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Small-scale harvesting

Shama Dalvi, an Aurovilian architect, gave a presentation during the Green Practices Workshop about a rain water harvesting project at Yelagiri. She spoke briefly on different types of rainwater harvesting systems and the system chosen for the project at Amaidhi homes. Shama explained two types of harvesting techniques, the active and passive, and gave various reasons for choosing the latter. Giving more details about the entire structure of the vacation homes, she described the nitty-gritties of how the rain water was harvested. Erosion was the biggest problem and this was stabilised by using granites and creating artificial waterfalls to reduce the water force. Download presentation

Saturday, 04 December 2010
Descent into Death
Monsoon is in a full swing, and city accordingly to that is a little bit quieter. Still regular classes at Verite, Pitanga, New Creation...are going on, and in Cinema Paradiso at Town Hall, as usual, we can see some good movies. Especially sticks out Sunday's Cine Club festival of Werner Herzog, controversial but genius film maker, who was not afraid to touched even “hot” topics and questions. At Savitri Bhavan on Saturday we can follow the series of George Van Vrekhem talks, and this one will be focused on Sri Aurobindo's Descent into Death.

Thursday, 02 December 2010
Landscapes with depth and beauty
Restoring the Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest (TDEF) to the society is our priority, said Paul Blanchflower, who founded the Auroville Botanical Garden. At a presentation during the Green Practices workshop, he said the aim should be towards sustainability as we are an energy-driven society. Joking about a philosophical angle to his talk, Paul emphasized that nothing on this planet can exist without a relationship to humans, as we are the dominant force. He discussed more aspects to landscaping and the other projects they are currently working on.

Monday, 29 November 2010
Highly endangered forest

Glenn Baldwin, who is involved with the Auroville Forest Group, in a presentation on green practices gives a broad overview of the work, which has been done over the years. For the first people who had arrived at Auroville, Glenn points out, it was a very tough situation as it used to be a treeless and eroded plateau. The early settlers came with pockets of seeds from their respective countries and many trees were planted, “every tree was special and precious”.Glenn then explains the various problems Aurovilians face even now, and how they have learned and use different solutions to cope with these problems. Click here to download the presentation

Wednesday, 24 November 2010
World’s inner space

At the Green Practice Workshop held in August, Astar Patel, a member of the Governing Board of the Auroville Foundation, spoke about how Auroville is an intense experience, from the physical to the spiritual. Talking about how Sri Aurobindo foresaw an extreme crisis upon man, which he called the crisis of evolution, Dr Patel drew parallels to the various events that took place this century, one of which was the formation of Auroville. “Auroville is like the world’s inner space… in spite of the compact collectivity, the freedom of the individual is absolute,” she added.

Friday, 19 November 2010
Farm Group Seminar
In this presentation, Ilona, Isabell, and Jeff, give an overview of food production and the farm group in Auroville. Their comments go into detail about the total arable land under cultivation in Auroville, and issues surrounding eating locally and organically grown food in India. Their presentation also speaks to the food security imperative to increase the proportion of food produced in Auroville to be consumed by Aurovilians. Foodlink and small scale gardening are also discussed.

Friday, 29 October 2010
Self Sustainable
Adhikasavan in an interesting interview talks about his life, connection and interactions with Auroville since his childhood, and about Botanical Garden. He's with it since the beginning because he realized that after studying long distance also need to be involve in something, and he was already working with plantings on some other occasions. As he told us he cares about Botanical Garden as it would be his own, and results are there. Botanical Garden in whole is designed for educational purpose, and over 200 governmental local schools bring children on one day environmental educational program throughout the school year. Beside different gardens – like maze and cactus one – they're trying to bring up tropical dense evergreen forest with paths of different lengths, and they do have tree nursery and a seed bank as commercial unit.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010
Gardens, HuHsu, movies

