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(City Life)
Shyama`s Interview Part 2

On December 5th, Francois and Rakhal projected the 2nd part of Shyama's (Certitude) interview. This is an extremely moving movie as Shyama recounts the very beginnings of Auroville, her unique relationship with the Mother, the death of the first Auroson and the birth of the second one, as well as her insights into Auroville today. Shyama had seven children and her life, courage and strength are an inspiration to all. The 5th of December is Sri Aurobindo's Mahasamadhi and it is a fitting day as Shyama, the name given by the Mother, is one of Krishna's names. Read more

Thursday, 26 December 2013
Bliss Forest Walk
Surrounding the Youth Centre and north of Town Hall is Bliss Forest, home to porcupines and many birds. Early on Sunday morning we were led by the Bliss steward Dominik on a walk through the forest. The area faces its own share of road controversies as Aurovilians work out how best to continue building the city. Which should take precedent of the galaxy plan, Master Plan, or existing features is a perennial question. As we walked we learned a bit about the biodiversity of the place, and efforts to clear the wood brought down by Cyclone Thane. Read more

Friday, 26 April 2013
Eco Earth Day  TEDx Talks
This morning at Conference Room in Town Hall we had a chance to listen to some interesting short talks with its common thread on ecology awareness. The opening session was with Cesare who shared with us some points of Open Source Hardware in relation to the local community or DIY ( Do It Yourself). Followe by Snehal talking on Kitchen Gardens or why we should grow food everywhere. Deoyani Sarkhot emphasized versatile usage of charcoal and which benefits it can bring to the soil. First part was concluded with Kathy on health and environment. Read more

Saturday, 20 April 2013
Thai Massage and Juan
Aurovilian Juan gives Thai massage; in an inteview Juan speaks of his knowledge, how he came by it and has grown to love it. The National Life Saving Competition just held in Kolkota offers an informal presentation on the preparation and participation of 16 children from the Auroville Swim Team. Grow your own permaculture style vegetable garden: get the vision of a social revolution based around food. An exhibition of the 1st anniversary of cyclone Thane at Citadine. Artists/photographers/poets/forest people/designers invited to contribute. Read more

Friday, 09 November 2012
Is Auroville An Eco-Village?
IS Auroville an Eco-Village? This question is not a new one, but twice a year a group of students from North America come to Auroville to study on the university program Living Routes. They come each time fresh and curious, wanting to see what Auroville has to offer and struggle to understand the complexities alive on the ground here in Tamilnadu. Listen in with their lecture/discussion with Bindu and B, who were invited to discuss the topic with the students. Listen in for some critically-supportive academic discussion.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012
(City Life)
Bridging the Polarities: Ecology
How can we overcome inherited anthropocentrism in our relationship with nature as we develop "the city the earth needs"? This week's meeting with B and Luigi brought Rishi into the studio. Rishi, from the Youth Center, shared with us his concerns about the direction in which Auroville is heading and its relationship with the natural area which has grown over the past 40 years. We resolved the discussion acknowledging the climate of understanding which we had birthed and setting intention for dialogue to continue on this and other topics. Read more

Tuesday, 09 October 2012
AGP 2012 Panel Discussion

Alan facilitated a general discussion with speakers and participants raising the questions if all the technological solutions may be enough to actually counterbalance the current rate of destruction of our eco system or if they are actually misleading us. The conclusion was that technologies and even lifestyle adjustments may not be enough but a radical shift in consciousness is the need of the time. Read more

Wednesday, 05 September 2012
May Day
May Day, the first of May celebrated all over India as a spring fertility festival; commemorated also as “International Worker’s Day” with its historical significance. Maharashtra and Gujarat celebrate their statehood on this day. Water and the sad story of Fatehpur Sikri: a magnificant city from 1585, abandoned shortly after its completion, due to a paucity of water, remaining as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Water and the future of Auroville: shall we heed anticipatory, long-term future planning options? Or repeat the FATE of FATEhpur Sikri? Read more

Tuesday, 01 May 2012
Do you drink Water? Stay Tuned!
Everyone has time to donate their lives to a worthy cause. Thinking about the priority of the physical human life, just after the air there's water. Thinking only about who needs water to grow up the edible plants we use to eat everyday, it's easy to connect all together in this problem: Auroville water is always less clean and more difficult to store, even in the aquifer. So do we care about it? Nathalie (in the english interview), is one who does care, and for the first time spoke at a meeting: the one of Water Read more

Friday, 20 April 2012
Water? By Gilles Boulicot

Water for Auroville, an urgent issue! by Gilles Boulicot was at Cinema Paradiso. It emerged that there is more than one way to solve the problem of scarcity of water in the Auroville land and around it. To face this problem it is important to use multi-sourcing. There are many ways to improve today’s situation. First of all the relationship with neighbouring towns is a necessity for the hydrogeological environment. There is only one for the entire region. Today at 3 pm in Citadine is a meeting to form a group of people to manage about it. Read more

