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Sunday, World Peace Day
In today's news we are featuring an interview with Krishna on Auroville Film Festival 13, which is going on in, and around Town Hall until Sunday 22nd. At 6pm on Sunday at Town Hall Plaza AVFF13 will conclude. We are invited by The Amphitheatre Group and the Residents' Assembly Service on Sunday at 5pm at Matrimandir Banyan Tree to a Concentration – silent gathering for the physical manifestation of Auroville. Repos need our help - Sunday at 9am to fill some more sand bags to stop the erosion. We can also contribute on Pt# 251194. Read more

Thursday, 19 September 2013
(City Life)
Entry Service Presents
Yesterday the Entry Service team presented to the community a clarification on its actual role and last year’s data and figures. The presentation began with the introduction of each team members ,then Kripa took over with a brief history of this service through the years and its different appellations, followed by a complete and detailed resume of last year activity and results. With dedication she went through sensitive points regarding all those wishing to join the community, and clarified the position of the Entry Service within Auroville... Read more

Sunday, 15 September 2013
(City Life)
Home Building for Dignified Livin
After three week long Auroville Green Practices Summer School 22 students, mostly of architecture, yesterday presented to the community their work - From House to Home Building for a Dignified Living. Divided in teams, each working on specific part of construction, living and human activity, with limited budget they were searching for best possible solutions satisfying parameters existing in today's life. Yet they went further in their search of sustainable home, off the grid(water, electricity), possible to survive natural calamities. Read more

Sunday, 11 August 2013
(City Life)
Open Platform - Entry #5

With continuation of Open Platform sessions, and with the work of task group on certain issues things slowly starting to get a form. How to simplify the bureaucratic ways in order to bring to Auroville more people, especially young, and from the under privileged countries was the main discussion on Friday's Open Platform at Unity Pavilion in International Zone. As the topic is very complex, with aspects ranging from The Mother vision and guidance, to Indian law , and to past experiences of the community, finding the clear way isn't easy Read more

Monday, 05 August 2013
Cartoon Exhibition, Earth Day, GB
In today's news we are featuring Manu and Swapnil talking on the Cartoon Exhibition on Affordable Housing prepared by 14 concerned architects along with L'Avenir d"aAuroville which will be on display at Town Hall and Solar Kitchen until 12th. They are asking the community for feedback. We are also featuring an excerpt of interaction of Governing Board with the community past Saturday with Paulette and Dr. Karan Singh talking on UNESCO and AV as a World Heritage Site. Today at 4.30pm at Marc's Cafe at Visitor Center - Earth Day meeting. Read more

Monday, 08 April 2013
Des meubles en Tetra Pack !
Dimanche, Marc a propose un workshop au Youth Center sur la fabrication de tabourets en Tetra Pack. Oui, vous avez bien lu, nous parlons bien des briques de lait et de jus de fruit. Grace a un astucieux assemblage des briques entre elles pour enfermer de l air a l interieur, il est possible de realiser des meubles tres resistants. Les cinq participants ont egalement appris a les recouvrir de posters decores et a fabriquer du papier mache pour une assise plus confortable. Marc nous explique l origine de ce projet de recyclage ecolo et rigolo. Read more

Monday, 01 April 2013
(City Life)
Sustainable Habitats-Introduction
This morning within Sustainable Habitats Workshops under the umbrella of Auroville Green Practices, and organized by Auroville Consulting, Toine has started with brief introduction of Auroville. Small number of participants, mainly architects will deepen their knowledge on sustainability in the next few days, while the lectures and workshops will be going on on different locations, until Friday. This morning Suhasini was talking on principles of design and evaluation processes of architecture in Auroville and other cities. Read more

Tuesday, 05 March 2013
(City Life)
Bamboo Construction Workshop
At Auroville Bamboo Research Centre they've organized bamboo construction workshop for 1st years students of DY.Patil College of Architecture, Navi, Mumbai. 85 students have managed to construct a dome out of bamboo, were making instruments, toys, chair, geometrical dome and yurt, they did get to know many facts about incredible values/qualities of bamboo. Following is the interview with three of them- Mallika, Prateek and Vini. Each of them is full of enthusiasm over bamboo, and its uses...Nick talks on organizational part of the workshop. Read more

