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(City Life)
Five years of special radio

On 5ht of December 2004 AurovilleRadio was “born”. In interesting interview with Andrea we overview last five years from its early beginnings to today, and what actually AurovilleRadio is to the  community, and what it is to the other world. Nevertheless the progress of community in whole is  very much related to the level of flux of information, and in Auroville especially that is of the vital point, because the people who live here are form all over the world, are indeed so different, and to live in unity in diversity information need to be shared. Happy birthday!


Saturday, 05 December 2009
(City Life)
Land Annual Report

During the period under review, Auroville Foundation purchased 7.40 acres in the planned township area while 5.91 acres were secured by way of land exchange with the unutilized land outside the planned township area.  Of the total 13.31 acres that were secured during the year, 11.86 were in the Green Belt and 1.45 in the City Area of Auroville.  An amount of Rs. 46,72,695 was received by way of offerings and donations from friends and well-wishers of Auroville as well as from guests and residents of Auroville.Click to downaload the full report as pdf.

Sunday, 15 November 2009
(Arts & Culture)
Kottakarai Celebration

On on 15th August local villages around Auroville joyfully celebrated Indian independence day, an anniversary which fell on Sri Arobindo's 137th birth anniversary. One of the neighboring villages located very close to Auroville's greenbelt, called Kottakarai, participated enthusiastically in this unique celebration. Accordingly, women's groups from the village in conjunction with school students organized sports and other activities to encourage people from the village to get involved. Sudhakar interviewed some Tamil participants who were involved in these events, and AurovilleRadio has happily uploaded this program for everyone to hear.


Saturday, 07 November 2009

Last Saturday in the small village Rayapettai in the Auroville bioregion people gathered for a special event – introduction of Village Mapping Project with Google Earth. Amazing, and maybe hard to imagine but Rayapettai is on the map of the world on net! The aim of the project which started in spring was to contribute to the cultural and social revitalization of the region, and improve rural development. The project was introduced to the villagers with huge map made by Village Mapping Project team, and a children's play, which told us about Google Earth on its own way. Now Rayapettai exists on the map of the whole world! Would any of other villages follow that great example? Read more


Wednesday, 14 October 2009
(Arts & Culture)
Pourquoi les vaches sont sacrées?

C'est bien connu, qui n'est jamais rentré dans une vache en Inde? Plantée au beau milieu de la circulation, la vache indienne paraît intouchable pour les occidentaux, elle exerce sa royauté n'importe où du moment qu'elle passe. La vache est sacrée pour certains, et sacrément bonne pour d'autres. Les sons qu'elle produit sont beaucoup moins variés que la diversité des fromages fait avec son lait. Quoiqu'il en soit nous avons choisi cette semaine d'explorer le son de la vache et de comprendre un peu plus le mythe sacré qui l'entoure. Pour télécharger ce programme cliquez ici.


Monday, 12 October 2009
(Arts & Culture)
Did you like the Movie?

Hear comments, thoughts and interviews from the public of Auroville as well as guests about their views of the Auroville film festival 2009. One thing the interviewers are constantly bringing out is: that the AVFF is great and creative endeavor. That the films give a better glimpse into Auroville and the bioregion. That this process reflects many goals of Auroville. Auroville is suppose to be a place of unending education (developing one's skills in video would definitely fit the bill), a place of human unity, many of the films were done by village kids, plus the atmosphere of cooperation and collaboration (not competition) in making the films was really great. The creative spirit is alive and well in AV thanks to the AV Film Festival! Watch the video here.

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Monday, 28 September 2009
(Arts & Culture)
Film Festival Inauguration

The first Auroville Film Festival opened in the presence of all whose contribution made it happen. Present were two of the judges: actor-director Revathy Menon and reporter/documentary filmmaker Gerard Perrier. Aurovilian Marco of Cinema Paradiso, initiator of the festival, presented an overview and warm thanks to all the participants. A few comments from organizers, filmmakers and spectators present in the crowd expressed their enthusiasm and delight, to see months of preparation bear fruit.Click here to view the inauguration at Town Hall, on AurovilleTV.