Wednesday, 11 April 2012
Greening Auroville: Lessons
Joss Brooks, one of the first Aurovillians, told us a heartening story of 'greening Auroville' and the lessons learnt along the way. What was is it that made people come from all over the world to convert almost 60 acres of arid land outside Chennai into a thriving green space for plants, birds, animals as well as the local people? And how did they do it? Joss speaks of grit and determination, of learning from the locals, and of the satisfaction that comes by loving the miraculous world that's a gift to humanity. Read more

Sunday, 12 February 2012
Notorial Acts and Help Desk
In today's news we feature short interview with John from help desk for cyclone at Town Hall .... And Andrea spoke with visiting guest artist Carrie Dashow about her work and presentation she will held on Friday 6th of January at 5pm at Multi Media Center in Town Hall....Rosine Debode, a Belgian national, who was one of the early Aurovilians, passed away peacefully in Auroville in the early morning of January 4, 2012. She made a unique and generous contribution to Auroville with her life. Thank you Rosine for all your love and support. . Read more

Thursday, 05 January 2012
One in All, All in One
Auroville Council member Sonja gives an update on what's current on their table; not surprisingly, a lot on cyclone relief. Info on making a donation provided in the news; see more at Cyclone Relief Services information listed for water, generators, solar, tree clearing, housing and help in the Greebelt. Matrimandir closed to visitors until Pongal, mid-January. Wind/Solar Renewable Energy Design Workshop coming up on January 9 to 14. For more images open the READ MORE section. Read more

Wednesday, 04 January 2012
Fence or No Fence
Walk trough Quiet Healing Centre was in a way relief after disastrous areas in communities in Auroville because beside few fallen trees Quiet looks almost as it was. Luckily they got mostly palm trees, which are known for their flexibility and endurance in strong tropical winds. In interview with Guy we found out that the major problem after tropical cyclone Thane is if they would be allowed to fix and erect their fence or not. Quiet hopes that they will find optimal solution for both parties trough ongoing negotiations with local fishermen. Read more

Wednesday, 04 January 2012
Sadhana Presents
Last Friday Sadhana Forest celebrated its 8th birthday with many activities and workshops through the day. Amongst other activities, Aviram, the founder of Sadhana Forest presented to the community of Sadhana Forest, their vision and details on all their projects. Sadhana stands for : veganism as food choice, gift economy, inclusiveness to all and technical sustainable living. One of the proiects is Forest Ambassadors, which is a global network for individuals who are inspired to act on local environmental and social issues. Read more

Wednesday, 28 December 2011
Hope & Inspiration
8th birthday of Sadhana Forest was really and occasion to celebrate. In an interview with Aviram, co-founder of Sadhana Forest Community we can hear short overview of what was going on last eight years with this so successful project of aforesatation. The fact is that this self sustainable community is great inspiration to many on this planet, and as Aviram says" sure that everything is possible, believe in Grace and Divine will support you..." on Puja question what have been his plan of action. Many visitors celebrated with Sadhana. Read more

Monday, 26 December 2011
(City Life)
Protecting Auroville Land
An interview with Aryadeep about the saving and protecting Auroville land identity. To create good situations for all the stake holders, to secure the whole hearted cooperation of all and for protecting the lands for the appropriate and unified development of Auroville together with the appropriate, beautiful and ideal development of the surrounding population and localities. The COLLAP newsletter it is published by Auroville Land Fund to give more information about the land topic. Download the latest 2 issue here: COLAAP 48 , COLAAP 49

Tuesday, 20 December 2011
Global Perspective
Dr. Brahmanand Mohanty, expert in the field of energy concentrated his talk at Green Practise on energy from global perspective down to regional. If we could follow the imense progress in last century, the fact is that within it we've discovered oil, and we also managed to spent 50% of world reserves of it. Dr. Mohanty sees Aruoville as the right platform for the spiritual revival or regeneration of the city. Now its the time to work on sustainable regenerative systems with green infrastructure, for building, transportation, water supply ...

Monday, 26 September 2011
Green vs. Oil
From the participatory session held last week by Dr. Brahmanand Mohanty, expert in the field of energy, hear an excerpt of his talk; he focused on the future of mankind, which will be determined if man will switch from oil based reliance to green based practices for energy. His talk in its entirety may be heard later today. The Karuvadikuppam dumpsite: a plea to sign the petition letter, all those suffering from its toxic waste fumes. The text of this letter is available on Auronet; soon at public places (Solar Kitchen, Town Hall, etc.) Read more

Monday, 12 September 2011
Regenerative Urban Development
Peter Head, Director of Arup and Executive Chairman of Ecological Sequestration Trust, United Kingdom, sheds light on Regenerative Urban Development based on his personal journey. Peter has been to 29 countries analayzing and discussing the issues of achieving more sustainable ways of living . A Civil Engineer by profession, he discussed ways to take some of Auroville's experience and sharing it with the rest of the world and across India besides policies and investments needed in India in fashioning townships to improve quality of life. Read more

Friday, 09 September 2011
(City Life)
Presentation Achva & David Stein
In this talk the landscape architects Achva and David Stein from New York that were invited by the Auroville planning section L'Avenir to help to prepare a plan for the development of the Green Belt are presenting some of their works to explain their approaches to landscape planning. They have been involved in large scale projects all over the world including India, have won many awards with their work and have now spend more than a month in Auroville to study the local situation. Read more

