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(City Life)
La formule Arka

Maria Grazia Garilli, est venue, à Auroville, à l'âge de 28 ans ou elle a rencontré son destin. Depuis 2002, l'année d'inauguration de ARKA, elle s'est impliquée dans ce projet, qui comprend plusieurs bâtiments dont un centre de convalescence, une « Guest House » et des appartements pour Aurovilliens. Le concept de ce lieu est de redéfinir la notion de vieillissement et la prise de conscience de ce processus appelé aussi « eternal youth ». Pour plus d'informations, cliquez ici. Pour télécharger l'interview cliquez ci-dessous.


Saturday, 12 September 2009
(Arts & Culture)
About the Legend of Birth

The beginning of the world is the main topic in mythological stories all around the world. Kalevala is the laragest and most well known Finnish epic poem about the origin;  theater group ISIS created a musical play entitled 'The Legend of Birth.'  In a talk with Supriya and Christopher,  it was revealed that the project's goal is to integrate the myriad  myths  on how it all began. Kalevala is one  that can compare  with the Mahabharata, with Savitri...and many others from various cultures. Could there be a more pleasant way to tell an ancient story than through music and drama?

- Interview by Chloe' -


Friday, 11 September 2009
(Arts & Culture)
Almost here - Film Festival

Only a month set us apart from the first film festival in Auroville... Tension and expectations are rising, how it's going to be, what we will see... however it will be the first! In the conversation with Krishna and Marco, who are two most dedicated persons standing behind all that, we found out that over 100 entires arrived to them on time. All are divided in three categories – films made by Aurovilians or filmed in Auroville by guests; films about Auroville and films made by students, and most entires came as experimental type, which mean that we can expect some nice surprises and different approaches. Who's the best will be decided by external jury, consisted from film directors and actors of film industry in Chennai, and public vote by audience.


Thursday, 27 August 2009
Oru varudathirku piraku

Mohanam Marutham panpattu maiyathin Mudalam Aandu Niraivu vizha 13. 8. 2009 Andru Alankuppam Villiattu thidalil enithey Nadaipettrathu. Kadantha Oru varudankalaka Mohanam Marutham Siruvarkal karttu vantha (Kollattam, thappatam, Silambattam, Nattupura Nadanam, Nadakam, bharathanatiyam, padal) Kalaikalai vizha Medaiyil velipadulthinargal Ivvizhavirkku pettrorkal Anaivarum Kalanthu kondu, thankal Siruvarkalin thiramaiyinai paratinarkal. Melum Avarkalin Kalachara pariMattrathai parthavudan Kirama Samuthayam Valara Ethu oru Mun udaranamaka Amainthathu. Kirama pura Siruvarkalukku Ivvizha Thankal thiramiyai velipadutha oru Nalla Vaippaka Irunthathu. Ithu mathiriyana Kalai Nikazhichikal kirama makkalai ondru Servatharkku Oru Nalla palamaka Irunthathu.


Thursday, 20 August 2009
15 August

Today is a day for quiet reflection yet at the same time a day for celebration. The Independence of India and not surprisingly the birthday of Sri Aurobindo both fall upon August 15. Sri Aurobindo, at one period in his life actively involved in the fight for independence, retired from that work and took on the greater far-reaching inner work, which has brought us all here. The Amphiteatre at Matrimandir at 5:15 a.m. is the site of the traditional bonfire, accompanied by a reading of Savitri by the Mother accompanied by the music of Sunil. Next at Bharat Nivas at 8:30 the Indian flag will be raised, in a meditational moment of gratitude. There will be a short recitation by the students on “Sri Aurobindo”. Dr. (Mrs.) Kamla Tiwari will be honoured with “ponnadai” in appreciation of her life long achievements in the field of health care. Many Aurovilians will visit Sri Aurobindo's room in the Ashram in Puducherry throughout the day.

Saturday, 15 August 2009
(Arts & Culture)
Jazz live with Andrea

Sweet breeze of the night was interrupted by sound of smooth jazz which put us all in a mellow mood. It could have been in any of summer jazz festival across the world, but it happened in Kalabhumi, right in the heart of Auroville at the end of July. And as the songs went by swinging from smooth over soulful singing of Andrea all the way down to funk beat for the road, rain blessed us on the way home... on the stage were Andrea-vocal, Mathiew-keyboard - sax, Mishko-keyboard and bass, Suresh-percussions and drums and guests Keith-bass and Sidac-guitar.


