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Tomorrow, Friday January 31st, a Residents' Assembly Decision-making Event takes place at the Solar Kitchen. From 10am to 4pm, one can have a say regarding a) the proposal to convert the Water Maintenance Service (WMS) to a 'true service' and b) the priorities for the physical development of the Service Area. EARTHBEAT - A Journey of World Music & Dance with Vanaver Caravan, can be enjoyed tonight at 7.30pm at Cripa,  Kalabhumi. The play "Madwomen of Chaillot" by Jean Giraudou will be on during three evenings in February, dates being 1st to 3rd. Time: 8pm, place: Sri Aurobindo Auditorium, Bharat Nivas, Pavilion of Indian Culture, International Zone. Read more

Thursday, 30 January 2014
(Arts & Culture)
Spandan by Sunnyahmm

Last night, we had the opportunity to listen to the musical performance of Ritu Jain, in Pitanga. She sings and plays as a single person group, Sunnyahmm, attempting to bring music that inspires inner journeys and transitions and helps deepening inner connections in people. ‘Spandan’ is a series of compositions intuitively aligned to take you deep within yourself and helping you touch your innate silence. These compositions deeply resonate with Ritu and at various moments themselves act as a 'Guru', opening up new spaces within. Read more

Saturday, 11 January 2014
(Arts & Culture)
Singing From The Heart
Yesterday late afternoon in Svedame, the Buterfly barn had the privilege to host Upahar Anand, for a single session. Upahar, originally from the UK, lives in Tiruvannamalai, site of Ramana Maharshi ashram, sacred mount Arunachala and a town of spiritual pilgrimage. He is an accomplished and experienced multi-instrumentalist, adept on harmonium, guitar, drum, vocals and flute. He has an extensive repertoire of chants and songs. Please enjoy his powerful Kirtan. Read more

Tuesday, 29 October 2013
(Arts & Culture)
Appel - Invocations
Joy and Holger celebrated the release of their CD "Appel: Invocations in Sanskrit and French" with a gathering and live performance at Unity Pavilion. Joy's voice and Holger's violin were layered on top of musical arrangements from the finished tracks. Holger shared of their creative process: "Normally the music is done first and then one sings something on it, but this recording is done in the reverse way. I recorded Joy totally solo, as she was used to singing at home. And then I created around those vocals the music afterwards". Read more

Wednesday, 04 September 2013
(Arts & Culture)
Satsang by Shabnam Virmani
Kabir lovers were excited to hear that Shabnam Virmani was in Pondicherry past weekend and wanted to meet all her Auroville friends in Kabir. She was here with her friend Vipul and also Bela, who are part of the Bangalore Kabir mandali/toli. For that reason they've organized impromptu satsang on Sunday at the New Creation Music Room. Shabnam was singing and explaining the deeper spiritual meaning of the songs, in her inimitable style. The event was kindly hosted in Devasmita & Satyakam's beautiful house. Read more

Tuesday, 16 April 2013
Music, Dance, Vedic Knowledge
General Meeting tomorrow at 4.30pm at Unity Pavilion in International Zone with agenda: 1 Working Commitee will share the Agenda Points for the upcoming Governing Board which they have received from the Secretary's office, and will invite the comments and suggestions of the residents, which they will communicate to the Governing Board. 2 Update on the work towards solving the issues discussed during the previous GM. On April 5, 6, and 7th at CRIPA in Kalbhumi will be a Three-day International Dance Workshops with three choreographers. Read more

Monday, 01 April 2013
(Arts & Culture)
Music of the Soul
In the upcoming series of events for the Russian Pavilion in International Zone Victor offered Music of the Soul - mantras and sacred songs devoted to the Mother and Sri Aurobindo to Auroville. The musical event was hosted by Pavilion of Tibetan Culture, where its hall offered and intimate, yet very acoustic space for Victor's vibrant and powerful voice, educated in classical opera singing. Mantras and sacred songs sung in that manner gained a new dimension, slightly resembling on church coral singing ... made souls resonate Read more

