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Economics for People and Earth

Today's book launch at the Town Hall Conference Room attracted a large audience, indicating that the topic of the Auroville economy is of great interest to the community. The authors of "Economics for People and Earth", Henk and Manuel Thomas, were introduced by Harini and Guy, and described the book as giving a detailed account of the Auroville economy during 1968 to 2008. Having taken 15 years to produce, plenty of facts and figures support the text. The book was presented by its authors as a labour of love and a gift to Auroville in support of its progress. Read more

Wednesday, 02 October 2013
Masala Fashion (Show)

The students from Lilith apprenticeship program have presented their collections in Kalabhumi in Auroville, on 19 January 2013. The event was a great success! A supportive and enthusiastic crowd cheered and applauded to the models and designers. The designers Leela, Dasha, Ilango and Suhasini presented their creations to an attentive audience of residents of Auroville and guests. In the following links you can see some images shot by Coriolan: --> VIDEO by Manohar  Read more

Monday, 21 January 2013
Upasana Open House
The textile design studio Upasana had opened their doors last Saturday afternoon to welcome the public with tea and snacks. Many came some even from fare to get to know about the inspiring social development projects that have been created here. During this occasion Uma, the founder of this unit, has shared how she has started Upasana in 1997 in a little hut with only one sewing machine and no electricity and how it developed into what it is today. After Mandakini who is one of the project leaders talked with us about her experiences. Read more

Wednesday, 17 August 2011
Awareness, concern and Love
Found in the forests of Auroville are the basis of the products created at Shraddanjali: flowers, leaves, seeds and seedpods. And love and appreciation for the treasures of Nature. Abha, creatrix of Shraddanjali, puts it this way: to showcase the marvelous miracles of Nature so that viewers get a different perspective, an awareness and concern for this planet is the idea, more than selling... she says that's the tiny attempt they do in their work at Shraddanjali. Those who work with her also share and foster the ideal for a win-win situation: that businesses and education on a world level will aspire to make a paradigm change, in recognizing the simplicity and beauty of Nature. Read more

Monday, 11 April 2011
Varanasi Weaver Exhibition

In a short interview recorded in Pondicherry at the opening of the exhibition "Varanasi Weaver Exhibition... a timeless journey", Uma Prajapati explain the importance of this social project Upasana is running in Varanasi. Quoting from the invitation: " Thousands of looms in Varanasi have become silent in the last decade - cheap, bad quality imitations have flooded the market and left weavers and traders in despair. Eighty-five percent of the weavers have wandered away to pursue other livelihood options. India's largest hand-weaving guild is threatened. Upasana has been involved in helping the Varanasi weavers' community since 4 years. We bring to you an exhibition showcasing Benaras through its textile, and tradition… An effort towards presenting responsible fashion and rediscovering pride in our collective heritage... Come experience a glimpse into the oldest city of India...”. The exhibition will be open till the 19th of February at the Alliance Francais (Pondicherry). Read more

Saturday, 12 February 2011
Auroville Products
Just before the New Year we spoke with Isabele, who is one of the founders of Auroville Market about it. As she told us it started three years ago with mainly Food Link products, and slowly overgrown into a well established Saturday Market with Auroville products. Location is central, in front of Solar Kitchen, and time frame Saturday morning. That way many people do pass by, not necessary with the intention to buy. It seems that Aurovillians, and New Comers do enjoy in the culture of Saturday market, on which, they supply themselves with fresh vegetables and food products, but also exchange the ideas, and socialize... Read more

Thursday, 30 December 2010
Well Paper in Paris
Paris, 28th September 2010. It's the last day of the Ethical Fashion Show who is taking place at la cité de la mode et du design next to the Seine. We are with Danny and Orly from Well Paper and Jean Marc Attia their partner in France from Marron Rouge. After the cat walk we interviewed them about their collaboration and how Auroville's unit are perceive in the world ethical market. Read more

Monday, 04 October 2010
The Treasure of the Silk Cocoon

Uma of Upasana and her team have been busy doing research on the silkworm, its cocoon and the incredible length of a single strand from that cocoon. The various processes that must be done before we have in our hands the textile the world knows as silk will be shown in the resultant book which is nearing completion; it presents the humble beginnings of silk and the various processes of how it becomes silk as the world knows it. The book 'Silk' will be completed in the next few months, available through Upasana.

