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Organic book by Nina Osswald

Last Wednesday night, Nina Osswald, who co-authored "Organic food marketing in urban centres of India" together with Manoj K. Menon, gave us a very interesting and instructive presentation at the Freeland bookshop. Her research is based on how organic food is being marketed and sold in Indian cities. The presentation focused on key challenges and success strategies for this. Organic food is becoming more readily available in Hyderabad, Mumbai and Bangalore. Osswald is currently working on an organic farm in Auroville in order to gain some practical farming experience. Read more

Tuesday, 14 January 2014
ANGIRAS - talks

The afternoon session of ANGIRAS - Renewable Energy and Sustainable Living in Remote Areas - started with Toine talking on sustainable energy solutions, raising the question if sustainability is not first and foremost about choosing a life style that takes into consideration the environment and already badly depleted natural resources. Nick continued with a SEDAB presentation, focusing mainly on the bio-region and its development. Gijs shared an interesting story about organic cotton and its value chain. At the end of presentations, Chamlaji Gupta from the ashram shared some thoughts on the beginning of a search for "unconventional sources of power". He said that the Mother, in 1966, after the construction of the first solar device in Ashram, commented " ...blessings for the efficacy..."

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Tuesday, 08 October 2013
L`eau Dynamisee
Parmi les tresors d'Auroville, une autre perle: L'eau dynamisee. En 1994 une equipe de scientifiques menee par Bagwandas, s'est penchee sur l'eau et son potentiel de vie, ces recherches ont abouti a la mise au point d'un procede de dynamisation visant a rendre a l'eau les qualites lui appartenant depuis l'aube des temps et que le progres detruit peu a peu. Aquadyn est l'unite ou les fontaines sont fabriquees, il reste profondement lie a la recherche et au partage. L'originalite du procede d' Auroville est l' utilisation de lumiere et de son. Read more

Wednesday, 20 March 2013
(City Life)
Sustainable Habitats-Introduction
This morning within Sustainable Habitats Workshops under the umbrella of Auroville Green Practices, and organized by Auroville Consulting, Toine has started with brief introduction of Auroville. Small number of participants, mainly architects will deepen their knowledge on sustainability in the next few days, while the lectures and workshops will be going on on different locations, until Friday. This morning Suhasini was talking on principles of design and evaluation processes of architecture in Auroville and other cities. Read more

Tuesday, 05 March 2013
Permaculture Workshop
From Saturday 8th till sunday 10th February at Solitude Farm a group of around 20 people participates in a permaculture workshop. They were tought about permaculture which is the farming system of Solitude. With all explanations from Krishna, head of the farm, within 2 days, they prepared a field and did the planting. There You'll hear about seeds, combination of different plants. He talked about Fukuoka's book the Japonese "father" of permaculture. The book is available at Free Land book shop in Auroville. The book shop is in Edayanchavadi. Read more

Thursday, 14 February 2013
(Arts & Culture)
Live Music at Solitude Farm
Emergence band a community started by Krishna McKenzie in the international township of Auroville, South India. They live a dynamic, alternative lifestyle, growing their own food, creating buildings in natural materials, and running an organic restaurant. They promote active sustainability, giving workshops and hosting like-minded volunteers. And last Friday (31th of August) Krishna gave a live solo performance at his own farm during the rainy night. The rain did not stop Krishna and the audience from having fun in the kitchen of the farm. Read more

Monday, 03 September 2012
Balabaskar, Body, Agriculture
In today's news we feature excerpt of yesterday's welcoming of new Auroville Foundation Secretary Mr. N. Balabaskar at La Terrace at Solar Kithcen, and the full recording is already uploaded on our web page. Couple announcement on future workshops in Auroville; one on biodynamic agriculture at Windarra Farm on 27th of March with Johan Nisson, who has been involved in organic movement for last 15 years at, and one with Irene on contact improvisation at New Creation Dance Studio on 31st of March and 1st of April. Read more

