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Seven Jewel of the Mother Earth
Michael Miovic gave a lecture and presentation (at Savitri Bhavan) with title - The seven Jewel-Centres of Mother Earth. Sri Aurobindo, in his short essay "The Supreme Mahashakti", mentions the seven Jewel-Centres of Mother Earth which are locked in the hardness, darkness and inertia of the material Inconscience. To restore the Earth Mother to her own divinity and the earth-existence to its native light and bliss, these centres have to be liberated. This is the task of the Suns of the Supermind. What and where are these seven centres? Read more

Friday, 17 August 2012
We Are One

What is human unity, and human unity in diversity? Festive opening of main hall of Unity Pavilion in International Zone might awaken some thoughts, feelings, and further showed all its beauty at informal part of the gathering where each nation, each pavilion group shared some treasures. The hall itself was work of driven force of Jaya and Shivaya for the last decade, design by Piero and Gloria Cicionesi, and many helped it on the way... By reading chosen lines of Savtiri in many languages we contributed to the World Poetry Day at the beginning. Read more

Thursday, 01 March 2012
General Assembly of AVI
Auroville International meeting 2012 in Auroville concluded by general assembly in which they summarized all the presentations they've heard over the intensive three days. In those days numerous working groups, work units, different projects, presentations and films were offered to them to look up, and maybe help on different ways, from moral support to financial donation. Some of the interactions were merely updates from the previous years, what might changed, what still need to be done. Read more

Sunday, 12 February 2012
International Zone...
On one of the lasts talks Jaya, Shivaya, Deepti, Julian Lines, Brook Teklehaimanot talked on projects for and within the international Zone. Jaya and Deepti started with general overview , and touched CIRHU (Center for International Research in Human Unity) which should be a hub and concentration spot for people to learn and grow through experiences, it should be center for all human unity... Shivaya and Julian talked about the Peace Table, made by George Nakashima. Shivaya continued with Unity Pavilion, Brook talked about Africa House. Read more

Friday, 25 November 2011
On Education
During the Auroville International meeting in Addis Abbaba at the Red Cross Society Training Institute Deepti presented "An Auroville Perspective" on the topic of education and Lourdes Nadine talked about "Activity Based Learning for Primary Education in India". Both talks were very much interesting for numerous local audience, and practical questions on methods arose after the presentations. Integral education, based on Sri Aurobindo and the Mother's principals, and Activity Based Learning trough cards over years proved their effeciency. Read more

Sunday, 20 November 2011
A gaping oversight - Overman
The aim of the Sri Aurobindo-Mother avatar was to establish the foundations of a new species beyond the human: superman. In The Supramental Manifestation (1949) Sri Aurobindo wrote that, for the superman to be incarnated on the Earth, an intermediary range of transitory beings would be necessary. The Mother called these beings surhommes, overmen. Moreover, she said explicitly that to realize the transitory beings in their presumably huge variety was our task. This talk given by Georges van Vrekhem at Savitri Bhavan on 12 November 2011 is the Read more

Tuesday, 15 November 2011
For the End
Younger children of Deepanam School prepared for the end of the year their own unique presentation of their project works. The youngest ones were visiting Matrimandir, while elder were researching their own social and biological environment and others were busy by visiting services and work units of Auroville. Presentation was for their school friends, holders or representatives of units and services they visited and for teachers. Read more

Friday, 29 April 2011
Intensity of Questions
The Mother”To be a good teacher, one has to be a yogi.” In interesting talk of Jean Yves we heard the role of education or no role of it. If Auroville is a specific place to live, work and be, intensity of questions carry us, and it is a learning process where education invades other domains. And if education should be more than just the one which makes people employable on the labor market today, what faculties we should foster? The speed of changes showed us that universe is much more complex as we thought, is a totality of simultaneous complexity. The world has been manipulated by experts of local knowledge; we are globally incompetent, no knowledge of the whole, and we're maybe entering to the new stage of I don't know state.