In today's news we're featuring an excerpt from interview with Adhikasavan from Botanical Garden, in which he's talking about the beginnings of it. And as he says, the whole Botanical Garden got an educational purpose, and it is already and environmental educational center for almost 200 governmental schools. They didn't forget about visitors of all ages with maze, cactus garden, and some other spots. Today at Pavilion of Tibetan Culture at 5pm we can drink pu er tea and remember Hu Hsu, the Chinese disciple, who’s exhibition is on a display right now to celebrate his centenary.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010
Amazing Orchid
How to grow vanilla, where, and what benefits Auroville could have from it, was the topic of Patrice Meyniel presentation about vanilla last Thursday, 14th of October at Town Hall. That fascinating fast growing plant from the family of orchid can grow one meter per month, and could be 5o meters long, but needs a support in order to harvest it. Patrice sees in cultivation of vanilla an opportunity because is the second most expensive spice on the planet, and lately artificial vanilla is taking place of the natural grown one. Auroville could be a place for the latest. At his presentation he talked about the plant itself with many useful information on how to to cultivate it, and why the demand for it is so high. Presentation was in French, translated by Luigi to English. Read more

Wednesday, 20 October 2010
Une passion pour la vanille.

Patrice Meyniel se passionne pour la vanille depuis 10 ans. Il a voyage a travers le monde, du Mexique a la Nouvelle Caledonie en passant par le Magreb pour en apprendre plus sur la vanille et sa culture. Ce qu'il aime dans la culture de la vanille c'est cette interaction necessaire entre l'Homme et la Nature qui nous permet de trouver les gousses telles que nous les connaissons dans les super marches.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010
Freedom and conectendess

Solitude Farm is a place where one can really grow in the harmony with nature which leads to a freedom – a spiritual freedom, expresses Khaled who lives and works there for already six years. In his attitude and bright laughter one can see that he is indeed happy in what is he doing with all his passion. Recently the Solitude Farm started with tours and instructions on how one can prepare his or her own circular permaculture garden next to the house which should bring more awareness to Aurovillians about the food they consume, and maybe bring us back to the roots – connectedness with the Earth we live on. Read more

Tuesday, 12 October 2010
Your own grown food
Tuesday, 12th of October and in news we feature an excerpt of interview with Khaled form Solitude Farm, which offers many ways of interactions between them and Aurovillians beside growing crops, vegetables and fruits on a natural way. On Saturdays they offers tours to anybody who would be interested to grown his/hers own permaculture garden in order to supply the household with fresh organic vegetables with not so much work and hassle as usual gardening requires. Tonight the European classical music lovers can treat themselves with German movie at Cinema Pradiso – Mozart “The Magic Flute”, and tomorrow at same place we can see a documentary about victims and their pets who suffered at the time of the hurricane Katrina in USA.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010
(City Life)
An interview with Devanesan
Devanesan is an editor for the Malaysian Newspaper The Sun. He has visited Auroville a number of times over the years, both during his time working for an NGO in India, and as an interested guest some years later. He is currently volunteering at Buddha Garden, an organic farm in the Auroville Green Belt. He spoke with AurovilleRadio discussing his work with various NGO's, censorship in Malaysian media, the complexities of community based living in urban environments, and the importance of the philosophy of interconnectedness – which he says offers lessons for urban and rural sustainability, in terms of community development, as well as attitudes towards the land and other people.

Wednesday, 06 October 2010
Budding Seedlings
The news today features an announcement from the Auroville Botanical Garden regarding new seedlings ready to be planted! Any aspiring gardeners are welcome to come look at the vegetable plants ready to be loved. Also in the news is notification of Oct. 3 Mantra singing canceled. Bollywood dance classes are taking place at New Creation on Wednesdays, and the Housing Service is offering a work opportunity. There is a chance of rain with scattered clouds and a high of 30°C with wind E-S/E 21 km/h. Tonight there will be a chance of a thunderstorms.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010
Duo Sieger and full moon walk
For most of the Auroville schools term break starts on Monday, and schools reopen on 4th f October. Also the Road Service will use that time to work extensively on the roads, so we can expect changes in our daily routes to the work and back home. On Saturday 18th of October at Pitanga at 7.30 pm we will have a chance to listen to a concert of father and son – Sieger Duo playing jazz improvisations. What all the bamboo is good for we will see on Saturday – in the morning at Solar Kitchen and at Visitor Center in the evening. ACT Community Transport is organizing again a full moon walk around the sacred mountain at Thiruvanamalai on 22nd of September. Read more

Thursday, 16 September 2010
(City Life)
Benches and Pathways
Following on from the discussion series facilitated by the Auroville Council and Resident's Assemble Service earlier this year, the Council has invited all community members to a General Meeting to discuss the the benches and pathways beneath the Matrimandir banyan tree and how we make decisions as a community in Auroville. The meeting was held in SAWCHU on the 3rd of September. The discussion was vibrant and in some parts the emotional side came up. Anyway the interaction was conductive and some sort of results came up at the end. Jesse chaired the meeting. Here the 2 hours and 14 minutes recording of the full meeting.