Friday, 23 March 2012
Agricultural Awareness Campaign
'What is the worlds biggest pest? Its the human being' Njal, who has lived in Auroville for 22 years, is trying to create environmental awareness and is fighting the chemical treatment of Cashew plants inside and around Auroville. Njal, der seit über 22 Jahren in Auroville lebt, will aufklären. Mit seiner Awareness Campaign versucht er, die Zusammenhänge von Krankheiten und den chemischen Pestiziden aufzudecken und die Dorfbewohner zu überzeugen, dass natürliche Mittel gesünder, effektiver und besser für Natur, Mensch und Tiere sind. Read more

Monday, 12 March 2012
Harvesting Rice at Solitude
The rice harvest at Solitude has started, and the farms volunteers from many different countries have begun to work in the rice paddy field. Only organic vegetables and grains are grown in Solitude, always following the principle of biodiversity and crop variety. How do the volunteers like the hard work in the field? Listen to the sounds of the rice field, the workers impressions, and Josh, who explains the philosophy behind the rice cultivation and the current situation. Anyone is welcome to join the rice harvest if they are interested. Read more

Wednesday, 07 March 2012
Amrit Interview
In today's news we have and Interview with Amrit of the Auroville Council regarding construction and land issues. Announcement about biodynamic composting techniques happening at Windarra farm each friday at noon. Wonderland is a new service where you can sell, exchange, or trade anything opposite Mark’s coffee shop. Celebrations March 8th all around Auroville: Holi at Upasana at 3 pm, International Women’s Day at the Tibetan Pavillion at 5:00 pm and Full Moon Gathering at Savitri Bhavan in front of Sri Aurobindo's Statue 7.15 to 8.15pm. Read more

Tuesday, 06 March 2012
Fields are getting ready again
After a week of cyclone Jorge from Windarra Farm is also of those who cherish what the natural calamity brought out of us as human beings. As he mentions in between that the spirit of Auroville became alive. There is love and care amongst people giving to whoever might need it, and he feels proud to be here at this time. For Windarra, which is and organic farm, will also take few months to bring short term crops, and a year, years to bring back fruit trees. They estimate that 90% of cashew trees in the area are either uprooted or affected. Read more

Saturday, 07 January 2012
Effective Microrganism Workshop
During the last years Dr. Lucas Dengel with the EcoPro team had been working on training people and promoting the use of Effective Microorganism solutions (EM) for the improving of farming sector, waste water treatment, solid waste management and hygiene. Last week a especial workshop open for participants from all around India and the world was developed at the C.S.R. building in Auroville. Read more

Wednesday, 04 January 2012
TerraSoul: Pioneer Spirt
Today's feature: Sandyra speaks about 'TerraSoul,' a part of Windarra Farm. Auroville's Solid Waste Management: the 'greener' waste survey, a film on waste activity in AV by film-makers Doris and Francis, Earthday is coming up; what are the best green practices in AV? Which community best manages its waste? And, Eco-Pro team is working to establish a relationship with nearby villages to increase awareness, to reduce litter. Read more

Monday, 14 November 2011
Earth Day Eco-Market
Auroville's Earth Day Week got its kick-off on Saturday April 16th with the Eco-Market at the Solar Kitchen. From 9:30 am to 1:30pm, over fifteen stands gave the opportunity to discover, taste, or buy eco-food or products such as recycled clothes and bags, bicycles at cheaper prices, solar lights, water filters or pesto, marmalade and pickles from Aurovillian eco-farms. Njal informed, yet again, on the petition against Endosulfan and on alternative solutions, selling a wide range of books regarding health and environmental issues as well. Everyone could share the on-spot fire-cooked food or register for any of the coming Guided Tours on Auroville's cycle trails offered during Earth Week. Read more

Monday, 18 April 2011
(City Life)
The Small De-Mountable House
Aurovilian Johnny, Australian born, a man who is the quintessence of an Aurovilian; he lives simply, happily, he works/teaches simply because he is. Johnny reveals that he has always been fascinated with small spaces and the science of building.  As a student of Buckminster Fuller (who was not in fact an architect) Johnny took it to heart that 'man is a problem-solving device,' and imbibed Bucky's geometric insights. From all this comes the small de-mountable house, an optimal house for this climate, states Johnny. A de-mountable house is not a new concept by any means; in 1945 it was available in the West: ordered by mail and delivered by helicopter. Read more