Saturday, 12 March 2011
The National Soul

The first attempt of International Zone Groups about exploration of the national soul on Saturday at the Unity Pavilion was natural continuation of something that started with the work on the each panel for the exhibition opened two weeks ago about International Zone and its activities. “Yoga of the Nations” as they bravely named it should bring forward today's awareness of the Nation Soul as larger, collective soul. Discovery and integration will be achieved trough spiritual, religious, geographical, historical, racial, political and economical applied researches in holistic way. Read more

Tuesday, 14 December 2010
“Chercher plus loin, toujours plus loin”, voici la philosophie d'Aurevan, 20 ans, et de Smiti, 19 ans, toutes deux étudiantes à «Last school» depuis 7 ans. Pour elles, il ne s'agit pas d'aller à l'école afin d'obtenir des diplômes, mais de vivre l'école et même la cité, comme des lieux d'apprentissage, et de progrès permanents. A “Last school”, la joie d'apprendre et la soif de perfection sont stimulées et nourries grâce a cette éducation particulière appelée: “Libre Progrès”. Ainsi, en 2009, Smiti et Aurevan ont-elles choisi de créer, avec 2 autres étudiants, leur propre exposition d'art à la Pyramide (école d'art d' AV). Read more

Thursday, 21 October 2010

The Auroville Language Lab is a full-fledged language laboratory that draws upon the unique linguistic culture of Auroville. Alive with the rich vibrant sounds of languages from all over the world, Auroville is the perfect place to learn a new one.ALL offers Tomatis Ear Re-Education Therapy for both language learning as well as therapeutic applications. While it does not replace the need for language classes covering grammar, vocabulary acquisition etc, Tomatis method gives one the hearing of a native speaker, and consequently results in extremely precise and correct pronunciation. Here the presentation made by Mita about Tomatis and Auroville Language Lab.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010
Science, Mind and Yoga

On the 17th of February there was a presentation by Binu Mukherjee, an eminent scientist and a professor, which many people attended. The presentation was about his experiences of being a scientist and a spiritual person at the same time. He discussed how, unlike common feeling, his spiritual attitude complimented with the scientific view of the world. The discussion made its way into thoughts such as how application of mind on science and logic helps on finding the limitations of mind in understanding the nature. Spirituality can lead science to areas that could help life become better by making the world more safe and beautiful to live in. He stated, that since science and spirituality are in essence search for the truth they are similar and can be at some point unified...


Thursday, 25 February 2010
Run for the Heart 2010

For the final day and last part of the Auro Olympics was the Run for the Heart on 13th of January. All the children were excited about that race for over a month, because it was postponed due to the monsoon rain from December, and that is the race nobody wants to miss it. Some children were preparing themselves for long time for it. And the final day came! Hot sunny day, but that didn't stop the ehtusiasm of maybe small by the size, but big on their will, runners. Parents and friends came to cheer them up, and the feeling of excitment was contagious. We recorded some soundscapes of the race itself and some short interviews with children and their parents..


Thursday, 04 February 2010
L`ecole du libre progres

Interview de Mala ancienne ashramite, qui travaille dans l'école "Le libre progrès" à New Creation. Crée en 2001 par Mala, cette école ce distingue par ses méthodes d'apprentissages hors du commun. L'espace est donné en priorité à la liberté d'expression et à la creativité pour assurer aux enfants une croissance autonome et plus motivée. Principalement dédiée aux enfants des villages, cette école permet aux enfants de progresser à leur rythme et sans examens.Pour télécharger ce programme cliquez ici.


Thursday, 14 January 2010
Open House at the Kindergarten

Samrat, teacher at Center Field Kindergarten, explains the Open House organized by the teachers to show the work of the young students to the parents. Songs and dances were performed; later the parents were invited to enjoy the exhibitions in the different classrooms. The schools host 45 children from numerous countries and the integration between those different cultures starts here. Playing and learning together is the first brick in building Human Unity. The teacher also approaches in a very spontaneous manner the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.