Saturday, 04 September 2010
Decisions, movie, blues and salsa
Today, 2nd of September you can see a French movie or sing at Verite Hall ethnic chants, and the Auroville Council reminding all to come to the general meeting tomorrow. The Auroville Green Practise launched their portal on 28th of August which is a web-based knowledge resource containing articles, audio and video clips as well as a directory of experts and units - all related to work being done at Auroville in areas of eco-restoration, water management, waste management, farming, architecture, renewable energy and environmental outreach activities. Auroville Green Practices Portal was developed with support from Stichting de Zaaier and now maintained by Auroville

Thursday, 02 September 2010
IZ and benches at MM gardens
Tuesday, 31th of August, and northern hemisphere is saying slowly goodbye to the summer, but here around is sunny with some clouds, and comfortable temperature. Over then phone we spoke with Jaya about yesterday's meeting at Unity Pavilion of members of International Zone. Auroville Council is inviting all members to General Meeting on Firday, 3rd of Septemeber at SAWCHU about benches and pathways beneath the Matrimandir banyan tree, and about decision making process.

Tuesday, 31 August 2010
Vegetable plants and Bio resonance Treatments
Tuesday, 24th of August and in the area still feels like monsoon time is here. This morning meeting of L'Avenir d'Auroville with new ideas and designs, which developed in a lively discussion will be publish on net in next days. Tonight you can see an Italian movie Due Partitie, and tomorrow afternoon in the Town Hall is meeting for all who would like to do something useful for the community and for the safety of us all, and are healthy and physically fit, are patient and always cool, responsible and reliable, can respond adequately in a crisis situation, and would like to join the team of volunteers to address the security issues in the area.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010
Visiting hours
Tuesday, 17th of August, and in Auroville is partly cloudy but still very pleasant, and with many things to do. The same we way we can hear the constant hammering of the workers of nearby project of Inspiration, road...L'Avenir of Auroville and Forest Group had a meeting this morning. What are the opening hours of Matrimandir, and which movie we can see tonight? AT 4.30 pm at Visitor Center at bookshop of Auroville Papers there will be a release of coloring book Bauhinia, A Tree who Wanted to be an Orchid, with the drawings and text by Marie and the graphic design by Leonard, and printed paper specially made by Auroville Papers.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010
Garden Unity?
The news in English today is about the opposing viewpoints concerning Matrimandir's Garden of Unity, specifically beneath the Banyan Tree; the recent installations, the reactions to those installations and the ensuing controversy. The next step in all this is a proposed General Meeting sometime in July or August. Also in the news there are a few announcements: teachers needed for Future School, Capoeira has begun again and, news of an alternative energy source: a new solar shop.

Monday, 19 July 2010
(City Life)
Unity Garden General Meeting
About 150 Aurovilians gathered at the Tibetan Pavilion on Saturday the 15th to be part of to the General Meeting held by the RAS and facilitated by Jessie. The actual Executives of the Matrimandir explained their vision of the work in progress around the Unity Garden with a Power-Point presentation. And this was followed by an open discussion between the members of the community in order to find a consensus on the right path to follow. Read more

Monday, 17 May 2010
Est-il en danger?

C'est dans une atmosphère nocturne, éclairée par le Matrimandir que nous avons rencontré Monique, en « duty » ce soir-là, pour nous parler de cette polémique autour du Banyan tree. Et oui le Banyan tant aimé par les aurovilliens est au cœur des conversations en ce moment. Un meeting général a même été organisé en son honneur. Monique nous raconte, dans ces nouvelles en français, son impression sur les travaux autour du Banyan Tree et un court compte-rendu du meeting de mercredi dernier.


