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Veena Rectial, GM

On Saturday, December 7th at 7.30pm, Sri Aurobindo Auditorium (Bharat Nivas) presents Veena Recital by Jayalakshmi Sugumar of the Karaikudi Veenai family, with her students. Veenai Jayalakshmi Sugumar hails from the traditional family of Karaikudi Veena players, known for their true traditional techniques. The Study group for Participatory Working Groups & New Selection Process for the Working Committee and AV Council invites everybody to the 3rd General Meeting on Monday the 9th at 4- 6.30pm. This takes place in the new SAIIER building. Read more

Thursday, 05 December 2013
Koodam Introduction

On Wednesday November 13th, 2013, all are invited to an Information GM on Koodam at 4.30pm, Unity Pavilion (International Zone). On the Friday, November 15th, Cafe Auroville - unlocking Auroville to the youth of the world - takes place, also at the Unity Pavilion. Organized by SAVI it starts at 2pm, On Saturday 16th at 7pm Twilight Beats (Pondicherry) present “Raga Pushpanjali” Tamil Devotional Songs on the Mother & Sri Aurobindo by Vocalist Sam Terris (Miresh) and on Keyboard Sharan, with Shiva Raman on Tabla. This at CRIPA in Kalabhumi. On Sunday the 17th at 6pm we are promised a beautiful Karthigai celebration by and at Deepam Read more

Monday, 11 November 2013
Austrian documentary, book launch...

In today's news we are featuring an interview with Herbert Eisenschenk, the Director of an Austrian filming crew, talking on the documentary the team is shooting in Auroville. Our second interview is with Harini on a book launch planned for October 2nd. The authors of People and Earth - The Auroville case 1968 - 2008, Henk and Manuel Thomas, will be present at the interactive launch ceremony. Take it all is a clown play that all are invited to see on Saturday at 8pm in CRIPA. Variety show Part 1 can be see on Saturday at the Sri Aurobindo Auditorium, Bharat Nivas. Read more

Thursday, 26 September 2013
(Arts & Culture)
Anna and Rolf at AVFF13

For the last night of the Auroville Film Festival 13, as part of the closing and awards giving ceremony, the social part, with live music, was still going strong. A high-spirited audience had a chance to listen to Anna Taj and Rolf. They had been announced a couple times before but canceled due to rain and other circumstances. Finally, they brought to the space some soft jazz, classical music and songs from Anna's first Album Golden Heart. Francoise joined them for the last piece.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013
(Arts & Culture)
Mongbra and  Other Awards

After five days screening of many good movies, sharing music , socializing... Auroville Film Festival 13 concluded yesterday with closing ceremony. Amazing work of students, with lots of enthusiasm, humor, creativity consist a big part of festival, and clearly shows that youth got a lot of potentials, capacities and freedom to develop it further. Marco, Sasi, Tom, Christoph, Krishna....and many many more made the festival happened, providing the platform to share city creativity along with the category on theme of human unity from outside. Read more

Monday, 23 September 2013
(Arts & Culture)
AVFF13 4th Night with Storm
Despite the rain, and the storm to start the evening with, perseverance, optimism of the team lead by Anungla keep adapting to the weather circumstances, made the evening successful. We have heard some poetry read by Krishna and Sasikant, Sri Aurobindo poem recited by Sharan, some songs sung by Archana. Puskhar on keyboard, Pinco Pallino (Gino) on set of home made alternative percussion excited the audience with their exploration of melodies and beats. The evening concluded with Rolf on guitar, and Francois on clarinet, violin and guitar. Read more

Saturday, 21 September 2013
(Arts & Culture)
Festival Spirits - Day 3
With so many art installations (which are keep appearing), every day live music and entertainment, with food and drinks this year Auroville Film Festival 13 again could be put at the side of those real international festivals around the world. Yesterday in the evening we had a chance to hear Flute Duet by Dorothy and Yun Sung, followed by father and son due of Yam and Aran. Daniele, despite her gentle voice and touch on guitar excited gathered, but Aloe and Tara, accompanied with Jana and Martin thrilled the crowd with their excellent voices. Read more

