul and Wazo entertainingly explained what was to take place, and Kathy and Amy also had comments to share on this lively event. Read more

Friday, 30 September 2011
(Arts & Culture)
Egypt from Explorer`s Mind

Pierre Villat , a civil engineer by profession but an explorer in mind condenses his feeling & experience about his careful systematic search in the archeological sites in Egypt. A guest in Auroville, he talks Exclusively with AurovilleRadio about the meaning of a beautiful life, Mother & how he has been shaped from his past which he considers as a kind of gift. Our imagination dream and reality's unfixed border & thirsts about Egypt gets more and more interesting from his observation. Enjoy !!! Read more

Friday, 20 May 2011
(Arts & Culture)
Auroville Promenade
Woven like dreams, images, reflections, music that evokes memories... Holger, Matt, Max ZT, Leonard and Jean gave us a special present during this week of celebrations. It happens to be that at the same time it's also Holger's 20th anniversary of his arrival in Auroville. Out of many pictures taken by Leonard, Holger and Giorgio, a stroll , a promenade was created accompanied by abstract images, telling a story, a vision we never knew, although known to us within. Melodies, accompanied by distorted singing of the mantra, carried us further than the images themselves. Like a long forgotten memory, or a flash back of something that might be there, so palpable but not really within our reach. Read more

Friday, 25 February 2011
(Arts & Culture)
Fire Magic
Beauty in movement, and cleansing fire...simply magic. After many years, the fire family treated us to a beautiful performance of excellent choreography: Kalou and Aurevan accompanied by world music with fire and LED lights. All the performers were children, the youngest was only six. The Visitors' Centre was crowded, and the audience followed the performance with enthusiasm, sometimes holding their breath, to burst into big applause after the crucial moments...and in acts with fire, simply mesmerized by the power of it. Read more

Monday, 14 February 2011
(Arts & Culture)
La cabala in musica

Maurizio Gabriel adorava la musica e la vita. Dopo un percorso di ricerca spirituale che lo aveva portato in una yeshiva (una scuola di insegnamento della bibbia) a Gerusalemme Gabriel era arrivato ad Auroville e qui era di tutti i cori e di tutte le orchestre con i suoi strumenti a corde. Amatore del cibo si era anche trovato un lavoro di cuoco nello spaccio del Pour Tous. Gabriel e' andato a cantare con gli angeli il 29 dicembre. Potete ascoltarlo nel nostro programma a lui dedicato.

Clicca qui per ascolare una intervista con Maurizio registrata a maggio del 2008.


Wednesday, 29 December 2010
(Arts & Culture)
Twilight 10
For two days - tonight and tomorrow - at Sri Aurobindo Auditorium at Bharat Nivas film lovers will come on their expense by festival of short films of students form Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication. Before screening of films each night will be panel discussion about short films and digital media, what to keep in mind to keep the film short, and other related topics. On both nights will be a chance to see 25 the best short films from 2007 and 2008, of which two of them - Printed Rainbow and the Little Terrorist - won many awards. Read more

Wednesday, 29 December 2010
(Arts & Culture)
In Memory of Hu Hsu

On the occasion of Hu Hsu's centenary year and 101st Birth Anniversary, a group of young people from Auroville and the Ashram organised an exhibition of his paintings, which was generously hosted by the Pavilion of Tibetan Culture. On his birthday, friends and admirers gathered to share memories. One of Hu Hsu's poems was read out, traditional music played live and Chinese tea was served. Hu Hsu, the Chinese disciple of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo lived in the Ashram between 1951 and 1978. Mother described him as "a scholar who was at once an artist and a yogi". During his 27 years stay in the ashram he translated among other works, Sri Aurobindo's Life Divine, the Synthesis of Yoga and many more into Chinese including the Bhagavat Gita and the Upanishads. Read more

Friday, 29 October 2010
(Arts & Culture)
Wonderful Journey
Nadaka and Gopika just returned from their last journey which took them from Canada to Southern California, LA, San Diego and finally British Columbia – a place which they describe as amazing. Listen to their experiences about traveling with their three children, the different vibrations they felt in the USA and in Canada and the inspiration they got from their trip. And of course, you will be able to hear some samples of their beautiful music as well. For more more information about Nadaka and Gopika visit the website

Wednesday, 07 July 2010
(Arts & Culture)
Alexander`s encounter
Kids from Deepanam, Auroville come out with a pleasing performance for the Radio play 'Alexander's encounter' for Auroville Radio. The kids perform roles from the present day to an ancient Prince. Little Prince Alexander of Macedonia had a secret dream which is somehow related to Auroville!.pretty mysterious isn't it? Our Ganesh is there to talk with the little prince. to know more about his wish and plans and their connections to Auroville click on.