Saturday, 11 August 2012
(Arts & Culture)
Ukrainian Musical Offerings

Interesting combination of some Ukrainian and Russian folk songs with tabla, performed by Olga, Rustam, musical travellers from Ukraina, and Raj from Sadhana Forest, who brought to listeners a unique blend of cultures. They named it Jamming in the Clouds, and as all three are, although young, very talented and experienced musicians, songs were played and sung smoothly. Olga with her amazing voice shared pure joy from the highest pitches to the throat singing of folk songs, and expressed her clear and high devotion through mantras. Read more

Thursday, 22 March 2012
(Arts & Culture)
Nirantara Samarpanam Modern Dance
On Sunday 26th at 19:30 in Auditorium of Bharat Nivas, Savitri Maya and Grace Gitadelila performed in the show "Nirantara Samarpanam". The performance is about the story of the Kolam through dance and multimedia with rhythmic music and Mantra. During the dance a video was projected on a huge screen. The sound Cymatic film projection was by Danny Becher. Sasikanth Somu provided Multimedia/ Videography. Costumes, light and set design by Grace Gitadelila with help of Sasikanth Somu and Jean Legrand. Read more

Friday, 02 March 2012
The Joy of Laughter Yoga
On Thursday, 48 Aurovilians and visitors came together to Sve-Dame, wanting to experience the benefits of laughter yoga. Fif, a certified laughter yoga teacher from Canada has come to Auroville to spread the art of laughter yoga. Together with Hamish, her husband, and Dariya, an Aurovillian, she wants to make people explore this unusual type of yoga. She’s giving us an interview about the philosophy behind laughter yoga, its history and benefits. What is laughter yoga good for? How do the participants feel about the session? Read more

Friday, 17 February 2012
(Arts & Culture)
Homage mantras to Saint Tyagaraja

In this part of India, the months December and January reverberate with musical compositions of Saint Tyagaraja, one of the Trinity of Carnatic Music. There is a belief that during this time, the main audience is the Saint himself. The musicians sing and play their compositions as their offerings and receive blessings that nourish them in their Sadhana. Read more


Wednesday, 25 January 2012
New year prayer, Tibetan pavilion
Yesterday, at the Tibetan pavilion took place the traditional prayer to celebrate the new year. It occurred exceptionally on the 10th of January due to the cyclone. Probably more meaningful than ever for Auroville, after a strenuous ending year, this collective celebration opens officially 2012. Surrounded by 1000 candles, this event gathered everybody, Aurovilians as guests, to meditate and welcome the new year. Here the recordings of the tibetan prayers and mantras, to bring you back to the atmosphere of that night of sharing and serenity. Read more

Wednesday, 11 January 2012
(Arts & Culture)
Mantra is creation by Word
The word is a sound expressive of the idea. In the supra-physical plane when an idea has to be realised, one can by repeating the word-expression of it, produce vibrations which prepare the mind for the realisation of the idea. That is the principle of the Mantra and of japa. One repeats the name of the Divine and the vibrations created in the consciousness prepare the realisation of the Divine. It is the same idea that is expressed in the Bible, “God said, Let there be Light, and there was Light.” It is creation by the Word. - [Sri Aurobindo] Read more

Tuesday, 08 November 2011
(Arts & Culture)
Evening Raga at Pitanga
Uday Bhawalkar started his rendition at Pitanga Cultural Centre with Rag Pooriya, an evening Rag. This was followed by another Rag after a short interval. The rendition was performed in two specific parts Alap and Bandish. He is one of India's foremost exponents of Hindustani vocal music in the Dhrupad tradition, the oldest existing form of Indian classical music. The nature of this music is spiritual and is based more on a sense of worship than entertainment. The music did induce a feeling of peace and contemplation in the listener. Read more

Thursday, 04 August 2011
(Arts & Culture)
Dawn of the Dream
The name is Jalshaghar. On Thursday 28th of July was their very first concert. Excellent and accomplished musicians from Auroville and Pondicherry musical communities had come together in an attempt to fuse Indian classical music with jazz. The compositions have emerged from selected Indian ragas played on sarod with jazz on saxophone and guitar, run side by side while transporting their music on parallel tracks rather than attempting to merge them together. Numerous and excited audience had a chance to enjoy the one of the kind concert Read more

Friday, 29 July 2011
End of EndoSulfan?
In this news segment the end of EndoSulfan is targeted with the suggestion to shed light on the topic to mothers of the afflicted youngsters in the neighbouring villages, by making an epidemiological study in those villages. Also in the news, news of a film creating awareness of another impact on the world's ecosystem: the disappearing frogs. And, gratitude for the successful fund-raising concert put on by Suryan and Friends. Read more

