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(Arts & Culture)
Jivatman at Pitanga
Longtime Aurovilian Jivatman performed a concert of his songs on voice and guitar, accompanied by Devi and Joy on hand percussion. Jivatman sings about the simple joys of living in a beautiful place in English, Portuguese and French. Hear his intimate concert held in Pitanga last week. From one of Jivatman's songs: "With the wind blowing, you keep always flowing. When the sun arrives, your joy is bright. And when night falls, darkening the skies, follow your guiding star that never dies." Read more

Friday, 03 May 2013
(Arts & Culture)
Yemadas at Solitude
Solitude Farm with its Friday Vegan Sushi Dinner with live music is slowly consolidating tradition - the 7th one warmly welcomed Yemadas just returning from their trip. Yemadas - Anisha, Tiaguy and Namoh created earthly yet dreamy atmosphere of rhythms so close to the heart, and in a deep connection with our ancient traditions that it did not took long before the patrons started to sing along. Succulent vegan sushi prepared by Solitude Farm team and volunteers, and lighten fire near by contributed to the spirit of the evening. Read more

Saturday, 13 October 2012
Uma verdadeira irmandade

To deepen the relationship between Auroville and Campinas and to create new programs together, came to Auroville the official representative of the Secretariat of International Cooperation of Campinas, Giovana Lima. Enjoy the interview in Portuguese and in English. Conheça a irmandade entre Auroville e Campinas e os projetos a serem desenvolvidos em parceria entre as duas cidades irmãs na entrevista com Giovana Lima, representante oficial da Secretaria da Cooperação da Prefeitura de Campinas. You can download the presentation by clicking here.


Wednesday, 07 May 2008