Sunday, 17 February 2013
(City Life)
Developing Guidelines
Joint interactive workshop of L'Avenir d'Auroville and Resident Assembly Service at Unity Pavilion was called for the purpose for community to come together and discuss on which guidelines we should all agree to be undertaken when one is about to start to build. After Helene's presentation with some examples of exercises participants have divided in smaller groups to find the possible suggestions for future guidelines in building. Recording are minutes of HElen's presentation and some outcomes of the workshop. Read more

Tuesday, 29 January 2013
(City Life)
Workshop on Guidelines

Helen, a volunteer from UK, participates at L'Avenir d'Auroville, and is an expert in decision processes, talks on the guidelines. On Monday 28th of January at Unity Pavilion in International Zone between 4 to 7pm she with Elvira, member of RAS will facilitate the workshop for the community to develop building guidelines. Those should be simple, clear, more transparent yet basic, clearly expressing of what the community wants in the building application processes. That would be the first review of the application process after 25 years.


Wednesday, 09 January 2013
B`s Happy Birthday!!!
Past Saturday Auroville Radio attended to the International House to birthday party of one of our favourite Aurovillians, B., and the happenings around it . There we inaugurate a recycled house, we saw the fabulous performance of the percussion band Butterfly, we talked with B. about his project and the zero waste, we raised a Shinto gate, paint the bricks of the Thrash Mahal, Sang Happy Birthday, and of course, eat delicious cake and drink some tea in a friendly and great atmosphere. Enjoy it! Read more

Tuesday, 27 November 2012
(City Life)
Low Cost Housing part 2
On Saturday at Arka was the second meeting on affordable housing topic with a bit more than handful of participants. Two short presentations on possibilities in the range of affordable housing were shown by Gilles Boulanger and Krishan. In depth were discussed possible reasons for the pumped up prices of costs per square meter of either individual houses or flats. Out of all was given a practical option to start with the "pool" to collect finances for housing in order to foster the housing available for all, more align with Auroville spirit. Read more

Monday, 26 November 2012
CCC with B bday, Perseverance
Our friend senior Aurovillian Jayant Patel, husband of Aster Patel, left his body to the light on Wednesday 20th. We leave Jayant'ji in Mother's hands with our love and respect, and with warmest condolences for Aster'ji. On Saturday 24th at 3pm at International House - first of the Phoenix Project series organized by Community Cultural Colors to raise the Shinto Gate of the new Trash Mahal , B birthday, and much more.The same day at 10am at Arka we are invited to the report of the first meeting on Affordable Housing and to continuation. Read more

Thursday, 22 November 2012
Thane, Affordable Houses, TT
In today's news we feature interview with Marc on anniversary exhibition Cyclone Thane, and in the next one Jagran talks on affordable housing meeting on Monday at 10am at Arka. Tomorrow at 5pm at MMC Auroville Swim Team presentation and sharing of Kolkota National Life Saving Competition, where 16 children from Auroville participated. Tomorrow at 3pm at Unity Pavilion Annette invites us for the action for Peaceful People – First short meeting for those who are interested in empowering to energies of peace in our community. Read more

Thursday, 08 November 2012
(City Life)
V&P no6 Planning
Values and Priorities meeting no.6 facilitated by Residents Assembly Service was set up for topic of planning, for all participants to discuss on near future since Auroville will celebrate its golden jubilee. How we want to proceed, and if there are any frictions in the community how to overcome them. Aim of this meeting was also to actively communicate with suggestions for the new L'AVenir d'Auroville/TDC 2012 2018 team. All agreed that we do not share, not communicate enough. Many in the community feel that we have gone astray from the path Read more

Wednesday, 19 September 2012
Changing Lifestyles
"Set Fire to the Rain"concert at Pitanga at 7.30 pm presented by Lisa, Holger, Martin, Matt, Jonas and Tina. On Thursday Morning at Multi Media Center in Town Hall Auroville Green Practice starts with three days hands-on workshop, plenary talks and sessions on Energy Positive Habitats with over 70 participants from Auroville as well from outside.Working Meeting of the the Residents on Thursday, 30th at 5pm at Unity Pavilion. The agenda of this meeting will be to work out and agree on specific changes to the proposed document. Read more