Thursday, 14 April 2011
Awareness, concern and Love
Found in the forests of Auroville are the basis of the products created at Shraddanjali: flowers, leaves, seeds and seedpods. And love and appreciation for the treasures of Nature. Abha, creatrix of Shraddanjali, puts it this way: to showcase the marvelous miracles of Nature so that viewers get a different perspective, an awareness and concern for this planet is the idea, more than selling... she says that's the tiny attempt they do in their work at Shraddanjali. Those who work with her also share and foster the ideal for a win-win situation: that businesses and education on a world level will aspire to make a paradigm change, in recognizing the simplicity and beauty of Nature. Read more

Monday, 11 April 2011
Exploring Transformation
TED is a nonprofit organization devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading, and under the theme of "Exploring Transformation", on 6th of February they will present to the world, innovations that have pioneered change in the past and those that are going to change the future. Amongst the speakers will be also Rauf Ali with his innovation of coconut presser. In the news we feature excerpt of interview with him. Tomorrow starts three days long seminar on how to develop sustainable management skills. Lively up your Earth - eco-musical festival it's happening on Saturday 29th of January at Solitude Farm. Read more

Tuesday, 25 January 2011
Auroville Products
Just before the New Year we spoke with Isabele, who is one of the founders of Auroville Market about it. As she told us it started three years ago with mainly Food Link products, and slowly overgrown into a well established Saturday Market with Auroville products. Location is central, in front of Solar Kitchen, and time frame Saturday morning. That way many people do pass by, not necessary with the intention to buy. It seems that Aurovillians, and New Comers do enjoy in the culture of Saturday market, on which, they supply themselves with fresh vegetables and food products, but also exchange the ideas, and socialize... Read more

Thursday, 30 December 2010
(Arts & Culture)
Lively Up Your Earth
Krishna McKenzie unwinds over many cups of coffee in the tranquility of Solitude Farm, talking in detail about the 'Lively Up Your Earth' eco-music festival coming up in January, about the vision behind the the 14 year old sustainable farming community, and about music, change and living a life close to nature. Krishna, who leads Emergence, a unique music group that creates a versatile blend of genres such as Jazz, Rock, Funk and Carnatic, also gives us a flavor of his music every time he feels like picking up the acoustic guitar that lies waiting next to him. Read more

Tuesday, 21 December 2010
Holistic view

“I can live on coffee,” quipped Marc Tormo from Coffee Ideas during the Green Practices Workshop, where he presented on Holistic Food Systems. He remarked that only after coming to Aurovillle, did he start looking at food from an all-inclusive point of view. Marc said when we consume food it is not just about eating but it is also about our spiritual experience. He spoke more on the dynamics of food production and consumption, and emphasized that it is a basic human right to have access to good food. Click here for the presentation

Thursday, 09 December 2010
Going raw

Auroville Raw Food Centre’s Anandi Vaithialingam broke down the myths about cooked food and elucidated the goodness that raw food offers. Food governs the physical body, which in turn governs our emotional, mental and spiritual body, therefore, said Anandi, practicing raw food would be of great help. She questioned the health benefits of cooked food as it killed many nutrients. Anandi explained more about raw food and its health benefits, adding that it supports green farming practices. Download presentation to learn more

Thursday, 09 December 2010
New techniques

Akash Heimlich is a micro-electronics and software programmer, who co-founded EV Future in 2009. At the Green Practices Workshop, he spoke about his experiments with Aquaponics, which is a system of agriculture that involves simultaneous cultivation of plants and aquatic animals in a symbiotic environment. The water consumption in this system is less, as the fish tank water is used for cultivation and usage of chemicals can also be avoided. To learn more, download presentation

Friday, 03 December 2010
(City Life)
65% of waste is pick up

In the series of seminars about sustainability presented by Living Routes and Auroville Green Center on 11th of November Ing-Marie and B were talking about waste. Lots have been done in last few years and awareness of ecology is rising, so in Auroville 65% of waste is pick up by Eco Service. But Eco Service itself is still facing many challenges – from inadequate infrastructure, insufficient funding, lack of strategy to work as a unit, and receive some funds from the city. Right now the most important, and urgent need is land because there's no adequate landfill for the waste that it cannot be recycle or burn, and need to be land filled.