Monday, 09 May 2011
Savitri Reading
The Amphitheater Team had chosen to play the first disc of Savitri read by the Mother along with Sunil's music this Thursday 21st of April for the weekly meditation between 6 pm to 6:30 pm. Around thirty persons gathered all around the Amphitheater at Matrimandir to enjoy Sri Aurobindo's initiatory poem expressed by the Mother during this privileged moment. Also an appropriate time to remind one of the Mother's final arrival in Pondicherry on April 24th, ninety-one years ago.

Friday, 22 April 2011
Everything Is Yoga
In this interview we meet Shambo, a practitioner of Sivanandra and Kriya yoga, who is also an instructor here in Auroville. He shares his insights on living in the world today, and his hopes for the transformation of the future. "It is possible” he says for the world to reach this higher consciousness. We talk about yoga and how it is a part of every waking moment of his life. He's a great example of how yoga can transform your life into something more, something that is not just limited to this lifetime. Read more

Tuesday, 08 March 2011
(Arts & Culture)
Manganiar Singers
At Ramayana Festival in Adhishakti we had a rare opportunity to hear also Manganiar Singers, Manganiars as a professional musician community depend almost entirely on the income derived from their singing within a larger patronage system. In the Manganirar repertoire, the Ram bhajans are generally sung for patrons on the occasion of a marriage or for other ritual occasions. Most of their patrons are Hindu, notably from the Rajput community, even thought they have Muslim patrons as well. Read more

Saturday, 26 February 2011
(Arts & Culture)
Ram Bhajans
At Ramayana Festival in Adishakti on the evening of Ram bhajans they tried to bring together Manganiar and Meghwal singers, originated both from Rajasthan and they interpreted musically Ram bhajans differently. Bhajans are rarely sung on the modern stage and have been relatively neglected. In the Manganiar repertoire are generally sung for patrons on the occasion of a marriage or for other ritual occasions. Megeasl and Maganiars ted to sing bhajans during the ratijaga or night-long ritual singing of devotional songs, in addition to other traditions like the olakhs, which are sung in praise of deities. Read more

Friday, 25 February 2011
(Arts & Culture)
Auroville Promenade
Woven like dreams, images, reflections, music that evokes memories... Holger, Matt, Max ZT, Leonard and Jean gave us a special present during this week of celebrations. It happens to be that at the same time it's also Holger's 20th anniversary of his arrival in Auroville. Out of many pictures taken by Leonard, Holger and Giorgio, a stroll , a promenade was created accompanied by abstract images, telling a story, a vision we never knew, although known to us within. Melodies, accompanied by distorted singing of the mantra, carried us further than the images themselves. Like a long forgotten memory, or a flash back of something that might be there, so palpable but not really within our reach. Read more

Friday, 25 February 2011
(Arts & Culture)
Indian Classical Music
Bharat Nivas presented last Wednesday the 16th of February, the Classical Music Concert: Dhrupad, By Uday Bhawalkar, accompanist on Pakhwaj : Sri Pratap Awad . DHRUPAD is solemn and dignified in expression, characterized by its grace and clear structure. Uday spent over 12 years studying and living in the traditional guru-shishya parampara with Ustad Zia Fariduddin Dagar (Vocal) and UstadZia Mohiuddin Dagar (Rudra-Veena), the towering pillars of the Dhrupad tradition. Uday has performed in many countires.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011
Tibetan Chanting
Focused chanting and meditation at Pavilion of Tibetan Culture on Sunday was lead by Khenpo Lodro Donyo Rinpoche. Meditation was dedicated to Chenrezig who is renowned as the embodiment of the compassion of all the Buddhas, the Bodhisattva of Compassion, and who is also known to remove sufferings, confusion and appears for benefit for freedom from faults. At the end Khenpo Lodro Donyo Rinpoche gave for the library of Pavilion of Tibetan Culture his book, which has many things related to Tara - story of the origins(she came into existence from a single tear shed by Chenrezig ), how she becomes liberated, how she benefits beings now. In the book are also explanations of the prayers for Tara, and some other prayers. Read more