Monday, 27 August 2012
(City Life)
Transparency, Alternative Housing
For many participants the proposed agenda for the Values and Priorities meeting no. 4, was not really acceptable; on Restriction to Entry, when we should have examined the proposal for outlying lands be converted into resources to buy land within the Master Plan Area (in order to develop affordable houses) the meeting concluded after more than two hours of lively discussion. It was clear that we need to explore further the costs of present construction, which seems to be blown up; let's come up with concrete plans for alternative housing. Read more

Tuesday, 21 August 2012
Pro active Meetings
In today's news we feature interview with Jesse from RAS about the Collective Priorities & Values Meeting No.4 , today at 4.30 at Unity Pavilion with the topic on Restrictions to Entry. Following the call for feedback on the proposed Admission and Termination Regulations, the RAS has compiled a document in progress as a result of received feedback, and comments from GM. This Saturday 25th at 8pm at Visitors Centre we can test our knowledge of Auroville Trivia against our celebrity teams at the Quiz Show Genius Incorporated production Read more

Monday, 20 August 2012
Values no.4,  Mother Earth
By RAS we're all invited to a Collective Values & Priorities Meeting No.4 on Monday 20th of August at 4.30 pm at Unity Pavilion with which will focus on the possibility of selling Outlying Lands to generate resources to buy land within the Master Plan Area; and to build new affordable housing to alleviate restrictions to Entry. At Savitri Bhavan, today at 5.30 pm Michael Miovic will give lecture and power point presentation with tittle - The seven Jewel-Centres of Mother Earth. On Saturday at MMC in Town Hall at 10.30 am Garbology 101. Read more

Thursday, 16 August 2012
(City Life)
LRD on Outlying Lands
At yesterday's 3rd Collective Priorities and Values Meeting organized by the RAS, Pashi and Luigi from Land Resource Development team presented a proposal on outlying lands, which was a request from the previous meeting. After a few years of intensive research, mapping, and collecting data on the spot (along with many consultations from outside experts) Luigi and Pashi presented quite a concrete plan, business-oriented with applied Auroville values. A debate went on afterwards that expressed feelings and views of various residents. Read more

Tuesday, 07 August 2012
Rio +20

Rio +20 from 20th to 26th of June in Rio de Janerio in Brasil it will be follow up of starting summit of twenty years ago. Filip, who spent most of his life in Auroville, is passionate about forest, and sustainable projects, actively involved in Tree House Community... no doubt that summit is very attractive to him, because over 190 countries will participate on Rio +20 with their head leaders, ready to sign some serious commitment in behalf of their governments. Filip wants to document the event, and will try to build a special tree house.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012
(City Life)
The Ladder House
I stopped by to speak with Avikal, an architect under Manu's direction at the International House, about what he calls the "Ladder House." The structure, which is made of bamboo ladders, rope, and Tetrapack sheets, is a mobile work and living space. At two and a half levels, the structure contains an office, 2 living areas, and a composting toilet on the first level. On the upper levels there are 8 bunk beds for in-house living; and best of all, the entire structure can be partially deconstructed and moved for on-site working conditions. Read more

Thursday, 16 February 2012
Residental Zone & Sadhana Forest
Tonight we can see two interesting theater plays – at 7pm at Visitor Centre The Mankeys presents form Monkeymotion to Mokemotion, and 8pm at Sri Aurobindo Auditorium in Pavilion of Indian Culture the Morodokmai Theater Troupe from Thailand will put on the stage Chitra by Rabindranath Tagore. Tomorrow at 5pm at Creativity Hall of Light L'Avenir d'Auroville will share with us Residential Zone Presentation, and on Friday Sadhana Forest will celebrate its 8th birthday with an all-day festival of workshops and live performances! Free bus rides. Read more

