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Savitri Reading & Flute Recital
On the occasion of the Mother's Birthday, an evening performance was held at the Matrimandir amphitheater. Passages were read from Savitri "Book of the Divine Mother" and "The Book of Birth and Quest", accompanied by the flute and tanpura. Read more

Friday, 22 February 2013
Culture and the Mother`s Day
In today's new's we're featuring an interview with Jean-Christophe about his tonight flute meditation at 7.30pm at Pitanga, and Nistha talks on on translation of old vedics text into more poetic form. The Auroville Theater Group presents THREE (dances) in ONE (evening) tomorrow at 7.30pm at CRIPA in Kalabhumi. At The Matrimandir Amphitheater On Thursday 21.2.2013,at The Mother's Birthday will be a collective meditation. Reading passages from Savitri, accompanied with flute at 5.30pm. AV Basketball League is going on until 28th of February Read more

Monday, 18 February 2013
Love The Mother - Inner Work
After visiting Turkey and Central Europe with workshops on Integral Yoga - workshops Vera and Ashesh talked with us about their recent experiences. For past three years at Savitri Bhavan in International Zone Ashesh is giving lectures - workshops on Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo, and The Mother with Vera assistance. As Ashesh says this is a very enjoyable experience to him because people who attend workshops always come with the attention to learn, and they respond from their depths when they hear The Mother, Sri Aurobindo words Read more

Friday, 24 August 2012
(Arts & Culture)
A concert of Savitri song
Hans Vas, a singer of Savitri with his guitar had a concert of songs from Savitri lines in front of Sri Aurobindo's statue at Savitri Bhavan on 28th of Jan. Four songs were offered at the concert: the first song, 'At Last from the lines 681-735 of Book1 Canto 4, the second song, 'Only Awile' from the lines 437-494, Book1 Canto 3, the third song, 'I Hail Thee' from the lines 842-926, Book 10 Canto 4, the last song, 'The Chariot' from the lines 325-346, Book 12 Epilogue. Read more

Thursday, 16 August 2012
Aswapati and Sri Aurobindo
Aswapati and Sri Aurobindo in Savitri : The book of the Traveller of the Worlds, in which the levels of the World Stair are described, contains one of the great revelations of Savitri. It is of prime importance to realize that the Traveller, named Aswapati, is Sri Aurobindo himself writing from his experience. Savitri is given to us to participate and grow in its reality. If thought of as the poetic experiences of a mythical or legendary figure, the experience of sharing in Sri Aurobindo’s mantric evocations might become removed from us.

Friday, 20 July 2012
The Lives of Sri Aurobindo

On the 5th of May N&N announced an open talk by Sraddhalu at SAWCHU, but the Working Committee canceled the talk about the controversy surrounding  Peter Heehs book on Sri Aurobindo. Columbia University Press released it in 2008. Controversy followed. We talked with Loretta about the ban, about the book, about Peter Heehs, about Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. The Mother said that "in peace and harmony the eternal manifests. The first thing that you have to base everything upon is harmony. When there is disharmony things don't work." Read more

Monday, 07 May 2012
Sri Aurobindo`s Yoga in Columbia

This year Loretta was invited by Auromira Ashram in Columbia to give lectures on Sri Aurobindo's Yoga. The ashram was created in 2003 only for furthering the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. The founder of Auromira was Maria, assisted by Swami Brahmdev, who, inspired by Sri Aurobindo, had founded Aurovalley Ashram in UP state.. Loretta will open her talks with the thought - what is so important about Sri Aurobindo and The Mother that you should want to know what they say Read more

Thursday, 03 May 2012
Forms of the Mother in Savitri
For Sri Aurobindo, says Rod Hemsell, spirituality has a purpose, that of furthering the evolution. And it was this idea that Rod showed us through his readings and commentary of selected passages of Savitri in his presentation at the Unity Pavillion. His reading persuades listener to fall into a state of meditation as he digs deeper into how the idea of the Divine Mother is connected to the earth and its evolution. This session was organized by the University of Human Unity, Auroville. Read more