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Thursday, 24 September 2009
(Arts & Culture)
Four More Days Until

The first Film Festival of Auroville! Almost here! Temperature and curiosity rose yesterday during a 24-hour display of huge neon bulbs strung across the road between Solar kitchen and Certitude. The idea was to film the entire construction of the neon bulb construction from its start to its dismantling. Passers-by were more or less intrigued but the highlight appeared after sunset, when all bulbs were in place, and shining forth in the night, visible to all “Auroville Film Festival 09.” Flashy, a bit glamorous, befitting a film premiere. Coming next week. For more infos click here.

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Saturday, 19 September 2009
(City Life)
Tree cutting near certitude

Private Land inside Auroville is a burning issue. While plans for the future city are being made, private land owners are pursuing their own plans. The tree cutting in the land near Certitude is a visible reminder of this gap. The land was flattened and is being offered for sale. AurovilleRadio tries to shed some light on what is happening there. Interviews with land owners and Jesse from the Auroville Council give two different perspectives on the subject.


Friday, 18 September 2009
Oru varudathirku piraku

Mohanam Marutham panpattu maiyathin Mudalam Aandu Niraivu vizha 13. 8. 2009 Andru Alankuppam Villiattu thidalil enithey Nadaipettrathu. Kadantha Oru varudankalaka Mohanam Marutham Siruvarkal karttu vantha (Kollattam, thappatam, Silambattam, Nattupura Nadanam, Nadakam, bharathanatiyam, padal) Kalaikalai vizha Medaiyil velipadulthinargal Ivvizhavirkku pettrorkal Anaivarum Kalanthu kondu, thankal Siruvarkalin thiramaiyinai paratinarkal. Melum Avarkalin Kalachara pariMattrathai parthavudan Kirama Samuthayam Valara Ethu oru Mun udaranamaka Amainthathu. Kirama pura Siruvarkalukku Ivvizha Thankal thiramiyai velipadutha oru Nalla Vaippaka Irunthathu. Ithu mathiriyana Kalai Nikazhichikal kirama makkalai ondru Servatharkku Oru Nalla palamaka Irunthathu.


Thursday, 20 August 2009
Dances of the World

Mohanan Cultural Center prepared last Sunday presentation in Alankuppam of DVD, which was taken of on 26th of February in Visitors Center at their show of Dances of the World – which was done by common efforts of children, youngster and Albinca. Mohanam Cultural Center is trying to be a bridge between the traditional and the modern, is a place where can local children and others find form of art in which they would like to express themselves.


Thursday, 23 July 2009
(City Life)
Do you feel safe in Auroville?

A core question for females, also for the members of the Women Safety Task Force, which was recently founded under the umbrella of the Auroville Health Services. The group will address all the issues around sexual assaults against women, create awareness, inform about prevention and offer support after an incident. A website and a helpline will be launched soon. Isn't too much open information scaring for other women – to this question, AurovilleRadio gets many answers of what makes the difference for all of us to feel safe in Auroville.


Monday, 20 July 2009
(City Life)
Hop on the Bus

For half a year Hari from Saiier Transport and Chandresh and Taj from Auroville Community Transport  comprise a team. Their Pondi/Auroville trips (and other bus services)  are in cooperation between a government funded institution and a private initiative. The common goal is to support mobility within Auroville from individualized, fossil based transport to alternative energy; a more eco-friendly, collective transport solution. How is the cooperation, what are the challenges, the plans and visions - the trio speaks of their realistic yet magic ideas.