Sunday, 05 September 2010
Auroville is much more than a tourist place
Trough Auroville many people pass every year. Some stays few days, some about a month, but some decide to really “taste” it. Emanuela came from Brasil few months back, and she talked with us about her life, work and experiences here. She found lots of good things for herself around, she soon realized how much she grew, and also that month is not enough to taste what Auroville is about. For her the first month was the hardest but after she started to work, and meet Aurovillians, things changed. And as she said, right now Auroville is her second home.

Friday, 06 August 2010
Marie talks about Nandini

Nandini is a cooperative which supplies clothes on a need basis rather than enticing people to browse and buy things they might not really want, like a shop. Membership is paid for annually and people are given what they need regardless of cost. The clothes are bought in Pondicherry as and when they are required. Yet there are questions about defining need - how many t-shirts a person really needs - and this is monitored carefully. Sometimes people are found to be taking too much and Marie has to talk with them about what they really need. There is also a tailoring service to alter clothes and have things such as curtains and bedclothes made for houses. That piece was uploaded as one from the serie of past articles.


Tuesday, 13 April 2010
Uma of Upasana

Uma's enthusiasm for the work she does is contagious. Her eye ranges far afield; she speaks about Kapas and the cotton farmers and the plight of the weavers, she continues Tsunamika with the fisher ladies, and now the waste... Uma has woven the thread of creativity utilizing the contents of the unit's waste barrels, the goal zero waste. Upasana's employees, men and women of the villages, have successfully produced usable, unique items of beauty entirely of plastic, paper and cloth waste, caught by Uma's clarity and confidence.


Monday, 01 February 2010
Wake up and smell the Kofi

While driving into Auroville along the main road, one of the first stops one sees is a lively hut filled with travelers from all over the world, eating, talking, dancing and surfing the Internet. You may see the open kitchen, with patrons walking in and out. At first this may startle the conventional coffee-drinker, but in time and through experience this atmosphere will prove rather desirable. The following interview is with Snehal, the founder of Kofi bar. He will tell us about this new place, the concept and future plans. Listen in to better understand what makes this hopping new venue in Auroville so innovative!


Monday, 25 May 2009
Bienvenido a La Terrace

Los alimentos que consumimos nos afectan mucho. El origen de la comida y el cuidado con el que esta preparada son dos puntos muy importantes a tener en cuenta. Esta entrevista con Marc de La Terrace es sobre eso, sobre la historia del restaurante, y tambien un poco sobre la vida de Marc.El restaurante hace lo que puede para ser sostonible y crear un buen ambiente para trabajar. ¿Has disfrutado de la comida de La Terrace? Escucha esta entrevista para aprender mas de un popular restaurante de Auroville!


Saturday, 09 May 2009
A Living Water

Maurice has been in Auroville for 30 years and has been working with AquaDyn since five years. In this interview he talks about the development of Aquadyn and the methods and techniques that he uses for the treatment of drinking water. Recognizing the importance of the global problem of potable water, and more specifically the treatment thereof, AquaDyn aims to produce pure, clean and "living" water beneficial to good health.


Thursday, 15 January 2009
Spirulina Farmer

Today a special green and tasty magazine with Hendrik the Spirulina farmer of Auroville. Since 1997,Simplicity Spirulina Farm is growing spirulina for consumption in Auroville itself and also for sale outside. Spirulina is a tiny blue-green algae in the shape of a perfect spiral coil. Biologically speaking, it is one of the oldest inhabitants of the planet. Spirulina is called a super food because its nutrient content is more potent than any other food. For more information click here. mp3/2008_12_17_radio_program_magazine_hendrik_spirulina_english_lite.mp3&totalTime=9:51

Friday, 19 December 2008
Entre danse et fromage

Mozzarella, Auroblochon et autre Parmigiano. A la simple évocation de ces quelques noms, les auroviliens en manque de lait fermenté salivent. Depuis une vingtaine d'année, Olivier fait tourner la fromagerie et s'efforce de répondre à une demande croissante et de plus en plus exigeante. Mais Olivier est un aurovilien aux multiples façettes. Si durant la journée, il fait valser les fromages aux quatre coins d'Auroville et de l'Inde, le soir venu c'est  lui qui virevolte et tournoie.