Monday, 21 December 2009

Two weeks of athletic Auro Olympics just finished, and of course they are a bit different to how we see other Olympic games. Here they are more based on real sportsmanship. Each individual is trying his/her best to contribute to the scores of the team, and all of them are trying to exceed results from last year. The aim of Auro Olympics , which are going on now for over 15 years, is learning through competition, encouraging good will, evoking true sport spirit and respect to each other. All the children in Auroville attend the sport every afternoon, because the Mother envisaged physical development in children as essential to their spiritual growth.


Read more

Tuesday, 15 December 2009
What is an integral school?

On Tuesday, December 8th at the Cinema Paradiso Partho gave a presention in Auroville.He exploreed the foundations of integral education and the role of the integral teacher. It also looked at what kind of institutional framework supports the emergence of integral schooling. In the Question & Answe session further implementation of integral education into Auroville’s school system has been explored. For more informations about Partho click Read More.Read more mp3/2009_12_08_presentation_partho_integral_school_paradiso_english_lite.mp3

Sunday, 13 December 2009
Parisiens aux pieds rouges

Le temps d'une soirée, le sol gris de Paris a viré au rouge-orangé. Auroville International France organisait une conférence sur Auroville sur le thème « de l'architecture à l'urbanisme » animée par Luigi de l'Avenir d'Auroville (vous pouvez écouter l'intégralité de la présentation en cliquant). Après la conférence champagne et cocktail nous attendait, c'est à cette occasion que nous avons sorti notre micro histoire de rencontrer ces auroviliens du cœur comme ils le disent, qui parfois n'ayant jamais mis les pieds à Auroville, se sentent participer au projet. Attention à vos oreilles c'est assez bruyant. Plus de photos de la soirée, cliquez sur Read More. Vous voulez être informé des prochaines rencontres d'AVI France, cliquez. Read more

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Bright, sunny, not a typical monsoon Saturday at all...And Youth Center was full of laughter, jumping, screaming, and full of children who were trying to express themselves in various workshops, from painting, sawing, theater, baking. The results of hard working morning were on display in the afternoon, when visitors could enjoy in a small presentation – two theater plays, one done exclusively by children, the other with a little help, dancing of girls, and lively rhythms of capoeria ... In conversation with children we found out that this events are very much welcomed from the side of them, further, they're saying that those are the beautiful part of life in Auroville..MORE IMAGES by clicking READ MORE...Read more


Tuesday, 01 December 2009
More problems, more progress

An eminent educator, linguist, sociologist, psychologist and philosopher, Professor Chittaranjan Das spoke of his past experiences in education. He reflected on his first visit to Auroville, meeting the Mother, and other inspirational persons. To Professor Das, integral education is about attitude, it is a twofold relationship. Initially it is about special involvement in something that is yet to be presented, and secondly how one relates to children. With many problems comes progress, and in integral education  progress is the peak,  the goal to be reached, but it's never reached. He noted that there's always a progress where there are problems...


Sunday, 18 October 2009
Innovative Eduction

Integral Education is a revolutionary concept envisioned by Sri Aurobindo. Sri Aurobindo Ashram School was the first school in India to teach computer science. In tune with this heritage, Auroville has made significant progress in education. An interdisciplinary seminar sponsored by SAIIER allowed all participants to exchange information, ideas and experiences in areas such as Experimental and exploratory approaches to learning and education, Interactive learning, home learning, classroom aids, edutainment, distance learning and more. The following is excerpt from the full length seminar. To listen to the entire presentation pass by the radio for a CD copy or contact us here.


Thursday, 10 September 2009
Why Study Foreign Languages?

Multi-national, multi-lingual nature of Auroville gives its citizen and guests an extraordinary opportunity to study foreign languages and therefore helps to establish mutual understandings between cultures and to build a human unity. Language is the keeper of all learning. One learns the cultural values that unite societies in common understanding through language. A united international society depends upon the pursuit of knowledge that creates dialog and reveals shared values. Those who speak foreign languages are agents to maintain the bonds between the cultures of the languages he or she speaks. In this interview some of Aurovillian agents share how they learn foreign languages and explore the traditions of human existence.