Saturday, 25 February 2012
(Arts & Culture)
Solar Songs about Savitri
Based on the rhythm and inherent melody of the epic word, these simple tunes want to convey the mantric atmosphere of the solar myth about Savitri and her stories. The audience in the Savitri Bhavan center closed their eyes and followed the contemplative music as if in meditation. Aurelio: Voice and Tambura. Nadaprem: Bansuri, Viola, Computer Read more

Friday, 24 February 2012
(Arts & Culture)
Songs from Savitri
Songs by Hans Vas with a guitar from Savitri, Book 2 Canto 7. The Descent into Night Initially these three songs were recorded and published by Savitri Bhavan in order to be shared with a group of Savitri Readers in Netherlands through on-line since Hans Vas stayed in Auroville at this moment and wished to contribute his songs to a program of Savitri reading organized in Netherlands. Savitri Bhavan team publishes these beautiful and peaceful ‘songs from Savitri’ on Auroville Radio with a wish to share them Read more

Thursday, 23 February 2012
A Conscious Collective
Deepti Tewari has been in Auroville since she was 16. She has read the Mother and Sri Aurobindo extensively and has achieved much clarity on their ideas of the 'earth consciousness'. Today she shared with us her understanding of the 'type of consciousness' that Auroville was built on, and the consciousness that Aurovillians perhaps need now. Auroville was built to be a psychological garden of harmony, sweetness and beauty, she says, but it can be that only if we renounce our egos and let the 'collective realization' take over.

Sunday, 12 February 2012
New Dharmas
The integration of the 4 varnas and the new Dhrama. The 4 varnas, quite other than the castes, have determined the structure of society not only in India but also in the West. Their integration into a human unity is essential for the coming about of the new world. The new inner or spiritual unity will gradually create a new, egoless dharma – “Nous voulons une race sans ? go” – replacing the ego-dharma of the evolution until now. Georges van Vrekhem gave a talk in Savitri Bhavan. Read more

Thursday, 20 October 2011
Sri Aurobindo`s The Life Divine

Since December 2008 a group of Aurovilians have been meeting weekly at Savitri Bhavan for group study of Sri Aurobindo’s major philosophical work. In 1913, Sri Aurobindo noted that part of his mission was to restate the truths of the Veda and Vedanta in terms accessible to the modern mind. In The Life Divine the ancient truths, illumined by his own experience, are made accessible to the human reason and shown to be the foundation for his affirmative vision of the evolutionary process and the significance of our individual existence on earth. Read more

Monday, 12 September 2011
A class, `The English of Savitri`
Book 2 Canto 3 The Glory and the Fall of Life (page 120 ~ 121). This recording is a sample of a class that is being given by Shraddhavan weekly at Savitri Bhavan. The aim is to help people whose mother tongue is not English, but who have an aspiration to read Savitri with correct pronunciation and rhythm, and with some first understanding of the words and images of Sri Aurobindo’s revelatory epic. As a side-effect, it is hoped that they can improve their knowledge of the English language. Read more

Monday, 22 August 2011
Bhavana`s Passing in the Light
Today's news is news of Bhavana's journey and passage into the Light after a bout with cancer. Offered is an extract of her writings, from her blog, posted several days prior to her departure, in which she characteristically describes in detail steps of the way with the grace and intelligence and humour and kindness Bhavana will be remembered with, with love.

Friday, 13 May 2011
Savitri: a Legend and a Symbol
A recorded reading of Sri Aurobindo's revelatory epic by Shraddhavan is available on request from Savitri Bhavan in mp3 form on two CDs. Here is a sample : Book Three ‘The Book of the Divine Mother', Canto Two, ‘The Adoration of the Divine Mother'. The Mother, who was Sri Aurobindo's spiritual collaborator said this of Savitri: "... everything is there: mysticism, occultism, philosophy, the history of evolution, the history of man, of the gods, of creation, of Nature. [Continue >>>] Read more

Tuesday, 03 May 2011
Savitri Reading
The Amphitheater Team had chosen to play the first disc of Savitri read by the Mother along with Sunil's music this Thursday 21st of April for the weekly meditation between 6 pm to 6:30 pm. Around thirty persons gathered all around the Amphitheater at Matrimandir to enjoy Sri Aurobindo's initiatory poem expressed by the Mother during this privileged moment. Also an appropriate time to remind one of the Mother's final arrival in Pondicherry on April 24th, ninety-one years ago.

