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8th Tibet Festival Performance

A very moving performance, last Saturday night, at the Tibetan Pavilion in Auroville, was given as part of the 8th Tibet festival. TSAM (Tibetan Students Association of Madras) expressed, through traditional dance and singing, their hope for a free Tibet. The show ended with the Tibet national anthem which brought tears to my eyes, partly out of gratitude to the generosity and warmth displayed by these hobbyist dancers and singers. Such goodwill, honesty, sense of humor and commitment to the cause of their country. Forget hobbyist, I saw only the weight of the humanitarian work that they are doing. Free Tibet! Read more

Tuesday, 21 January 2014
Celebration of Evolution
At Ilaignarkal Education Centre a traditional Navaratrhi Doll Show was prepared to mark the celebration of Evolution. In one of the rooms of the centre are displayed many amazing figurines and dolls from the rich spiritual Indian tradition. There are various and many practices depending on the part of India, including pujas, paryers, special food items to honour the Celebration of Evolution. Janaki guided us through, explaining different meanings and manners of the gods and godesses. Meenakshi did her usual annual special offering. Read more

Wednesday, 05 October 2011
Pierre Veillat shared with us in Svedam some facts and interesting stories about French archaeological mission of Bubasteïon, Saqqara in Egypt where in 70ies they discovered five exceptional tombs of the new empire. In contemporary papyrus documents the area was known as the Bubasteion, or cult-place of the cat goddess Bastet. But Alain Zivie French archeologist realised that originally these galleries had been made as tombs for the high officials of New Kingdom Memphis. Over the years, his team emptied about 15 of these hypogea which are distributed on two levels in the cliffs. Two of these tombs date to the Old Kingdom, the others range in date from the reign of Hatshepsut to that of Merenptah. Read more

Sunday, 08 May 2011
Turkish History
Not that he's know and serious Sufi scholar and musician, but also his lectures, even on sometimes boring subject as it's history, are very interesting and vast. Over a span of almost two hours he managed to attract listeners attention with broad approach to the history of Turkey area with all their migrations. Listening trough the lecture we were reminded with humor that history can be very subjective or depend on who writes it; what to some nation might be a cruel invasion and aggression to other will be merely fight for survival... All the lectures are enriched by Sufi music and read poetry. Read more

Friday, 29 April 2011
The National Soul

The first attempt of International Zone Groups about exploration of the national soul on Saturday at the Unity Pavilion was natural continuation of something that started with the work on the each panel for the exhibition opened two weeks ago about International Zone and its activities. “Yoga of the Nations” as they bravely named it should bring forward today's awareness of the Nation Soul as larger, collective soul. Discovery and integration will be achieved trough spiritual, religious, geographical, historical, racial, political and economical applied researches in holistic way. Read more

Tuesday, 14 December 2010
“Universal Playground”
The sight on Friday afternoon at the inauguration of exhibition on International Zone was one of the nicest ones – rich, colorful, friendly – a real unity in diversity. Vera started the inauguration by playing song on Russian bells, and few official welcoming speeches were followed by Jaya, Rakhal, Jyoti, Aster Patel, MR. Marc Luyckx Gishi, MR. Doudou Dienne and Mr. Shimelis Adugna. Aruvoille in manifest form is a process, but it is an invisible action in the world of incredible values. It is also the place where world's people can represent their special unique genius of each culture, each people, and we can take it for a new step ahead as an evolving humanity, said Aster Patel amongst other. Read more

Monday, 29 November 2010
Auroville s`installe en Afrique

Dans le sillage d'Auroville, d'autres initiatives bourgeonnent... En pleine savane africaine, au milieu d'une végétation sahélienne clairsemée, sur des sols pauvres, voici le premier Aurovillage... Hassan est venu pour la première fois à Auroville il y a 25 ans. Après avoir passé quelques mois à Auroville, il  rentre en France pour faire une formation en pépinière et arboriculture avec l'idée en tête de revenir s'installer à Auroville. Mais le destin en a décidé autrement. En effet son chemin à croisé celui de Pierre Rabih qui à l'époque montait un projet en agro-écologie au Burkina Faso. Il passa un vingtaine d'année en Afrique de l'Ouest et créa Durant toute ces ann?


Wednesday, 10 February 2010
Oru varudathirku piraku

Mohanam Marutham panpattu maiyathin Mudalam Aandu Niraivu vizha 13. 8. 2009 Andru Alankuppam Villiattu thidalil enithey Nadaipettrathu. Kadantha Oru varudankalaka Mohanam Marutham Siruvarkal karttu vantha (Kollattam, thappatam, Silambattam, Nattupura Nadanam, Nadakam, bharathanatiyam, padal) Kalaikalai vizha Medaiyil velipadulthinargal Ivvizhavirkku pettrorkal Anaivarum Kalanthu kondu, thankal Siruvarkalin thiramaiyinai paratinarkal. Melum Avarkalin Kalachara pariMattrathai parthavudan Kirama Samuthayam Valara Ethu oru Mun udaranamaka Amainthathu. Kirama pura Siruvarkalukku Ivvizha Thankal thiramiyai velipadutha oru Nalla Vaippaka Irunthathu. Ithu mathiriyana Kalai Nikazhichikal kirama makkalai ondru Servatharkku Oru Nalla palamaka Irunthathu.


Thursday, 20 August 2009
Dances of the World

Mohanan Cultural Center prepared last Sunday presentation in Alankuppam of DVD, which was taken of on 26th of February in Visitors Center at their show of Dances of the World – which was done by common efforts of children, youngster and Albinca. Mohanam Cultural Center is trying to be a bridge between the traditional and the modern, is a place where can local children and others find form of art in which they would like to express themselves.


Thursday, 23 July 2009
Between Kalabhumi & Future School

The first school  built in Auroville the Mother named 'Last School' as it was to be the last school of its kind, of the old way of teaching children.  Located near Aspiration Community, Last School is a middle school/high school which has existed in Auroville since the year 1985. Last School students need to be self motivated, and can - if they wish - be involved in the decision-making process and changes affecting the school, since their opinion and feedback is very much respected. Recently Last School's team decided to relocate its campus to the center of Auroville.


Monday, 26 January 2009
Thamarai Celebration

Everyone was warmly invited to Thamarai on the evening of 23rd October. The children of Thamarai community centre, Edayanchavadi, were sharing with us the songs they love to sing, along with Anicca, Tiago, Jivan and Sangara. They even recorded a CD which will travel and be sung by children all around the world. It was an unforgettable evening, with an unbelievable amount of energy in the air.


Thursday, 13 November 2008