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(City Life)
Behind the Mask

How to improve our communications? Or, how to improve our relationships and business relations? How do we communicate? Verbally or non-verbally? Or both? Are you aware of your non-verbal communication? Often, body language is more effective than verbal communication. Knowing how to use your body language more consciously can help dramatically improve your relationships, personal and professional ones. Sandhi Spiers is the founding Director of the Wholistic Business Network. He works with people in Mind And Body. Read more

Friday, 13 December 2013
(Arts & Culture)
Genius Classik Stuff

It comes as no surprise that the Visitor Centre was packed last night. Why? The Genius Brothers and their Academic show "Classik Stuff", of course, and the fact that not many  would dare to miss it. Genius Brothers have, already for years, through the use of metaphorical language and humour, served up some truths. At times unmerciful, they hardly skip any area concerning our lives in Auroville, in order to expose some of the problems that bother most of us, yet providing the frame of humor, we are given the option to shift focus to a lighter point... as we go on searching for meaning in this crazy town Read more

Saturday, 26 October 2013
(Arts & Culture)

The completion of Trust, the first song of an album in progress by Taranti and Ruben, inspired us to interview Taranti. She explains that the song was written for a friend who was depressed, to shine a light on the trust that Taranti knows is present in each one of us, even during our darkest hours. She also speaks of the overall aim of bringing meaningful lyrics to the dance floor, through the addition of beats by Ruben. After an intense time singing mainly lullabies, Taranti and Ruben are both excited to be experimenting with music again. Listen to the whole song at the end of the interview. Read more

Wednesday, 02 October 2013
The New Being
On January 1, 1969, starting just after midnight, Mother felt an immense personality, something very material and luminous. It was very powerful but its character was a smiling benevolence, a peaceful joy and a blossoming in the joy and the light. It came directly into Mother's body and gave the feeling of something that had come to stay. Mother wondered if it was the personality which would later manifest in supramental forms of if it would manifest in the body of the intermediary being, the superman. After that , Mother's body no longer... Read more

Tuesday, 01 October 2013
(Arts & Culture)
Conference sur le Vedanta
Surya Tahora nous a presente une conference captivante sur le Vedenta et les chemins de la liberte, ou comment apprehender la vision du UN absolu et universel. Surya est né à Madagascar..Il rencontre en 1995 Swami Dayananda Saraswati, un enseignant contemporain de la Non Dualité (Advaita Vedanta) dans la tradition du philosophe Indien Shankaracarya. Surya étudie depuis cette date avec Swami Dayananda les principaux textes de la tradition philosophique Indienne dans leur langue d’origine, le Sanskrit Read more

Thursday, 26 September 2013
The Universal Mother
Sri Aurobidno tells us that Mother's prayers in Her book "Prayers and Meditations" are mostly written in an identification with the earth-consciousness. The Mother in the lower nature addresses the Mother in the higher nature, the Mother herself carrying on the sadhana of the earth-consciousness for the transformation. These prayers are written in 1914. Half of century later, in Her Agenda, Mother tells of enfolding the earth and seeing a changed earth with a glorious inner light. Later She explains that Her body was built for the purpose.. Read more

Tuesday, 24 September 2013
The Supramental Ship
On February 3, 1958, Mother's consciousness went to an intermediate zone between our world and the supramental world, where the link to connect the two worlds was being created. On February 19, 1958 she read out the written report of her experience to the Ashram, It was recorded, transcribed and published in the 1957-58 volume of Mother's 'Questions and Answers'. Mother's report details the penetration of the most material vibration of the supramental into the most material physical level of our world. She describes many things in detail. It Read more

Tuesday, 03 September 2013
(Arts & Culture)
Poems of Love and Travel
Raining Wednesday evening offered interesting closure with poetry evening. Monica Mody, already known in Auroville, introduced this time her new, soon to be published, book - Kala Pani - with poems of love and travel. She has published three chapbooks of poetry & cross-genre experiments and her writing has recently appeared in The Harper Collins Book of English Poetry, iARTistas, The Poetry, Pyrta, and Northeast Review, among other places. She lives in San Francisco." Read more

Friday, 16 August 2013
Eco Earth Day  TEDx Talks
This morning at Conference Room in Town Hall we had a chance to listen to some interesting short talks with its common thread on ecology awareness. The opening session was with Cesare who shared with us some points of Open Source Hardware in relation to the local community or DIY ( Do It Yourself). Followe by Snehal talking on Kitchen Gardens or why we should grow food everywhere. Deoyani Sarkhot emphasized versatile usage of charcoal and which benefits it can bring to the soil. First part was concluded with Kathy on health and environment. Read more

Saturday, 20 April 2013
A Heart Opened to the Divine
Tyler Carson, a volunteer at Village Action Group, has came to Auroville in the group of twelve as their part of intership of the study on integrative energy healing. Their study in Seattle is a three years program design to incorporate teachings from India(Vedic system), China(meridian system) and North American Native tradition in order for students to know how to use the universal energy in order to promote healing in the body. Tyler is working on sound healing by allowing his heart to be open to the Divine while making the music. Read more