Saturday, 05 June 2010
(Arts & Culture)
Painting the Mother

Shakti works at the Auroville reception care. But aside from that she is also one of Auroville's artists. Marlenka talked to her about her painting experiences and her emotional journey with her first painting of the Mother. Being a self trained artist, Shakti talks about her accidental initiation into painting and the connection between Auroville and art in general. Shakti feels that Auroville is a new Dawn, that is constantly progressing with Art being a part of it. Here you can listen to an interview with the painter.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010
(Arts & Culture)
Power Class Microtopia

Visiting artist Michael Parker shared with us at Kala Kendra on 14th of January a video presentation of his latest work where he's contemplating on accidental and intentional utopias. Amongst others he's diving into three myhts or ideas – the myth of final frontier, the myth of artist fullfilling the place in the society or what is the role of today's artist, and the myth  of class differences, for which he found that is only in our mind, and it doesn't need to be our reality, its merley convention that we have been thaught.  Auroville is interesting for him as an intential community and because art is the part of it from the day one..


Wednesday, 20 January 2010
(Arts & Culture)
Did you like the Movie?

Hear comments, thoughts and interviews from the public of Auroville as well as guests about their views of the Auroville film festival 2009. One thing the interviewers are constantly bringing out is: that the AVFF is great and creative endeavor. That the films give a better glimpse into Auroville and the bioregion. That this process reflects many goals of Auroville. Auroville is suppose to be a place of unending education (developing one's skills in video would definitely fit the bill), a place of human unity, many of the films were done by village kids, plus the atmosphere of cooperation and collaboration (not competition) in making the films was really great. The creative spirit is alive and well in AV thanks to the AV Film Festival! Watch the video here.

Read more


Monday, 28 September 2009
(Arts & Culture)
Four More Days Until

The first Film Festival of Auroville! Almost here! Temperature and curiosity rose yesterday during a 24-hour display of huge neon bulbs strung across the road between Solar kitchen and Certitude. The idea was to film the entire construction of the neon bulb construction from its start to its dismantling. Passers-by were more or less intrigued but the highlight appeared after sunset, when all bulbs were in place, and shining forth in the night, visible to all “Auroville Film Festival 09.” Flashy, a bit glamorous, befitting a film premiere. Coming next week. For more infos click here.

Read more


Saturday, 19 September 2009
(Arts & Culture)
Who is Ganesh?

Without doubt Ganesh is one of the most popular deities in India, and all over the world. Either for his kindness and qualities of a god who's beneficiary in many cases or because of his interesting and cuddly figure of full belly being with elephant head and four arms... however, Lord Shree Ganesh is a god of knowledge and the remover of obstacles. He is worshiped or at least remembered in the beginning of any auspicious performance for blessings and auspiciousness. He has four hands, elephant's head and a big belly. His vehicle is a tiny mouse. A unique combination of his elephant like head and a quick moving tiny mouse vehicle represents tremendous wisdom, intelligence and presence of mind.


Saturday, 22 August 2009
(Arts & Culture)

Krishna McKenzie, father of the Auroville Band 'Emergence' speaks in this interview of how he came to Auroville and what his band and his farm life have got to do with each other. Hear two of their songs and the history of Emergence, its present state, and what its future could look like. Click play to listen and hear what else Krishna talks about or download the interview here.


Thursday, 26 March 2009
(Arts & Culture)
Mother and flowers

Beauty is the presence of the divine in the physical, Mother has said. When Loretta first came to the Ashram in the 1970s, she was touched by the spirit of beauty and the exhibitions there. To share the spiritual power of these experiences with Auroville, Loretta presented several photographic exhibitions of Mother and Sri Aurobindo in the last years. For AurovilleRadio, Loretta describes how the current show “Mother and Flowers” in Savitri Bhavan was brought to life. She appreciates the cooperation with and the dedication of Aurovillians, guests and Ashramites who supported her. The exhibition is open 10.00 am – 5.00 pm daily until 9th of March.


Thursday, 26 February 2009
(Arts & Culture)
Sergio, Sukhino et Nefertiti

Pour son dernier CD, Sergio ou Sukhino (bonheur) à choisi de voyager sur les traces de Nefertiti la femme d 'Akhenaton dont la servante était une des incarnations de mère. Une musique douce avec des influences méditérannéenne entre autres. Neuf titres, des neufs et des anciens venus d 'ailleurs pour être mis au monde par les mains de Sergio: ''quelque chose de physique'' il nous explique. This interview is in English and French


Thursday, 04 September 2008
(Arts & Culture)
Nadaka`s staff*

Nadaka with other  musicians from Auroville will go for a musical tour in Quebec and Europe in August. This time he would like to focus on Auroville, bringing the aspiration and the way to approach progress and evolution of its inhabitants with him in the case of his guitar. *In standard Western musical notation, the staff (or portee in French) is a set of five horizontal lines and four spaces, on which note symbols are placed to indicate their pitch. 


Saturday, 28 June 2008
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