Friday, 20 September 2013
(Arts & Culture)
Auroville Film Festival 2013
After two years AV FIlm Festival is here again. Many participated in its organization, many participated with art installations, with music and dance at the yesterday's opening, and of course many submitted their films, which would be screen in next five days on three locations at Town Hall. Tom, Sasikant and Marco officially opened the festival with some explanations, categories of films and introducing judges. Despite that this time the budget was very tight, and not secured almost to the end, the overall feeling is vibrant, alive, colorful. Read more

Wednesday, 18 September 2013
Open Platform, Art Installations
Today at 4pm at Unity Pavilion in International Zone we are invited to Open Platform. In today's news are some short interviews with artist working on installations for the occasion of third Auroville Film Festival 2013 - Renu, Marc, Archana, Putra and Manci. Festival will open its doors tomorrow at 5pm at Town Hall, and until 22nd we would be able to see screened films on three locations - Cinema Paradiso, Conference Room, and outdoor screening. First film will be shown tomorrow at 7.30pm. Beside films live music, poetry... food Read more

Monday, 16 September 2013
AVFF13, Entry, Repos
Today's news featuring interview with Marco by Andrea on coming Auroville Film Festival 13, the third in a row, which will start on Tuesday 17th of September at 5pm in Town Hall. On Saturday at 4pm at Unity Pavilion in International Zone presentation to the community from the Entry Service. On Sunday at 5pm at Matrimandir Banyan tree a Collective concentration for the physical manifestation of Auroville - Silent gathering . Plea from Repos to help to fill up sandbags for immediate solution in fighting erosion of the beach Read more

Thursday, 12 September 2013
(Arts & Culture)
AVFF13 Spectacular Opening

Auroville Film Festival is a little bit more than a month away, and Tom Mo shared with us some details on it. As he confines, we can expect a spectacular opening with Bollywood dance performance, followed by some announcements, and introductions by Marco, Sasi and Tom. Live music will continue opening ceremony, until is dark enough that it would be possible to set up open door screen in front of the Town Hall to screen the first movie.. Many films are in but the team still expect the last entries to fly in by Thursday. AVFF13 still needs funds Read more

Tuesday, 13 August 2013
GM and AV Film Festival 13
In today's news you can listen to two interviews, first with Mawite on next General Meeting on Auroannam & Land Exchange on Wednesday 24th of July at 4.30pm at Unity Pavilion in International Zone; and the other with Krishna on this year Auroville Film Festival 2013 which is starting on 17th of September. Over 50 entries are already in, and the deadline for submission is 15th of August. On 26th July, Friday by 10Am at Ilaignarkal Education Centre invites us to A three day workshop on Traditional Siddha Medicine, Naadi, Varma and Herbology. Read more

Thursday, 18 July 2013
Hungarian Day, Z Day, ROCK LOVE
In today's news we featured Bogi from Hungarian Pavilion inviting the community to a Hungarian Day tomorrow from 5.30pm onward at Unity PAvilion in International Zone. Z Day will join the global event on Sunday, also at Unity Pavilion, and Jerry is talking about it. RAS shares with the community that decision making process on UNESCO World Heritage is postponed for a month due to the expressed need for more information by residents. General Meeting called by a group of residents to discuss the impasse in which the Working Committee finds itself Read more

Thursday, 14 March 2013
(Arts & Culture)
The Scratch Bandits Crew
Supa-Jay, Geoffresh and Syr are The Scratch Bandits Crew , and with their original approach to scratching have put audience of Pondicherry last night to their feet. The three scratch explorers presented their original tracks along with two remixes - of The Doors, and famous Busta Rhymes "Break Ya Neck". Whilst doing that they haven't forgotten to use their voices ; in all synergy of analogue and digital, acoustic and electronic ... Their performance was supported all along with original video mixes. Read more