Monday, 10 August 2009
(Arts & Culture)
Ti Na Ni Na Ni

Last night AurovilleRadio met at la Terrace a branch of young actor from Netherlands who came in Auroville to gave some theater workshop in schools and a performance at the Visitor Center. Ti Na Ni Na Ni is a production group from the Theater School for Youth in Alkmaar and Arnhem, Netherlands. For the last 10 years they combine physical theater and classical drama together to create their own reality; professional actors work together with theater and dance students. They will perform on Saturday August 8th a play called: Stairway to Heaven. To know more about the play or about the group, listen the interview or click on READ MORE.  Read more


Saturday, 08 August 2009
Why Study Foreign Languages?

Multi-national, multi-lingual nature of Auroville gives its citizen and guests an extraordinary opportunity to study foreign languages and therefore helps to establish mutual understandings between cultures and to build a human unity. Language is the keeper of all learning. One learns the cultural values that unite societies in common understanding through language. A united international society depends upon the pursuit of knowledge that creates dialog and reveals shared values. Those who speak foreign languages are agents to maintain the bonds between the cultures of the languages he or she speaks. In this interview some of Aurovillian agents share how they learn foreign languages and explore the traditions of human existence.


Thursday, 06 August 2009
Dances of the World

Mohanan Cultural Center prepared last Sunday presentation in Alankuppam of DVD, which was taken of on 26th of February in Visitors Center at their show of Dances of the World – which was done by common efforts of children, youngster and Albinca. Mohanam Cultural Center is trying to be a bridge between the traditional and the modern, is a place where can local children and others find form of art in which they would like to express themselves.


Thursday, 23 July 2009
(Arts & Culture)
Waiting for the Click

On planet Zork, our heroes uncover a secret formula with which they travel to planet Earth. Their mission is to deliver the formula to the Secret Society of Select Souls, the other half of Humility, yet a number of mishaps await to descend upon them. Their the biggest challenge is yet to be encountered. Will they succeed of will they fall in vain? 'Miraculous Productions' presents, a synergy of the Auroville Youth and Johny's troupe in “Waiting for the Click”.


Wednesday, 22 July 2009
(Arts & Culture)
Interactive Theatre

This is what came out of a workshop facilitated by Evan Hastings, a Theatrical Educator, Poetic Performer, and Innovative Activist. Evan integrates in his work of artistic social healing, techniques such as Theatre of the Oppressed, Sociodrama, Drama Therapy and elements of Hip Hop culture. He acts in, directs and produces original performance pieces that deal with pressing issues, demanding audience engagement. The workshop took place on the 28th of June and was then performed on the 29th at the Visitor Center. Participants developed theatrical pieces portraying social problems in Auroville.


Saturday, 18 July 2009
(City Life)
Big summer sale at Youth Cente

Everybody was invited to taste and buy a great variety of 100% ecological and Auroville grown fruits and processed products. Outstanding were the great mango pickles, mango ice-cream, mango cake and mango jam! You heard right: The most present fruit was the mango. At least ten different sorts from places all over Auroville were offered. But the mango was not able to outshine the humongous jack fruits and pomelos. Neither the shiny star fruits, the special pineapples or the all time runner the coconut. Exhausted from all these fruits the visitors were able to refresh them with rosella tea or completely leave the edible regions and buy wonderful T-Shirts from the Youth Center. Read more


Saturday, 13 June 2009
(City Life)
Auroville Action in Villages

“Village Action Group” is taking care of more than 50 villages around Auroville. This organization, which combines Aurovilians and salaried employees, tries to help villagers (especially women and youth) to organize themselves into self-help groups, for personal and economical development (micro-credit) and village development (micro-project). Other activities also supported by Village Action are education, sports, culture, health, ecology… Anbu has worked for 20 years in AVAG; he now directs its activities under a trust of “Village Action Group”.


Wednesday, 20 May 2009
Die Vision lebt!

Jeden Samstag trifft sich der offene Studienkreis der University of Human Unity/UHU im Unity Pavilion. Einer der Initiatoren ist der deutsche Philosophie-Dozent Rudi.  Im November 2006 hat er das Projekt der Universitaet  konkret angestossen, etwas, das hier schon von Anbeginn in der Luft lag, nach den Worten der Mutter sogar einer der Exiztenzgruende fuer Auroville ist. In Auroville Radio spricht Rudi  ueber Idee, erste Schritte und Zukunft von UHU.


Saturday, 11 April 2009

A major component of Pitchandikulam Forest’s work involves working with communities to empower them towards self-sustainability and involve them in the process of eco-restoration. Currently the Pitchandikulam team works in 25 villages throughout the Kaliveli Bio-Region. Giving the example of Nadukuppam village, Joss talks about planting of Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest, environmental education, establishment of womens; Self Help Groups, awareness programmes, income generation initiatives. The team from Auroville is also involved in the protection and development of local traditional health medicine through the use of indigenous medicinal plants and conducts health camps for people and cattle.