Monday, 21 February 2011
(Arts & Culture)
A Concert of Carnatic Music
Music lovers of traditional Indian Carnatic Music were pleased to here David Reck on vina, Gordon Korstange on bamboo flute and Umayalpuram Mali on Mridangam on Saturday night at Sri Aurobindo amphitheater at Bharat Nivas in the Pavilion of Indian Culture. Well known trio were playing ragas of famous musician-saint Tyagaraja, of Kothavasal Venkatrama Iyer, Muttusami Dikshitar and Vyasaraya. Carnatic music is based upon a repertoire of thousands of songs, each of which has been passed down orally trough chains of master musicians from centuries ago to the present. Read more

Sunday, 23 January 2011
(Arts & Culture)

Cheer full spirit of butterfly - Sarasija it might be blamed for a beautiful exhibition at Pavilion of Tibetan Culture. The opening of it was an event for itself with Aurelio music and singing, and Swaram team installed wind chimes on the theme of butterflies. As Sarasija explained to us in a interview, butterfly was chosen for its symbolism - transformation of caterpillar to cocoon, and finally to fly free as a butterfly - which she can see in her life, as personal as artistic. But, however, she does follow  line of her artistic and healing work trough mandalas. Read more

Tuesday, 18 January 2011
(Arts & Culture)
Stillness in Motion

First sounds surrounded us, from the front, back, side...they all unite back on the stage of Visitor Centre where, under a clear night sky, decorated by stars, group of people who were creative in their explorations of the body in motion with Irene, gave us one of the kind dance performance. They were, as Irene said, offering us presence, to something, to someone, to the space...they were dancing, and expressing themselves on the theme of stillness, theme of body, and principles of support. What you can hear on the recordings of that evening are sounds, which were also created by the same group of people on different, mostly percussion's, instrument. Joel contributed with classical guitar, and brought to us some memories on distant times, and places. But in all it was one of the performances, where one can be easily drifted away with the flow of the magic of the moment. Read more

Sunday, 09 January 2011
Accessibility of Mother`s Experience
Today's news features an excerpt of an interview with Loretta speaking on a lecture series she will present beginning on 20 January: Sri Aurobindo and the Mother: the Supramental Transformation. Loretta's research culminating in these lectures has as its aim the making of Mother's experiences accessible in a form perhaps somewhat simplified to those who now come to Auroville, to comprehend the importance of the work Mother came to do...also in the news find several announcements: a flute concert and workshop, a talk on Buddhism and Environment and, the chanting of Om Namo Bhagavate at the Amphitheatre dedicated to Maurizio.. Read more

Friday, 07 January 2011
(Arts & Culture)
Chanting with Jivan
Many people around Auroville know Jivan by his warm presence and beautiful voice. Over the course of our conversation, he explains his approach to chanting and views on music as a way to build community. He offers ways to expand consciousness and to let our voices be heard and our selves to be healed by music. His work with 'Rainbow Chants' in particular, focuses on helping groups and individuals manifest and enjoy good vibrations. Jivan also agreed to do some chanting for this interview and the peaceful message it sends can be felt, just by listening to the recording. For him, chanting is just one tool to spread positive energy – and good times. He also talks about his three CD's, out now, and how you can get your hands on them.

Friday, 15 October 2010
(Arts & Culture)
Space to Earth
And there was a sound...from far. Maybe heard by someone or something. How many messages do we send out every second? Maybe heard by someone or something. Responds or messages, communication in vain? And yet, we want it or not, we plan it or not, Divine does play its own role, the way it can, in given circumstances. And how often do we thank for the grace and blessings showered on us? Bounties of life are given to us over and over, on this small dot, called Earth in endless Universe. Read more

Thursday, 07 October 2010
Concert and exhibition
Tuesday, 7th of September, and the weather in Auroville is just pleasantly partly cloudy. Tonight we can see an Italian movie Io, loro e lara(Me, them and Lara) at Cinema Paradiso, and tomorrow The Beautiful Truth. On Saturday at Gallery Square Cirlce at Kala Kendra at Bharat Nivas was inaugurated the exhibition of paintings by Shadow Brothers, and at Pitanga was a solo concert of Matthew “shark” Shartsis on piano an guitar. The events scheduled for the weekend promise us lively end of the week.

Tuesday, 07 September 2010
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