Tuesday, 20 December 2011
Housing Project Pipeline
Today’s featured interview is with Bridget of l’Avenir, explaining a bit of what’s in the housing project pipeline. Announcements include poets of Auroville reading as part of World Poetry Movement 24 Sept., Auroville Film Festival's 121 films run September 29th through October 3 and, the Residents’ Assembly Service calls for a for a complete review of the selection process for future Councils and Working Committees on Thursday 29th September at 4:30, Sri Aurobindo World Centre for Human Unity. Read more

Wednesday, 21 September 2011
Housing and Babmoo
In addition to their regular service, the L'avenir team will be available once a month to community members. The first was yesterday on Wednesday, September 14th, at the L'avenir office, Town Hall. And here's and excerpt of interview with Dorle and Sauro on that . Auroville Bamboo Research Centre will be planting seedlings of bamboo tomorrow at 7am on the grounds of Centre, and In the afternoon at 5pm in Conference Room at Town Hall few speakers will talk about bamboo - its usage, significance in Auroville and bioregion. Read more

Thursday, 15 September 2011
(City Life)
Newcomers and Reality
With announcement about temporarily "closed" doors of Entry Service caused for the first time in their mandate since 2009 to get some feedback from a cross section of the community. We need the human asset in order for community to grow, we need energy, expertise, finances - everything that committed new comer can bring. Entry Service is in charge of screening candidates, but if the community doesn't fully open the doors by providing the infrastructure necessary to welcome new comers, the Entry Service is more like bouncers.

Friday, 02 September 2011
Progress at  a General Meeting
The General Meeting of yesterday gives hope and shows progress. This news offers an excerpt of it; listen to the entire thing later on today on AurovilleRadio and attend the next meeting in two weeks. Annoouncements: computer classes for Seniors with teachers Uriel and Ganesh begin Thursday 21st July at 2pm, Kolam Computer Centre at New Creation. Help build Auroville by pioneering a new community! The Transit Lounge, an experiment in dis-mountable housing with common facililties presented Thursday July 28th 5 pm Town Hall Conference Roon. Read more

Wednesday, 20 July 2011
Unveiling Housing Issues
In today's news we feature Bridget from L'Avenir d"Auroville talking about outcome of the survey on housing, and many other issues related to it. The full interview with Bridget and Muthaeh from L'AVenir d'Auroville was recorded by Monica and will be soon uploaded on AV Radio page. Buddha garden is celebrating it's Basil day on Tuesday, June the 21st and on this occasion they will offer Pasta with Pesto from 11.30 am to 1.30 pm. Everyone is welcome. AV GAS Service and Working Committee informs us that they have received information from the LPG gas agency in Pondicherry that they will shortly introduce a new booking system for purchasing the LPG gas, IVRS(integrated voice recognition system). Read more

Thursday, 16 June 2011
SAWCHU at 5pm
Last Wednesday General Meeting follow up will be tomorrow at 5pm again at SAWCHU, and you are all kindly invited to participate. The Auroville Housing needs and resources survey was completed by 175 people in Auroville. Surveys gives valuable data from a planning point of view and also a database that will allow more effective communications on housing issues with those in need. Anyone that is not included but would like to be, can call to housing service from mid June onwards where he/she will be helped to updated online. Thanks to the pilot project ‘Community Information Centre' as part of the ICITI Project, funded by Stichting De Zaaier (through PCG), we are now able to offer at Savitri Bhavan individual computer access to a large range of study materials: documents, audio and video relating to the lives, work and writings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. Three stations with monitor, mouse and earphones are connected to a central server. Users can browse freely and access all the materials stored in the server. Read more

Wednesday, 01 June 2011
(City Life)
Weekly Update-Transit
The Transit Lounge project has taken solid roots. Every Wednesday, prospective users gather to discuss issues, share ideas and visit builders to get first hand experience of the 8 housing designs. At the start of this week, we share an interview with Architect Manu, who summarizes last Wednesday's meeting in which "users" were brought together with builder Peter A. Luminosity and his design "Beyond Johnny". This weeks meeting will take place on Wednesday 18th at 5pm, location Reeve. Prospective "users" will have the opportunity to meet with builder Eric and receive explicit information on his Auzolan Construction. We are looking to follow the development of The Transit Lounge/ Dis-Mountable Housing Project, but if ... Read more

Monday, 16 May 2011
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