Thursday, 06 August 2009
Fun in progress

Himal comes back on what he calls 'Fun in progress' the expression of his wonders to change things and express new ideas in a ludic way. He tells us how, in his carving class, he tries to offer to children the opportunity to create and express themselves with different material and to encourage both freedom and creativity in an open-minded place. Himal also explains how the creation and expresion of one's self, with creative works and more physical ones can manifest new creative abilities and accompany spiritual realisation.


Wednesday, 17 June 2009
I can`t practice yoga

"I can't practice yoga intensively for the whole day, so I have to do something else, that's why I learn foreign languages", - says Ananda, who was born and grew up in France, lived and worked as a French teacher in Germany, England and Japan. Now in Auroville he's busy with accounting and continues to learn languages. He can read or speak in more than 10 languages: German, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, Spanish, Norwegian, Russian, Slovenian, Tamil, Sanskrit, Japanese... We haven't mentioned French and English, which are self-evident. In the interview Ananda is sharing with us his method of learning languages with joy and easiness. The interview is in Russian, so you can learn some Russian by the way.


Sunday, 12 April 2009
Die Vision lebt!

Jeden Samstag trifft sich der offene Studienkreis der University of Human Unity/UHU im Unity Pavilion. Einer der Initiatoren ist der deutsche Philosophie-Dozent Rudi.  Im November 2006 hat er das Projekt der Universitaet  konkret angestossen, etwas, das hier schon von Anbeginn in der Luft lag, nach den Worten der Mutter sogar einer der Exiztenzgruende fuer Auroville ist. In Auroville Radio spricht Rudi  ueber Idee, erste Schritte und Zukunft von UHU.


Saturday, 11 April 2009
Learn Another Language!

Would you like to learn Tamil, French, Portuguese, English or another foreign language? Have you heard people speak about “the gift of language” and observed that some people seem to just be able to learn languages quickly? Listen to the following interview with Mita from the Language Lab and Tomatis Centre to hear about how this and other assumptions about the ability to learn a language are myths! You too can learn a language, just first find out with which frequencies you're in touch! Mita will overview the Tomatis approach and its wide variety of applications, the history of the Tomatis Centre, and share some of her experiences with Tomatis.

Read more


Monday, 02 March 2009
Des serpents à l`école!

En plus de la vingtaine d'élèves scolarisés à Deepanam School, depuis quelques mois, l'école compte desormais dans ses rangs quelques serpents, lézards et autres bestioles, pour le plus grand plaisir des enfants. Dans le laboratoire créé par Rajiv, les enfants défilent pour prendre soin de leurs nouveaux camarades. L'occasion aussi d'en apprendre un peu plus sur les animaux qui peuplent les alentours d'Auroville.


Monday, 17 November 2008

The University of Human Unity is an attempt to create in Auroville an integral approach to higher education.Rod, a long time aurovilian who was present at the inauguration ceremony in 1968, has a long practice in education.He is one of the founders of UHU.You can check the site


Tuesday, 17 June 2008
Isai Ambalam School

This week's Tamil program features Subash of Isai Ambalam School. The School was started in 1982, initially catering to the learning needs of young adults from villages in the immediate Auroville area in the age group of 8 to 15 years,  considered to be drop-outs from other learning establishments.  Subash joined Auroville in 1993; he is presently the school's principal. Here he shares some of his experiences with lots of joy and surprises. mp3/2008_03_17_interview_subash_isai_ambalam_tamil_lite.mp3

Saturday, 22 March 2008
Integral education

New Creation Bilingual School (NCBS) follows the guidelines of the Integral education as Sri Aurobindo and the Mother outlined them in the matter of education. One of the students of Deepanam School says the following about Deepanam school: 'We are like a family,'  truly expressing how he feels. In an interview with Sanjeev, one of the seven members of the school board and one of the founders of SAIIER (Sri Aurobindo International Institute for Educational Research) in 1983, he talks about SAIIER. Under its umbrella there are many autonomous educational units, and all are focused on helping and support ing the educational and cultural programs within Auroville. Sanjeev sees SAIIER as a vehicle for helping all the institutions or units under its umbrella.

You can listen to the program by checking the broadcasting schedule here.

Wednesday, 19 March 2008
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