Friday, 12 March 2010
About the Banyan Tree
Today's news in English features the Banyan Tree situated by the Matrimandir. In an interview with Tim Wrey, he speaks in a positive manner with constructive suggestions as he expresses his views on this current topic of interest: the health and life of the Banyan Tree. Tim has 30 years of experience in Auroville, creating landscaping which is both pleasing to the eye and the spirit, around his house and at Aurelec.


Friday, 12 March 2010
(City Life)
Banyan Tree GM

The Banyan tree which stands at the geographical center of Auroville and which symbolize unity is dear to many residents. Few months ago landscaping work started underneath; two paved solid path as well as a series of benches were created. It changed quite a bit the atmosphere which people were accustomed to relate to.<br>Concerns developed also about the health of the tree in relation with its pruning and other factors related to the present landscaping. Recently a petition was launched to stop the work until proper expression of this concerns can be done. A General Meeting was organized on the 10th of March to start this process. 150 people attended.



Thursday, 11 March 2010
Da Sud-Ovest a Nord-Est

Le falciatrici scorciano l'erba mentre Andrea, ancora con voce tremolante, si muove dall'area della Pace verso i laboratori nei quali si continua a preparare pezzi per il Matrimandir. Tra sibili di macchine al lavoro e cinguettii di uccellini, la passeggiata porta il microfono verso nord, al cumulo di terra di risulta dalla fondazioni della struttura principale, trasportata a mano da centinaia di uomoni 40 anni or sono ed ora sventrata da scavatrici meccaniche: la collinetta scomparira' a breve. Un robusto basamento su cui si poggiava la macchina che ha tritato tutte le roccie servite per il cemento armato per la costruzione, e' ormai abbandonata a lato dei giardini ed ora va incontro all'oblio.


Thursday, 03 December 2009
(City Life)
Passeggiando nei giardini

Una notte di piogge monsoniche. Una assolata mattina di Novembre. Una passeggiata nei vialetti che circondano il Matrimandir. Andrea, con voce esitante, passeggia tra lavori in corso e le opere eseguite nei giardini che lentamente stanno prendendo forma attorno al Matrimandir. Attorno al Banyan, centro geografico di Auroville e fedele vicino del Matrimandir, fervono i lavori. La passeggiata si conclude nell'anfiteatro dell'Area della Pace, dove 40 anni fa' 126 nazioni hanno partecipato alla fondazione della citta'. Una passeggiata sonora accompagnata dai suoni inconfondibili di Auroville.


Saturday, 28 November 2009
Community life on a bus

Fritz, an inventor and a big adventurer, is going to bring his plant-fueled-multi-purpose-mini-bus from Germany trough former Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran and Pakistan, down to Auroville. He is open to all people - from the youngest to the eldest - who are ready to practice karma-yoga on the way to join him on the bus. The people would  have a quite adventurous trip and alternative community life happening right on the bus during the journey. What is Fritz going to do with the bus in Auroville? How you can participate in this project? Listen to the interview.

Read more


Thursday, 03 September 2009
(City Life)
Un secret dans chaque jardin

“One thing is very important: the 12 gardens around the Matrimandir...This is gonna be a  great work when the vision comes to manifest this gardens.” disait Narad. Après le Matrimandir, voici venu le temps des jardins. Une nouvelle équipe de paysagistes c'est formée il y a trois ans, dont Marie que nous avons interviewée lors d'une ballade dans les jardins du Matrimandir. Elle nous raconte ses débuts avec les travailleurs tamouls mais surtout sa rencontre avec Maurizio et Marc et la réalisation des jardins Sat (Existence) Chit (Conscience) Ananda (Félicité). Pour plus d'information vous pouvez lire l'article paru dans AV Today ici ou bien

sûr en écoutant l'interview ci-après. Pour télécharger l'interview cliquez . Read more


Thursday, 02 July 2009
A spiritual gardener

Georges, the gardener of Verite, comes back on his experience in Auroville with a really personnal view. He exposes the 3 reasons that motivated his coming in Auroville and how these personnal goals can reveal a challenge with oneself that permited him to go beyond his own limits and become more open to the vastness of experiences. He finishes then on a focus on Verite and explains the particularity of this community.

Pour télécharger l'interview de Georges en français cliquez Read MoreRead more


Monday, 15 June 2009
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