Monday, 22 November 2010
Ten Minutes With Anandi
Anandi is a raw food specialist who works at Kofpu, an organic food processing unit in Auroville. After studying at The Tree of Life Institute in Arizona she returned to India and realized that particular practices of awareness during food preparation transcend national boarders and have universal elements. Listen in for the sounds of raw food preparation along with a few hints about the opening of her new restaurant, some benefits of a raw food diet, and the delectable ingredients used in her raw chocolate moose that make it sweet and healthy at the same time. Read more

Thursday, 11 November 2010
Amazing Orchid
How to grow vanilla, where, and what benefits Auroville could have from it, was the topic of Patrice Meyniel presentation about vanilla last Thursday, 14th of October at Town Hall. That fascinating fast growing plant from the family of orchid can grow one meter per month, and could be 5o meters long, but needs a support in order to harvest it. Patrice sees in cultivation of vanilla an opportunity because is the second most expensive spice on the planet, and lately artificial vanilla is taking place of the natural grown one. Auroville could be a place for the latest. At his presentation he talked about the plant itself with many useful information on how to to cultivate it, and why the demand for it is so high. Presentation was in French, translated by Luigi to English. Read more

Wednesday, 20 October 2010
Comprando diferente
En este programa Anandi nos cuenta el proyecto del New Pour Tous, un mercado cooperativa que trabaja para generar un nuevo tejido económico sustentable, que surgió de una iniciativa popular para traer nuevas maneras de consumir. Comenzó a funcionar hace 4 anos y hoy hay mas de 600 participantes que mensualmente contribuyen con una cantidad fija de dinero a un pote común, y de allí se hacen las compras del mes. Cada uno es responsable por controlar su consumo y asegurarse que todos puedan ser beneficiados. Un muy interesante y innovador proyecto!

Tuesday, 21 September 2010
The Wonders of Bamboo
Today's news features an excerpt of Jesse expressing the why and wherefore of this versatile substance we know as bamboo. The Third World Bamboo Day was recognized on Saturday as Auroville joined the celebration of this day around the world with participation from bamboo enthusiasts, practitioners, researchers, students and children. Announcements diverse from 'soup to nuts' ranging from African Dance, to obesity and to Tetrapaks. Concluding with a few words form Eckhart Tolle.

Monday, 20 September 2010
Bamboo Bicycle Rides

Auroville joined the world on 18 September 2010 for the first annual celebration of bamboo to increase the awareness of bamboo's glory globally. Tune-in for an interview with Dominic, as co-designer of Auroville's first bamboo bicycle! “The World Bamboo Organization aims to bring the potential of bamboo to a more elevated exposure – to protect natural resources and the environment, to ensure sustainable utilization, to promote new cultivation of bamboo for new industries in regions around the world, as well as promote traditional uses locally for community economic development.” See for more details.

Monday, 20 September 2010
Green Practiced
Auroville's three day workshop 'Green Practices' ended on the 28th of August. During this intensive experience 30 speakers from Auroville and almost 50 participants explored the meaning of Green Practice here in the City of Dawn. On the final day after the final session, Alan of Auroville Today moderated a 45 minute interaction between the participants and a panel, composed of Latha of l'Avenir d'Auroville, Durganand Balsavar, architect and urban planner from Chennai, Sumant Kachru of JHM Hotels from Surat and Dave Wallack, IFMR in Chennai. Here's the recording of that session. The full Green Practice workshop recording will be published in the next few days on both and AurovilleRadio websites.

Monday, 30 August 2010
Green Practices online

Collecting all the knowledge and expertise in Auroville around the topic of sustainablility and environment, that was the idea for the Green Portal, a new website, which just started. It lists experts and projects and it contains articles and multimedia.On Friday, the 30th of April it was presented to the public and Steffi interviewed Raghu, Martin and Vimal, three of the team members, who created this portal. Read more

Tuesday, 04 May 2010
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