Tuesday, 07 July 2009
Working at the city center Cafe

My name is Muthukumar. I was born in Kuilapalayam in a poor family and studied in a government school there until the 4th standard. In 1994 I got the chance to join the Life Education Center in Kottakarai, where I studied for the next 7 years, learning masonry and typing. Also I learned about Auroville and the works of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo. Then, after studying in Pondicherry for 2 years, I got married. My next work was at Siddhartha Farm, and in the Auroville Boutique. But I would like to work in the area of social work. Now I'm working at the cafe “le Morgan” in the city center where I am happy; I have a beautiful life in Auroville. mp3/2009_04_22_interview_muthukumar_city_center_tamil_lite.mp3&totalTime=9:55

Wednesday, 01 July 2009
(City Life)
Auroville Action in Villages

“Village Action Group” is taking care of more than 50 villages around Auroville. This organization, which combines Aurovilians and salaried employees, tries to help villagers (especially women and youth) to organize themselves into self-help groups, for personal and economical development (micro-credit) and village development (micro-project). Other activities also supported by Village Action are education, sports, culture, health, ecology… Anbu has worked for 20 years in AVAG; he now directs its activities under a trust of “Village Action Group”.


Wednesday, 20 May 2009
(Arts & Culture)
Behind the Scenes: AV Film Festival

Do you create films?  Do you know an Aurovillian who is involved in film-making? Auroville will host it's first film festival this coming September 2009, and preparations are already underway. The following interview speaks with Marco, a coordinator of the event, about what kinds of films one will be able to see.  Also listen for Marco's take on the place of film as an intermediary, or as he says, “the media of dissent.”  Also, following along on AurovilleRadio each month for updates on this upcoming event.


Monday, 18 May 2009
La Terrace: A Sustainable Work Environment

Right above the Solar Kitchen,the most popular lunching venue for Aurovillians, sits La Terrace, a café quite able to compete. This edition of Towards Sustainability with Marc from La Terrace looks at sustainability through a bit of a different lens. Through investigation of the work environment and unstable history of La Terrace to tracking the food systems which support this café, Marc explains the aspirations and achievements of one of Auroville's favorite restaurants.


Saturday, 25 April 2009
(City Life)
A talk with Roger Anger

The document presents a conversation with Roger Anger recorded in 1996. The architect talks about   the different evolutions of his career and explains how his research of  harmony in shapes and colors was also related with his spiritual seeking. He also comes back on how he finally got involved in  Auroville project and talks about his encounters with the Mother and the evolution of the city, from the very beginnings to the later developments.


Thursday, 02 April 2009

A major component of Pitchandikulam Forest’s work involves working with communities to empower them towards self-sustainability and involve them in the process of eco-restoration. Currently the Pitchandikulam team works in 25 villages throughout the Kaliveli Bio-Region. Giving the example of Nadukuppam village, Joss talks about planting of Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest, environmental education, establishment of womens; Self Help Groups, awareness programmes, income generation initiatives. The team from Auroville is also involved in the protection and development of local traditional health medicine through the use of indigenous medicinal plants and conducts health camps for people and cattle.


Monday, 30 March 2009
(City Life)
Newcomer Reception #3

As usual about 40 people attended the Newcomer Reception at Pitchandikulam forest. Joss, the founder of the community talked about his life experiences and the early days of Auroville. He made a presentation of the Nadakuppam environmental education centre which he initiated and is now fully operational. We also saw a short video of the Adayar Poonga ecological preservation project which is being directed by Joss and in development stage. Click play to listen, or download this program.

mp3/2009_03_19_presentation_newcomer_reception_3_pitchandikulam_english_lite.mp3 Read more

Saturday, 21 March 2009
Loving animals

Here some words by Sunder who is in process to apply as New Comer. “I am Sunder from Edayanchavady. I work at Buddha Garden, doing animal care; there are many different things to take care for. Right now I work as a volunteer. I am interested in most of the things I do and love working with animals. I start early morning, around 6 o'clock and work until 9 a.m. It means doing farming in the morning and afterwards I start animal care around 10 a.m. I feel farm work is an important thing in the life. I have done my BBA and after that I got a job in Auroville... so I'm happy to work in Auroville and would like offer fully to Auroville.”