Friday, 22 April 2011
Full Moon Gathering
The Full Moon was celebrated on Monday April 18th at the feet of Sri Aurobindo's status. Around ten persons gathered in Savitri Bahvan at 8pm for this enlightening event. Celebration started with a slow motion music to give everyone some time to be physically and spiritually present to the moment. Recorded talks from the Mother then opened the evening both in English and in French. Each participants were then invited to read a paragraph of the Savitri book (page 116 to 128) while the moon started its appearance right in the back of Sri Aurobindo's Status. Two commemorative compositions by Sunil were finally played to accompany the complete raise of the Full Moon in a very quiet, deep and meaningful moment. Read more

Wednesday, 20 April 2011
The Eternal Yes
On Saturday at 5pm at Savitri Bhavan Richard Hartz will talk about The Eternal Yes from the point of Savitri, the Epic Affirmation. The Auroville Choir, conducted by Nuria will sings on Saturday and Sunday at 8pm at Pitanga Cultural Centre a concert of Celtic songs.The roof terrace above the concert hall will be accessible for the public. Open Stage Cabaret will happen once more tomorrow between 7 and 10 pm at Kalabhumi. Again we will see some performing artists, and amongst others Drupad will keep audience somehow active with his interactive mime, Surya will sketch what is happening on the stage, and Lydia will investigate the first cycle of the amphitheater and let be inspired by it. Read more

Thursday, 17 March 2011
Psychological Aspect
In his talk about the need for change in contemporary psychology Dr. Suneet Varma exposed some important aspects. If psychology does not respond to the need of humanity in terms of fundamentally reconsidering its scope and purpose, it will become redundant for humanity that will grow and progress despite it. As Sri Aurobindo said "God shall grow up while the wise man talk and sleep."He as a yogi not only saw the current psychological impasse of humanity suffering from essentially ego based consciousness, but also did his yoga to be able create conditions whereby a higher stage of consciousness in the form of the supramental becomes the basis of a new psychology and manifest itself not only in a select few but gradually and potentially becomes available humanity as a whole. Goal of the new agenda of psychology to explore the alchemy of the transmutation of the human into Divine. Integral psychology does opens out this new dimension of human development and progress. Read more

Thursday, 17 March 2011
The Rainbow Bridge

The Rainbow Bridge - Sri Aurobindo's Savitri as a mantra for transformation.

Under this title the second Dr. M.V. Nadkarni Memorial Lecture was given by Sonia Dyne at Savitri Bhavan on February 20, 2011. Sonia was associated with Dr. Nadkarni at the Sri Aurobindo Centre in Singpore during the time when he was teaching at the Univeristy there. In her clear voice and perfect English, she shared illuminating insights about Sri Aurobindo's poem and its significance for us, as a Rainbow Bridge that can carry us from our present state towards our higher goal. Read more

Monday, 21 February 2011
Bridging the Arc of Mysticism
At the 3rd interactive workshop at Mutation II on Clearing - talks on supramental transformation is in progress, Dr. Bahman A.K. Shirazi, of the California Institute of Integral Studies started with the topic of Bridging the Arc of Mysticism. If the Supermind is fully brought down to matter and stabilized, the Arc of Mysticism will be finally bridged. In physics of 21st century many changes took place, and the conception of matter and energy in terms of the electromagnetic spectrum it has a new view. The workshop was truly interactive, and participants highly involved in the most interesting topic. Read more

Thursday, 03 February 2011
Sri Aurobindo and the Big Bang

The latest talk of Georges van Vrekhem on Thursday December 9 was about Sri Aurobindo's take on the Big Bang theory. Sri Aurobindo’s works are seldom approached for their scientific contents, yet he has followed the evolution of scientific thought up close. He wrote at the time of Einstein and the quantum mechanic revolution. In Savitri, his ‘testament’, Sri Aurobindo takes a clear stand for the Big Bang theory, even before the general consensus it has today.