Sunday, 17 February 2013
Glimpses of Ethiopia, AVI

Whole day event of the Africa House-Pavilion of African Culture at Unity Pavilion in International Zone was dedicated to Ethiopia. After simple, yet very delicious, and spicy dinner cooked - supervised by Haimanot Alemu and Taher, community had a chance to learn a bit about Ethiopia. Vani on the behalf of AVI team which organized last year AVI Meeting in Addis Ababa shortly introduced the conference. Evening was concluded by one of Haimanot's film on personal relationships, and invitation to a Shakespeare's play 12th night (7.12. Bharat Nivas)

Tuesday, 27 November 2012
Women`s Circle Meeting News
Do you have concerns with women on the roads in Auroville? Tune in to hear a short interview with Anandi from the Women's Circle, discussing that topic for today's meeting at 5pm in Unity Pavilion. Also we have a note from Krishna regarding the Permaculture Kitchen Garden Project and some words about two upcoming movies to be shown Friday.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012
All India Bandh, Eclipses

Matrimandir team informs us that due to the announced All India Bandh Matrimandir will be open for meditation for Aurovillians and newcomers only from 6am to 8.30am and 4.30pm to 8pm. We are requested to bring our friends and family members on any other day. A Transit of Venus, preceded by a Lunar eclipse, is one of the rarest sights in astronomy which occur 8 years apart, each pair separated from the next by over a century, and the next pair will occur in 2117 and 2125. Partial Lunar Eclipse on 4th, Venus eclipse on 5th and 6th of June. Read more

Thursday, 31 May 2012
(Arts & Culture)
5 Short Films by Women Directors
On Friday 9th in Auditorium, Bharat Nivas, Aurofilm has presented 5 short films in collaboration with IAWRT (International Association of Women in Radio and Television) and Dept. of Electronic Media and Mass Communication-Pondicherry University. The showed projections, part of the 2nd Asian Women's Film Festival, were: Capsule by Shreen Soliman (Canada), 1, 2, 3 by Nazli Deniz Guler (Turkey), Yup, It's My Body by Kiki Febriyanti (Indonesia), It's the Same Story by Nina Sabnani and Superman of Malegaon by Faiza Ahmad Khan (India). Read more

Wednesday, 21 March 2012
(Arts & Culture)
Gill Greenhalgh on her Work
Founder and Artistic Director of The Magdalena Project (International Network of Women in Contemporary Theatre) Jill Greenhalgh speaks here about her latest work 'The Threat of Silence'. Besides sharing the process of ideation, creation and production, Jill says that this piece is an attempt to make theater a place not to 'entertain' or let the audience 'escape' but more to 'engage' and create a space to enter our own feelings. This talk was organized as part of the Tantidhatri International Women's Performing Arts Festival.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012
(Arts & Culture)
Polish Art Exhibition
On Saturday the 3rd at 4 pm in Kala Kendra is started the exhibition Misja Auropol (Mission in Auroville) by six contemporary artist from Poland currently residing in Auroville, . The Collective exhibition as a result of cultural geography experiment meant to test how the reality of Auroville would influence artists' attitudes and practices. The works shown at the exhibition present wide array of media used in contemporary art, from painting to sculpture, installation and experimental film. The project is curated by Janek Simon. Read more

Monday, 12 March 2012
(Arts & Culture)
Metroxical New York Art Movie
On Saturday 18th at 4 pm at Audio Visual Room of Kala Kendra, Bharat Nivas Pavillion of India, a collective of artists, Sindhu, Dass, Raghu and Ramesh, presented their movie "Metroxical New York" produced in New York. This work captured a complex mix of global music using all performing arts, improvised acoustic sets, even hand made instruments, in a place where one can hear music for free: the Subway. The experience demonstrates how a diverse audience can participate in dialogue without language, using music as universal form of communication. Read more

Tuesday, 21 February 2012
(City Life)
Here and Now
This video it's the last production of Doris and Francis and they interviewed residents of Auroville grown up in the "City of Dawn". Here the text taken from Vimeo introducing the video: " Living in a community dedicated to Human Unity, based on the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, is a very challenging experience. The story of children who were born in Auroville or came here in an early age, grew up here and went out to further their education and decided to come back to Auroville. Their stories, their concerns and their dreams. " Read more