Friday, 20 March 2009
(City Life)
Kali Festival

Have you ever wondered how people party in the village? Tuesday, February 24th marked the end of a nearly week-long festival in honor of the Hindu Goddess Kali. AurovilleRadio attended the festivities of the final evening in the village of Alankupam and caught glimpses of a Tamil festival atmosphere. Play the following selection to learn about the Goddess Kali and hear an interview with Vika asking Shaktivel, a local resident, to explain how the festival unfolds.

mp3/2009_02_24_magazine_kali_festival_english_lite.mp3 Also, click READ MORE to see photos from the event. Read more

Thursday, 12 March 2009
(Arts & Culture)
Auroville Film Festival 2009

“Image is a poetry in itself.” Films are a way of expressing ourselves as well as learning about far off, exciting places. Auroville will host its first official film festival this year. The following interview is with Marco, a coordinator of the event, and he invites all Aurovillians and guests to come and support this effort. A prize will be given to the best documentary covering Auroville produced within the past two years, the best news piece, and the best poem written by Aurovillians. Listen to this interview to find out more and how you can participate!


Friday, 13 February 2009
Organic Farming

Herbert from Siddhartha Farm is here since 1993. After he arrived he started to work with agriculture which was hardly developed at that time. Promoting organic cultures he started Siddhartha Farm where he is trying to develop his ideals of a city producing its own needs. If you want to know more about it click here and listen.


Wednesday, 21 January 2009
Integrated Hydrologic

Dr. Vishal Mehta is a hydrologist and environmental modeler with ten years of experience in water resources, forest conservation and micro-hydropower for rural development. In the talk given by him is presented current work involving the Water Evaluation and Planning (WEAP) software system, a scenario-driven water resources software specifically designed for Planning and Policy evaluation. These modeling tools play an important role in providing a Water Resources Perspective on local and regional planning levels and are particularly vital in Auroville, given India’s largely unplanned growth.


Monday, 12 January 2009
The Colors of Nature

Jesus, who has been in Auroville since 1993 is in charge of research into eco-friendly discharge in natural ways. He talks in this interview about the ways in which he aims to alleviate the problems of pollution and the excessive use of pesticides in farming methods. He talks about the successes that he has achieved and the problems that he has encountered.


Friday, 02 January 2009
Water Challenge II

Sustainable water resource management  is one of the basis of a sustainable community. Tency, from CSR - Center Scientific Research – give details about the programs Auroville is developing based on studies of  the bioregion aquifer done with the cooperation of the Tamil Nadul government. Reforestation, rain water infiltration and  the conscious use of the resource are the bases of this program. He also explains the devices the communities are using to recycle the waste waters system and  the big project that CSR is developing to  recycle all the waste watter of the city of Pondycherry.


Tuesday, 16 December 2008
(Arts & Culture)
Prayer to God

Golus last day is saraswathy pooja. 9 days we pray to ambal. By praying to God this way we get sakthi in ourselves. On the 10 day it is iyida pooja which is for iyadam (weapons). Only in indian culture we pray with weapons, and cows. We thank the cows and weapons because we use them for our uses. We make Golu a interesting day for kids by tell stories and placing dolls shaped like god on shelves. We give prasadam to people.


Wednesday, 10 December 2008
Born in Auroville

For the english magazine of today, a talk about Aurovilles present and future with Tixon. A young Indian, born in Auroville, who tells us how he found his way to Auroville and what made him come back after finishing his school in England. He talks about both: the positive influences of western culture, as well as the positive influences of the surounding villages, giving their piece to the diversity of Auroville. To listen to the whole Interview, you can click here.


Wednesday, 03 December 2008
Caring for Village Children

Sathyamurthy and Anbu are from Ediyanchavadi. They both work at Thamarai in the role of social worker. Sathyamurthy also works at the Botanical Garden as an environmental teacher. He explains Thamarai's activities: what they are doing for the people, children and adults. Nearly one hundred children attend, learning different classes such as dance, drama, yoga, pottery, sports, mathematics, and so on. Kathy and Bridget are the two main persons who started Thamarai in Edaiyanchavadi; they have worked hard to develop its activities.


Tuesday, 25 November 2008
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