Friday, 10 December 2010
Descent Into Death
On Saturday, December 4, Georges van Vrekhem’s talk was on “Sri Aurobindo’s Descent into Death”. Georges recounted that soon after the Second World War, the world, in Sri Aurobindo’s words, was “worse than worst”. In fact, Sri Aurobindo’s and the Mother’s work was in jeopardy -- and it was not his intention “to give his sanction to another fiasco”. This is one of the most dramatic episodes in spiritual history and the history of humankind, documented hour-by-hour and commented upon by the Mother herself. Georges explained Sri Aurobindo’s voluntary descent into death, only six years later, the manifestation of the Supermind with its enormous future consequences.

Wednesday, 08 December 2010
Bridges across the afterlife

The Mother has said explicitly that one of the reasons for her incarnation was to provide a safe passage to the deceased on their way to the psychic world through the vital and mental domains. She built these passages when she was still quite young. Since then more cases have been reported of ‘near-death experiences’, where people who return from such an experience describe it in ecstatic terms. In the lecture by Georges Van Vrekhem held on the November 18 at Savitri Bhavan, he re-accounted such experiences and related it to the passing and realisation of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010
Are we nearing the end?
Georges Van Vrekhem, an old-time Aurovillian and a Belgian journalist, poet and playwright, gave the first talk in a series of four on November 15, Saturday, at the Savitri Bhavan. Introduced as an authority on Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, Georges’s topic was “2012 and 1956”. He said he was intrigued by all the hype around 2012, when the fourth cycle of the Mayan calendar comes to an end. Georges analyzed if the world would come to an end in 2012 or if on December 21, 2012, all at once, a major change would take place when everyone would be spiritually transformed. He also made a connection with February 29, 1956, when the manifestation of the “super mind” took place.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010
(Arts & Culture)
Same and yet different
Part of Diwali celebration was also Saturday's play at Auditorium of Bharat Nivas of Savitiri – a Soul for Any Age. Although the play, the actors(The Young Flame Theater Company form Udavi School from Edayanchavdi village), directed by Jill were the same as almost a month ago at Udavi School, we can say that this time it was different. Bigger stage, actors a bit more focused, interaction with audience was cut on already prepared responses, play shortened a bit, and lighting was an excellent work of Jean Le Grand. Due to the rain audience wasn't so numerous, but those who were there enjoy the every minute of the play.

Monday, 08 November 2010
(Arts & Culture)
Savitri – A Soul for Any Age

It was a real pleasure to see children of Udavi School on Friday morning being excited about the theater play. Under the gentle guidance of versatile director Jill children proved to the audience that they can be great actors, beside expressing themselves in other language. The beauty of classical great poem Savitri lies also in that, that it can be told and expressed on many ways, and the time doesn't play significant role in it. Jill skillfully engaged the sited audience, mostly consisted of Udavi School children, to keep them alert and active as she gave them a role to play as well. Read more

Monday, 18 October 2010
(Arts & Culture)
Playing Sri Aurobindo`s Savitri

Vinu gets on location to Udavi school where the rehearsal for the Theater play 'Savitri-story of a soul for any age' adapted of Sri Aurobindo's 'Savitri' is going on. The Play is scheduled to be performed in the month of August in Udavi school complex and Bharat Nivas. The Children from Udavi school who act in the Characters of the play share their experiences and emotions while performing the play and working with the Artistic director and writer of the play Jill Navarre and other team members

Thursday, 03 June 2010
Commemorate and Celebrate
Yesterday, April 4th, marked Sri Aurobindo's arrival in Pondicherry, 100 years ago, in 1910. To commemorate and celebrate this important day, there were numerous performances and events, including a Special Concentration at the Amphitheatre of The Matrimandir. Included here is an excerpt from Dr. Karang Singh, the chairman of the Auroville Foundation, speaking on 'Sri Aurobindo and the Five Dreams' as well a piece from 'Savitri', Sri Aurobindo’s epic poem read by The Mother, accompanied by Sunil’s music.


Monday, 05 April 2010
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