Wednesday, 03 August 2011
Njal, Environmental Activist
The Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants which started in Geneva at the beginning of the week is about to end. Decisions regarding the Endosulfan pesticide ban are still pending. Njal, who has been raising awareness regarding Endosulfan's impact on the environment and health in Auroville/bio-region, revealed the arguments from the side of the chemical industries. Plus how it's difficult for farmers to understand the impact of Endosulfan. Njal hopes the 1000 signatures he gathered for the petition (sent to Geneva) against Endosulfan will result in a change for the best. Read more

Thursday, 28 April 2011
From Dust to Forest

As a kick-off for the presentation of the Auroville Sustainable Agriculture Plan (ASAP), within the next few months, Auroville Radio presents a series of eleven interviews concerning the foods we eat in Auroville. What were the ideas in the old days of Auroville regarding agriculture and sustainable foods? Which agricultural developments did Auroville been through since the first Aurovillians started to change the dusty plains into the forest it is today? How is the present situation in Auroville's greenbelt and what is it capable of? And, perhaps most important, what are the challenges for the future?... Read more

Wednesday, 23 February 2011
Need to Celebrate
Lively Up Your Earth, eco - music festival, the first of its kind, last weekend in January at Solitude Farm, once again brought lots of people together. Krishna, the founder of the Solitude, and member of the band, Emergence, told us the feedback was warm. Everybody enjoy the diversity of the music and workshops and the many different offered products...all liked the multi-faceted note of the festival, which really joined ecology awareness, art and music with common thread. This way the festival was more than a social gathering - it was really a celebration of all the ideas, and people who resonate with them. Read more

Monday, 07 February 2011
(Arts & Culture)
Larry Old School at Lively

Larry Old School came in the shape of a soft intermezzo. Paul and Larry, on two acoustic guitars. Larry's voice, slightly hoarse, resembled Bob Dylan's. They brought back some almost forgotten memories of songs; music we heard long ago. But listening closely to the lyrics, they might be as fresh and "in time” as they were in the early sixties, when it all started. Read more

Wednesday, 02 February 2011
Short Film

Twiglight 10, a festival of short films it will be held at Bharat Nivas on 29th and 30th of Decmeber, and we would have a chance to see some excellent work of students from Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication in New Dehli. Before the screening on both nights will be panel discussions, and at Galerry Square Circle, Kale Kendra tonight at 4pm is an inauguration of photography exhibition. At Arka library tonight at 7pm and also on Thursday children and puppet theater lovers can see classical fairy tale "Goldilocks” by KOEKLA puppet theater from Holland. Read more

Tuesday, 28 December 2010
(Arts & Culture)
The Puppet Theatre
Rainy Saturday afternoon, but those who decided to experience the magic of puppet theatre were not disappointed. Sadly were only handful of children present. Children of Alankuppam brought to us four short stories: Sea Elephant and Two Boys, Kangaroo and Elephant are Good Friends, Many More Trees is What We Need, and Wonderful Garden. Laura, a volunteer from United Kingdom, who spent last three months at Mohanam Cultural Center helped children to put their stories in shape for the puppet theatre. The scenery and music, and special sound effects were done by Bamboo Research Centre, and Mohanam Sound Crew. Read more

Monday, 06 December 2010
Postponing a disaster

Kireet from the Canyon Erosion Control Project said since the beginning the Aurovilians have tried to control erosion and fresh water flowing into the sea by planting trees, building bunds and canyons, and using other methods. At the Green Practices workshop, he said the canyons came under the purview of the government and they built the check dams. These dams, Kireet pointed out, were in bad shape. The dams were rebuilt with available materials. He described the efforts involved in building these check dams and the benefits of which Auroville starting reaping slowly. Download presentation

Friday, 03 December 2010
Giving it back to the people

About five years back, the environmentalists in Chennai won a case against development of the 58-acre stretch of ecologically sensitive Adyar creek. Then, the Tamil Nadu government approached Auroville to help restore the creek. At a presentation during the Green Practices workshop, Joss Brooks of Pitchandikulam Forest, who is part of the Adyar Poonga project, said Chennai was just a series of wetlands that has overgrown now. He said the restoration of the creek meant cleaning up of the Adyar River as one was not possible without the other. Many Aurovilians have helped to draw up a master plan for the same. Joss went on to explain how the entire project panned out. Download presentation

Wednesday, 01 December 2010
Shifting Sands and Dogs
Today's news features an interview with Guy who works whole-heartedly to bring awareness to the concerns of the planet, specifically the beach, beach erosion in particular to an extent that cannot much longer be tolerated. Announcements include a talk tomorrow by Georges Van Vrekhem: 'Being Human and the Copernican Principle.' And about dogs: a wake-up call that unwanted dogs cannot be handled simply by a call to Auroville's Integrated Animal Care; each of us has the possibility and duty to be part of the solution. Those who appreciate and keep animals must sterilize their cat or dog; that's tackling the problem at its root cause.

Friday, 26 November 2010
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