Monday, 30 March 2009
(City Life)
Newcomer Reception #3

As usual about 40 people attended the Newcomer Reception at Pitchandikulam forest. Joss, the founder of the community talked about his life experiences and the early days of Auroville. He made a presentation of the Nadakuppam environmental education centre which he initiated and is now fully operational. We also saw a short video of the Adayar Poonga ecological preservation project which is being directed by Joss and in development stage. Click play to listen, or download this program.

mp3/2009_03_19_presentation_newcomer_reception_3_pitchandikulam_english_lite.mp3 Read more

Saturday, 21 March 2009
(Arts & Culture)
Emergence Live

Last Wednesday Emergence, a band Krishna McKenzie of Solitude Farm formed some time ago, showed us what they have been up to since last year. They had taken part in the famous Glastenbury Music Festival in 2008 and are now looking forward to another tour, hopefully again to Glastenbury and perhaps Japan is on their agenda. A new album was announced, a couple of new songs were performed, and two new band members were introduced. Click play, to listen to an excerpt of this concert from Emergence or download it. Read more


Thursday, 19 March 2009
(City Life)
Sabores de Espana

Buenas tardes a todos. Son las cuatro de la tarde del viernes 13 de marzo y nos hemos desplazado hasta “La Terrace” para asistir a la reunión semanal del grupo de personas que animan el Pabellón español. Hoy es un día especial y tenso. Estan preparando una fiesta gastronómica seguida de un concierto de música popular española, de “la manos” de Pushkar, y de guitarra flamenca, con Victoria (la más española de las rusas de Auroville). Esta fiesta se va a desarrollar el próximo jueves 19 de marzo aquí mismo, en La Terrace, a las siete de la tarde (concierto a las 8). También están preparando un espectáculo de Flamenco para el mes de abríl en el Bharat Nivas. Os tendremos informados.


Monday, 16 March 2009
(Arts & Culture)
Synergy Shakti 2009

Valentines Day in Auroville was packed with events and the gallery at the Tibetan Pavilion was not exempt to this on Saturday. Lourdes Malpica, Ka-ti Deslandes, Christian Fette, Hufreesh Dumasia and Audrey Wallace Taylor have been communally creative during a one week period of the Women Artists Camp initiative. Synergy Shakti is the name of the art which resulted from these women unfolding their creative processes together in the same space in the period of a few days. The drive behind the camp was the thirst of these contemporary female artists to empower and inspire each other in one nurturing space.


Monday, 09 March 2009
(Arts & Culture)
Rencontre avec Yves Duteil

Lionel, ancien parisien de la porte de Vanves est constructeur de bateaux. Il est venu s'installer à Pondichéry il y a 10 ans avec sa femme Martine. Touché par le Tsunami, Lionel a décidé d'aider les pêcheurs à reconstruire leurs bateaux. Aujourd'hui il se lance dans une nouvelle aventure: celle de la construction d'une école destinée aux enfants des tribus nomades souvent oubliés par le système éducatif indien. Mais alors que fait Yves Duteil dans cette histoire? Il est tout simplement le beau frère de Lionel mais surtout; membre engagé dans cette association. De passage à Pondichérry, il en a profité pour donner un concert caritatif afin de récolter des fonds pour l'école. Nous l'avons interviewé en présence de Claude Jouen pour le Pavillon de France et d'Antonella, consultante à l'UNESCO pour l'éducation et auteur d'une thèse sur "L'éducation à la Joie dans les Ecoles d'Auroville". Read more


Saturday, 07 March 2009
(Arts & Culture)
Mother and flowers

Beauty is the presence of the divine in the physical, Mother has said. When Loretta first came to the Ashram in the 1970s, she was touched by the spirit of beauty and the exhibitions there. To share the spiritual power of these experiences with Auroville, Loretta presented several photographic exhibitions of Mother and Sri Aurobindo in the last years. For AurovilleRadio, Loretta describes how the current show “Mother and Flowers” in Savitri Bhavan was brought to life. She appreciates the cooperation with and the dedication of Aurovillians, guests and Ashramites who supported her. The exhibition is open 10.00 am – 5.00 pm daily until 9th of March.