Wednesday, 06 March 2013
(City Life)
Invitation to a Dance on V - Day

ONE BILLION RISING - is an invitation to a dance, invitation of new way of being, of an unique contribution of women, of sustainable life ... to both women and men, says Irena while inviting all of us to join the billion of those who would be celebrating that day with a dance to raise the awareness on violence toward women. Statistics proves that one billion of women on our planet do not receive any love but abuse in different ways. V -Day movement started about 20 years ago by Eve Ensler as work on reconciliation between women and men

Friday, 08 February 2013
Unity, Songs, Theater, Art
In today's news we feature interview with Aryamani and Aloka on 12.12.12 events at Unity Pavilion from the last two days. With this exploration of 12 qualities they will conclude tonight at 7.30pm with Divine music for Pachamama songs from around the world with Anna and Tiago. The Soul Flower - Eastern Slavic songs tomorrow at 7.30pm at Pitanga. On Saturday opening of "Geometry of the Heart" by Jurgen P. Palymraart at Savitri Bhavan. On Sunday at 7pm at Adishakti Laboratory for Theater Research presents actors ensemble "Hidden in Plain Sight" Read more

Thursday, 13 December 2012
Auroville Festival - Post Festum
In today's news we feature interview with Andi, ethnobotanist and global No-mad, who is involved in many projects and voluntarily works while visiting Auroville. The Festival Event Team invites us tomorrow, Tuesday, at 5.15pm at Unity Pavilion in International Zone where they would like to meet for a sharing and evaluation of the recent Auroville Festival event in Delhi. On Sunday 14th of October at 7.30pm at Sri Aurobindo Auditorium, Bharat Nivas , Arpanaa Presents -Sitar Recital- By Basab Sen with Manosh Bardhan on tabla. Read more

Monday, 08 October 2012
Triathlon a Running Success!
The Auroville triathlon, held last Sunday Sept. 16th, was a resounding success for all involved. The athletes had a great run (and swim and ride!), and the volunteers and supporters all came out to have a good time. This year's organizer Ing-Marie even participated herself! Listen in for sporadic coverage of the 5-hour event condensed into 14 minutes! Highlights include athletes sharing their experience, supporters cheering them on, and to close the broadcast, some wisdom from the Olympic round champion, Dominic. Start training for next year! Read more

Saturday, 22 September 2012
Celebrate Oneness Through Breath
Have you ever noticed the one, undeniable action, that involuntarily, all humans share? Yes, our breath. Rabia Hayek of Do As One, breathed with Auroville on his world tour. This recording is a two-part presentation, the first half an informative talk about the concept of breath and how it was serve as a bridge between humans, and the second half an experiential workshop guided breathing session in which we reached toward our oneness through breath. More information can be found on the project's website at Read more

Thursday, 20 September 2012
Entry Boxes, Mohanam Celebration

L'Avenir nomination is open, and at Solar kitchen, Town Hall and at Pour Tous -Aspiration, or online, we can pick up nomination forms; and follow the procedure. On Sunday 15 July at the Mohanam Cultural Centre in Sanjeevinagar. Mohanam will celebrate its 11th birthday . They invites us all warmly to come and celebrate with them from 10am to 11am at the Mohanam Centre. They will feature a short cultural program by the chiildren and youth of the centre. On Saturday at SAWCHU Jeff will facilitate Improvisational Theater Games from 2 to 6pm . Read more

Thursday, 12 July 2012
Joan`s Grace at Transition

I just went to Transition School to make a short interview of Joan. He is the ATB class teacher ( Awareness Through the Body ). He talks about his time in this school as a teacher. and also a bit about his life unrelated to school work. He began working in Transition School in 1992 in the month of July, which means it has been exactly twenty years now! He is considered the an important teacher in Transition by the students and it would be terrible if he was to leave Transition School.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012
Wellbeing, Music, Consciousness
Featured today are announcements: an Awareness Through the Body workshop for adults and a Wellbeing Pranayama workshop, on offer to Aurovilians and guests plus an opportunity to hear in person Prahlad Singh Tipanya sing in an intimate setting on his last evening in Auroville. Auroville supports and honours the expansion of one's physical wellbeing and the touching of the heart through music and poetry. Read more

Tuesday, 10 July 2012
Power of  Music
‘Coming Alive to Music,’ a video from the Music Library reveals the power of music. Auroville's Music Library shares its music; find the link on the main page of the Music Library Group of Auronet. ATB: Awareness through the Body commencing on May 20; weekly classes throughout the summer. To reserve a place/for more information contact Amir by mail ( or call 975 125 7709. Read more

Tuesday, 15 May 2012
(City Life)
The Lives of Others
Kalki a transgender rights activist with the Sahodari Foundation, was in Auroville to present a talk about the transgender community in India. Kalki spoke about the various difficulties that they face with the government, the law and the society. Kalki who has lived in Auroville for two years questioned their acceptance by the Auroville community. Kalki presented a documentary Sowndarya about lives and acceptance of transgenders in India. Lot of concerns and questions were asked by Aurovillians which Kalki answered in depth. Read more