Monday, 10 November 2008
Cosiendo un sueño

La entrevistada de esta semana es Prema, una Auroviliana de origen argentino que nos cuenta como fue el desafio de llegar a Auroville en un momento de grandes cambios y como la lectura le ayudo a encontrar su sitio en la comunidad. Ademas comparte con nosotros su aventura profesional, en la que  le ofrecieron dos pequeñas maquinas de coser a pedal hasta el momento actual, en el que este pequeño taller se ha convertido en Auromode, una empresa con mas de 250 trabajadores.

The interview of the week is with Prema, an aurovilian that came from Argentina and created a fashion company, that started with just two small sewing machine and in this moment has more than 250 employees.


Monday, 10 December 2007
Workshop on Integral Entrepreneurship

A warm invitation has been issued to all business and service units, free-lance individuals, farmers, youths, students, social workers, educators and community project holders to participate in the following workshop: ‘Integral Entrepreneurship: a tool box of skills to allow our ideas to build the city that the Earth needs. Read more

Monday, 16 October 2006
Social cohesion through trade

The Fair Trade Movement. The IDEA team invites all unit holders, consultants, new entrepreneurs, social workers, farmers and artisans from Auroville and the bio-region to come on Friday, 6th October-  7:30  pm at Conference hall at the Town Hall, Auroville. Marc just came from Bangkok to attend the Asia Fair Trade Conference. He was representing Mereville Trust from Auroville which is a Fair Trade member since 2004. This movement has more than 50 years of history and has been evolving as one more alternative to end poverty through trade and entrepreneurship.  Read more

Wednesday, 04 October 2006
IDEA Open Space

An event that aims at sharing with the community a series of issues related to economy. Mother gave clear indications on how Auroville's economy must function, but left the details of its implementation to us. Today, after 38 years of experimentation, the organisers of IDEA ask us to assess how far we are with regard to that “Ideal Economy”. The IDEA team has prepared 14 panels where key words and situations are visualised in a playful way, and participants are invited to express their feedback. In the afternoons open dialogues go deeper into the details, leading to various ideas of the organisers on how to possibly improve Auroville's economic situation and get closer towards the economy Mother envisioned.Download the document

Tuesday, 29 August 2006

IDEA is a team of Aurovilians and friends committed to the Integral Development of Entrepreneurship in Auroville (IDEA). They define Integral Entrepreneurship as "the co-creation of an innovative and evolutionary enterprise based on a systemic development of value-based products, services and community projects with the aim of supporting an ever progressing and sustainable society where relations of harmony, mutuality and unity with fellow human beings and nature are integrated with the generation of prosperity, beauty and knowledge for the benefit of both the individual and the collective under the guidance of the higher spiritual consciousness." Read more

Thursday, 20 July 2006
Evolution of money

Thomas Greco is a community economist, writer, consultant and educator. He is the founder and Director of the Community Information Resource Centre (CIRC) based in Tucson, Arizona. CIRC provides guidance to communities seeking to develop sustainable economic and social structures. In North America he is regarded as one of the leading experts on community economic development, monetary theory and local currencies. Mr Greco participated in the recently held seminar on "Knowledge, Business and Consciousness".


Wednesday, 08 March 2006

The day one of the conference Knowledge, Business and Consciousness has been  recorded. Click to listen an interview with Arnab Chowdhury, Ajoy Chawla and Ranjan Mitter The 2nd Auroville Dialogue on Knowledg e, Business and Consciousness ended the first day with both the audience and the speakers feeling a strong sense of discovery and purpose. All speakers gave the complicated subjects tackled a new twist, often unveiling different cultural and professional points of view but finding a common ground on the absolute need for continued and constant dialogue. Marc Luyckx as moderator and general coordinator of the day, together with the brilliant support of Dr. Ravi Chaud ry and Pushpa Bhargava held the tight reins of the day, carefully leading the audience to explore the philosophical, the scientific, the business and the pra ctical of each sub$ject present. Read more


Monday, 27 February 2006