Thursday, 26 February 2009
Nandanam Open House

On Monday morning the parents of Nandanam kindergarden kids were invited to its open house. The program ran for an hour and involved circus acts, plays, dancing and group singing by the cheerful children. They dressed up in brightly colored suits with matching painted faces. Even a unicorn was spotted among the numerous tigers! After the performance and snacks the classrooms were open for wandering through the beautiful exhibition of drawings, bags, paintings and installations. Enjoy the joyful voices captured in our short soundscape of the performances. Read more


Wednesday, 11 February 2009
Pioneer Spirit

Sadhana Forest is about growing trees and growing people. Volunteers from all over the world, as well as Aurovillians, work together in this new reforestation project. They practice an eco-friendly way of life including veganism, alternative construction, solar energy, water resource management, and composting toilets. Last week, Aviram who has created this community with his wife Yorit, organized an experimental one week workshop on earthbag construction. Around 40 volunteers and Aurovilians full of positive energy and good will, trying to build an earthbag dome! AurovilleRadio spent an afternoon to capture the warm ambiance and some impressions of this workshop.

Read more


Monday, 19 January 2009
(Arts & Culture)
L`expo d`un Jedi

Jeune artiste plasticien, Rémi Tamburini, venu à Auroville pour visiter ses parents, a profité de l'occasion pour réaliser une exposition à Kala Kendra intitulée: UNITY IN DIVERSITY. A travers une installation multimédia, il nous plonge dans un univers de science fiction ou 50 totems sont exprimés selon différents médiums, comme la sculpture, le son, le graphisme, la lumière, etc. Nous l'avons interviewé alors qu'il préparait son installation dans l'atelier de ses parents. Pour télécharger l'interview cliquez ici.


Wednesday, 24 December 2008
Caring for Village Children

Sathyamurthy and Anbu are from Ediyanchavadi. They both work at Thamarai in the role of social worker. Sathyamurthy also works at the Botanical Garden as an environmental teacher. He explains Thamarai's activities: what they are doing for the people, children and adults. Nearly one hundred children attend, learning different classes such as dance, drama, yoga, pottery, sports, mathematics, and so on. Kathy and Bridget are the two main persons who started Thamarai in Edaiyanchavadi; they have worked hard to develop its activities.


Tuesday, 25 November 2008
Des serpents à l`école!

En plus de la vingtaine d'élèves scolarisés à Deepanam School, depuis quelques mois, l'école compte desormais dans ses rangs quelques serpents, lézards et autres bestioles, pour le plus grand plaisir des enfants. Dans le laboratoire créé par Rajiv, les enfants défilent pour prendre soin de leurs nouveaux camarades. L'occasion aussi d'en apprendre un peu plus sur les animaux qui peuplent les alentours d'Auroville.


Monday, 17 November 2008
Thamarai Celebration

Everyone was warmly invited to Thamarai on the evening of 23rd October. The children of Thamarai community centre, Edayanchavadi, were sharing with us the songs they love to sing, along with Anicca, Tiago, Jivan and Sangara. They even recorded a CD which will travel and be sung by children all around the world. It was an unforgettable evening, with an unbelievable amount of energy in the air.


Thursday, 13 November 2008
Spirituality and Body Changes

Bagha, one of the creators of the Laboratory of Evolution, a Resource and Research Centre entirely focused on researching and documenting all in the world that has to do with Evolution and Human Unity, talks about the possibilities of the new human consciousness. For her the real way to reach a sustainable life begins with a real changing in each human being. Bagha belives that Auroville is a special place to develop the inner being, but she really belives that one can try to reach its own develop everywhere in the world. For more information check mp3/2008_09_26_radio_program_toward_sustainability_02_bagha_lite.mp3

Tuesday, 04 November 2008
(City Life)
Village Women Power

Raji, from Alankuppam, is a member of the Sri Aurobindo Women's Group. This five year old group is part of Village Action. Their work includes public social work such as helping people clean their village and helping children who attend night school in their village. They receive advice or help as needed from the Village Action Group as well as attending the meeting in village action monthly. They come from several different villages: Kottakkari, Pudhupakkam and Allankuppam, all members of the Village Action Group. Initially they began with one group and increased in number, expanding creatively what they do with the recycled paper.


Saturday, 01 November 2008
(Arts & Culture)
Indian Shakespeare

On Monday September 15th 2008, Arka Mukhopadhyay, director of Logos Theatre in Bangalore performed his one man show: Shreds and Patches in Sri Aurobindo Auditorium. The piece takes two questions as its starting point — Who is 'my' Shakespeare? And what does he mean to me as a performer, as an Indian and as a human being? The play attempts to find the answers in fragments of the Bard's plays and sonnets themselves. Arka gaves us an interview the day following the performance.

To listen the whole play you can pass by the radio and ask for a CD or send an email here.


Saturday, 20 September 2008
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