Sunday, 29 April 2012
Montessori Way
Many of us might not be aware that we got another school in Auroville for over a year already. In interesting interview with Anne, who hails from Mexico, and was educated since her early age trough Montessori schools until she became a teacher herself, and with Sangeetha we discover which are the benefits of Montessori education, and how it can be apply within the integral education. At the moment they run pre creche and kindergarden for over 60 children, mostly form the nearby villages, with eleven teachers and some volunteers. Read more

Thursday, 12 April 2012
(Arts & Culture)
Joyful Singing
Chiildren of Dolphins and Rainbow Horses from Deepanam School had been practising singing with Joy and Jivatman for the whole school year... and they wanted to share with their friends, parents, members of community how joyful singing can be. Last night, despite that the Kabir Festival is going on in the city , audience was quite numerous, listening attentively to a range of songs from all over. Graceful children voices, accompanied by Jivatman on guitar cheered up our hearts. Read more

Saturday, 07 April 2012
(Arts & Culture)
Body Consciousness in Movement
Body Consciousness in Movement, the two days Contact Improvisation Workshop by Irene Sposetti & Johan Nilsson will start on Saturday 31 of March in the morning 9.00-12.00 and it will continue at the same time on 1 of April at the Dance Studio in New Creation. They will awake openness, receptivity, softness and fluidity in the body movement. They will concentrate on presence and spontaneity, on the capacity to find new ways of moving as they explain in the interview. Open at all level, with live music. Read more

Friday, 30 March 2012
(City Life)
Children`s Theatre Workshop

Last Saturday in SAWCHU in Bharat Nivas, the international children's theatre workshop on Tagore literature took place. Mainly given in Tamil, its purpose was to let the children from the villages around Auroville share knowledge, work together and feel as one. And not just the children, but the teachers and some experts in theatre and education as well. The day, facilitated by Dr. Velu Saravanan, consisted of reciting poems and songs, theatre classes and as finale, a small play performed by the children. Read more

Monday, 26 March 2012
Balabaskar, Body, Agriculture
In today's news we feature excerpt of yesterday's welcoming of new Auroville Foundation Secretary Mr. N. Balabaskar at La Terrace at Solar Kithcen, and the full recording is already uploaded on our web page. Couple announcement on future workshops in Auroville; one on biodynamic agriculture at Windarra Farm on 27th of March with Johan Nisson, who has been involved in organic movement for last 15 years at, and one with Irene on contact improvisation at New Creation Dance Studio on 31st of March and 1st of April. Read more

Friday, 23 March 2012
(Arts & Culture)
Singing Bronze

For over last four years we have heard and participated in the Russian Bells meditation at Unity Pavilion in International Zone. Vera shares with us her thoughts and aspirations on them. As she says "During these four years a few thousand people have enjoyed these deeply resonating sounds in Auroville, and several hundred people from all the continents experienced the wonder of playing the instrument together in – this magical way and communicating through harmonious sounds, without words, without knowing each other's’ languages, in a single aspiration." Read more

Thursday, 22 March 2012
(Arts & Culture)
Tantidhatri - Out or In?
Bruna Gusberti at the Tandtidhatri festival presented at Sri Aurobindo Audittorium, Bharat Nivas in Pavilion of Indian Culture in International Zone act of a woman who reflects on whether to remain closed within her feelings, dreams and sorrows, or not, so as to feel alive. Again minimalistic approach as in props as in the act itself, which tends to tell much more in the silence of "in" than maybe on the "out" tries, finally crosses "in" with heart beat and flowery umbilical cord broken off the stage into the light of love.

Thursday, 15 March 2012
(Arts & Culture)
Tantidhatri - Umbral
"Umbral" or Threshold was offered to the audience by Cristina Castrillo at the stage of Sri Aurobindo Auditorium, Bharat Nivas, at Pavilion of Indian Culture in International Zone. Minimalistic approach of mono play simply tells the story of actress's life, or better glimpses of it, the way she perceived it, sensed it rather than that really was. Without doubt her trace in theater is huge as she dedicated all her efforts to the research of elements which are basic for an actor, who is always at the heart of the inventive process. Read more

Thursday, 15 March 2012
(Arts & Culture)
Holi Tango Festival in Auroville
'Tango is not just two people dancing, it is meditation in movement' The Holi Tango Festival started on the 8th of March 2012 in Auroville and will end on the 11th. Almost 100 people, coming from Auroville and outside, registered for the festival and its different workshops. Three of the very experienced teachers are giving us an interview about the dance itself and the schedule of the festival. Listen to Aurevan (Auroville), Caterina (Italy, Interview in French) and Jorge (Ecuador) as well as to the participants from different countries. Read more

Monday, 12 March 2012
What is Vocal Yoga?
Building and maintaining a healthy voice, creating consciousness for the spoken word, strengthen the body and voice, enhancing communication skills - this is what Vocal Yoga is all about. In Acceptance, one of the Auroville Communities, international Vocal Yoga experts exchange their knowledge, do vocal research and share their knowledge by giving classes. Listen to the experts Clare (US), Caroline (F), Simone (IT) and Helene (RU) and to the different exercises recorded in French, Russian, Italian and English. Read more

Monday, 05 March 2012
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