Tuesday, 06 December 2011
From EM to Brazil
Today's news features three different topics connected with Auroville, Brazil and a movie. First we have the steps on how to use EM (Effective Microorganism) in agriculture. For 2012 an international event will happen in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to discuss sustainability, poverty and development. Is the Rio + 20, organized by the UN to continue with the discussions started at the Eco 92, also in Rio. And a documentary that is live changing: Waste Land, that shows the life of waste pickers in Brazil and how can art change their life. Read more

Saturday, 29 October 2011
CHIRU - open conversation
Today at 5pm in the Towh Hall Conference Room we are all cordially invited to an Open Conversation with Doudou Diene on CIRHU. It will be an informal and hopefully creative reflection on the deep content & role of, and need for, in the present context of Auroville and the world. Art installation in Kala Kendra Gallery Square Circle - Mutation in progress: Getting out of the Matrix will still be on till the 15th of October to enable people to see the winning video in its artistic context . It's Open daily from 2 to 5 pm Read more

Tuesday, 11 October 2011
(Arts & Culture)
Film Festival 11 Closing Ceremony
Like all good things have to come to an end, so did the Auroville Film Festival 11. After 5 days, 121 films 3 live debates, innumerable conversations and lots of friendships struck up over films, it all came to an end. The evening was dedicated to vote of thanks, awards ceremony, closing discussion with the judges and party. The indomitable duo of Paul & Wazo opened the proceedings; once they had warmed the crowds they were joined by Marco. He then went on to thank all the people involved in bringing this Film Festival to fruition. Read more

Wednesday, 05 October 2011
(Arts & Culture)
Miya Mahadev
Miya Mahadev – a film about friendship, compassion, Human Unity, social responsibility and values is about friendship between a Hindu and a Muslim living in the walled city in Ahmedebad. The film directed by three Charted Accountancy students; Aayush Patel, Mit Jani & Prateek Gupta is a portrait of two strong characters, who through their friendship, influenced the community. The harmony, mutual respect and love shared between these two friends had become an example for the community, which is made up of people of diverse religions and cultures Read more

Tuesday, 04 October 2011
Sasi Reflects
Sasi: film-maker and teacher of fim-making reflects on this final day of Auroville Film Festival 2011, sharing his hopes for the future in the creative arena of filming. All are invited to the Closing Ceremony today, Town Hall Plaza, 6 pm, to learn the winner and, to laugh along with Paul and Wazo and dance to the DJ skill of Jesse. Also in the news: 'The Journey of the Universe,' a documentary film on cosmic, Earth and human evolution. Read more

Monday, 03 October 2011
(Arts & Culture)
Incredible Playground for Kids
"The third and final discussion on Live AurovilleRadio from the Auroville Film Festival action station was concluded yesterday. The participants were Uriel, Rakhal, Sagarika, Priyadharshni, Graham and Danbe. And I got to moderated it. While Graham, Uriel, and Rakhal were film making instructors, Danbe, Sagu and Priya were participants in film making workshops. I tried to get a common definition for the topic that all participants including the younger members could understand and be comfortable with. Read more

Monday, 03 October 2011
(Arts & Culture)
First Steps Making Movies

The second instalment of the live radio debates from the Auroville Film Festival action station took place Saturday evening. The topic 'I am, You are, We are Film makers' was chosen to encourage film makers from different backgrounds to get together and discuss the film making process and all things connected with film. There were seven participants and the debate was moderated by Chloe'. This is what the participants had to say: Indrani - "This is the first time I am trying film making, thanks to the AVFF - Education Outreach Program. Read more

Sunday, 02 October 2011
(Arts & Culture)
Filming human Unity

Olivier and Hilde moderated this debate. The participants were B, Basile, Hans and Doudou Diène. The first half of the debate was spent on defining Human Unity whereby every one got to put forth their idea of what they felt Human Unity encompassed. Human Unity they all agreed was a theme that was difficult to pin down. After the round of introductions each participant spoke about what Human Unity was to them. Read more

Saturday, 01 October 2011
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